Doggy Diaries – Freedom and basketball

First I have to describe Jayden at this moment because it’s too cute. He was next to me on the couch, taking his after breakfast snooze and I got up to refill my coffee. When I came back, he was flat on his back, all four paws up, with his head right about where I sit. So I picked up hes head and slid in and rubbed his belly and laughed as I felt his position. When I shifted to get comfy, he turne on his side a little and now has his head in my lap while he snores hahaha!!!

Ok, main post content. I need to ask Sadia how she inserts headings into her blog posts. Ok seriously to the post content now.

Yesterday since B was home, I took Jayden off tie down and leash for most of the day. At one point he tried to go into the cat’s room so I gently told him no and put him back on tie down, since I was on the phone and B had stepped out. When I got off the phone, I stuck a brick behind the door to the room, so it was open just enough for the cats to get in, but making it hard if Jayden tried it. I don’t have the baby gate yet, so that works, but I don’t want the cats to shut themselves in accidentally, so it’s only a temporary solution until I get the baby gate. The cat food is also still on the floor in the kitchen so anytime I heard Jayden in there, I went to check. He hasn’t gone for it at all, thank you puppy raisers.

Jayden was loving being free. When he heard a noise, he was able to go to the door and look out. After a little bit, I was on the phone again and B had just gotten home. I went and sat in the kitchen to talk on the phone, and Jayden kept moving into the area where the cat food is and I didn’t want to take any chances, so I put him back on a long leash and looped it around the chair leg. There he could get to the door to look out, and that’s pretty much what he did while I was on the phone.

When I was done with the phone, I took Jayden off leash and he was free the entire rest of the day. Mostly he wanted to be where I was so he was either on the couch snoozing or on the floor at my feet chewing his Nylabone. But it was great, because he chose that. It wasn’t me telling him where to be. All day he’d hear a car or a dog outside and go running to the door and B would tell me what he was doing. He’d lose interest and get back on the couch. It was soooo great letting him choose what to do. And he didn’t go after anything. Not a cat, not the food, not shoes, nothing. Thank you again puppy raisers. Once I get the last of the doggy proofing stuff, I think we’ll be good to go. I’ll probably still use the tie down or the crate if I’m gonna shower or something, and definitely still crate him at night for awhile. But it’s just so much more relaxing knowing he can be where he wants. Not sure if I’ll do it as much when B isn’t home, so we’ll see about that.

Jayden is also just fine about sudden exclamations, swearing, clapping, and all the other things that go along with sports hahaha! Last night West Virginia played Kentucky for a spot in the Final Four. WVU is B’s alma mater, and I fell in love with West Virginia when we visited two Christmases ago. So in my NCAA bracket that I did, not knowing a thing about basketball, I have WVU going all the way because they’re the only team I care about. As it stands now, if they do, I’ll win the pool. B and I were both hoping they would win last night, but we really didn’t expect it. Kentucky is a 1 seed, WVU a 2 seed, though a lot of people thought they should have been a 1. West Virginia took an early lead and never surrendered it. They won!!! For the last two minutes of the game, my heart was pounding and I was chatting with Erik and B was chatting with an old frat buddy and we hardly talked to each other hahahaha! After they won, I was finally able to calm my heart. It’s the first time WVU made the Final Four since 1957. Wow.

So, they’ll play again Saturday for the chance to go to the championship game next Monday.

I was a little worried about how Jayden would react to B watching sports, but he just sleeps or chews through it hahahaha! Again, thank you puppy raisers.

Oh, I saw a really cool update on Facebook last night. It read, “Inside every guide dog beats the heart of a puppy raiser”. Isn’t that cool?


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  1. Go WVU! We are loving March Madness around here and somehow my bracket is the best! I guess because there have been so many upsets and I was clueless. Sounds like Jayden is doing good and able to enjoy a little more freedom. Nice – Love that last phrase too about puppy raisers — incredible gift and amazing people!

  2. I love that you have a sports-proof pup! I was pretty impressed by how my then-infants handled to noise of three soldiers watching football in our living room. 🙂

    As for the headers, I actually have that “main post content” thingy styled so that it’s off the page (and therefore invisible) to visual readers, but still rendered by JAWS and other screen readers. Let me know if you want the code for that. I added that because I sometimes throw in a sidebar inside the post, the old tantrum report, which is linearly before the main post content, but visually off to the top right. I sometimes use similar (but CSS file instead of inline, if that means anything to you) “invisible” styling to include links to videos, because the video service I use isn’t particularly accessible and doesn’t render in Google Reader.

    Blogger automatically labels post dates as level 2 headers, and post titles as level 3 headers, so I try to start my post-internal headers at level 4. I’m sure I’ve been inconsistent. All you have to do is type open-angle-bracket h 4 close-angle-bracket before your header text, and then open-angle-bracket slash h 4 close-angle-bracket after. If you switch between the Compose and Edit HTML tabs, the characters disappear, at least visually, when you return to the Compose view, and are replaced by the styling. You can do lower level headers by incrementing the numbers up.

  3. I’ve got a feeling that Jayden’s going to be fine with the sports. I know Trix is,and now and then I can get pretty angry at the TV lol. Cheering or Jesus H. Christing doesn’t seem to bother her at all, she just does her own thing right through it.

  4. Ro

    Ok yeah, the heading thing is way over my head hahaha!!!! Thanks for explaining that though. I was curious how you did that. I had no idea it wasn’t visible hahaha! Thanks for taking steps to make your blog so accessible; that’s really, really awesome of you *hugs*

  5. I love basketball, but haven’t been watching much since I don’t have a TV in my dorm… I go to friends or hulu if I really want to watch something haha! I also love that quote at the end. So true!

  6. Ro

    You use Hulu??? I tried it once and it drove me nuts. How do you use it, do you use Jaws?

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