Doggy Diaries – Food switch Day 8 – Almost done with SD?

I’m mostly just writing this to keep things straight, but there’s a question in here too.

Jayden is on three quarters cup of Blue and three quarters cup of SD now until Tuesday, when he’ll go up to a cup of Blue. Technically he’d go down to a half cup of SD. He’s been on a cup and a half of food twice a day for quite some time now.

The lady at Blue Buffalo had said he would only need a cup twice a day when I told her his height and weight. So…come Tuesday, should I just do a cup of Blue and end the SD all together? Not really sure about this. What do you think?

Everything is totally fine now with relieving and stuff. And already I’m not smelling his gas like I was hahaha!


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  1. Ha ha, maybe I will have to try some of that for my farting Chaweenie! LOL LOL
    He should be tolerating the new food good enough to go to just the Blue, sounds like he has made the transition well. You would know by now if he was going to have a reaction to the Blue, and he hasnt. GO Jaydon!! you are a rock star!!!

  2. Ro

    Oh man, his farts would just knock you out. Totally silent, just all of the sudden you’d be like oooooh man and wave the air around you lol! Not noticing that now even though he’s still eating some of the SD. I think I’m still gonna continue to cut back slowlny on the SD since he’s on three quarters of a cub now, just to use as much of it up so as not to waste. Not a whole lot left, and don’t want to do a huge shock. Three quarters of a cup is still a lot.

  3. Sounds like you have already made up your mind, but I would just start feeding the Blue. If you are concerned about tummy upset, you can add a dolup of plain, non-fat, unsweetened yogurt to the kibble. Good luck!

  4. Ro

    I guess what I’m most worried about is taking the SD out now when there’s still some left to be phased out. Everyone said to do this slowly, so I don’t just want to stop it before it’s completely phased out. I’m also worried about a cup of Blue being enough like the lady said.

  5. Jen

    Is it one cup twice a day? If that’s how much is recommended then its probably enough. That’s all O.J ats and he’s not skinny. You could try it and I’m sure you’d soon notice quickly if he’s losing weight and you could increase slightly.

  6. Ro

    Yeah, Blue recommended 1 cup twice a day. So that’s what we’ll do. It’s just not replacing the SD equally since he was on more SD then what Blue recommends, so technically he should be off the SD after tonight since he’ll go up to 1 cup of Blue tomorrow.

  7. Haha I just noticed you now have Jayden’s photo as your blog photo. Very cool!

  8. Ro

    I just put it up a few days ago. Glad it shows up; didn’t know if it was just for the profile. 🙂 I’ll have to email you a pic of the two of us. I won’t put my image on the blog.

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