Doggy Diaries – Food switch Day 6 – More mystery and some improvements

I know I slacked in writing about the fifth day of the food switch yesterday, but we didn’t do anything. I gave us both a day off since things had been rather frustrating. We got the mail and that was it. There weren’t any issues all day; I just got chores done.

Today was the last day of a half cup of Blue. Tomorrow he goes up to three quarters of a cup. Relieving is all normal, oh except yesterday he didn’t poop in the morning, which was really odd. I got him all riles up in the afternoon and he went. Maybe he’s already got less waste eating only a cup twice a day of the SD, who knows.

This morning all was normal. Fascinating, I know haha! We started the laundry and after I put the load in the washer, I thought I’d try the route to the office that he refused to walk on Wednesday. Same problem. He gets me across the parking lot, shows me the curb, gets on the sidewalk, and won’t budge. I wonder if it’s because the last time he tried to alert me that he had to go but I misunderstood, so he went in harness. Shame for a guide dog? I didn’t force it after some leash action didn’t work. He was all too eager to go back home.

When I switched from washer to dryer, I took my cane with me. He got me to the sidewalk and once again wouldn’t budge. So I got out the cane and had him heel. He didn’t drag in the heel position at all. A few times he tried to pull me off the sidewalk but I knew he didn’t have to go. I told him no. After about twenty feet I put the cane away and he worked it fine. Odd.

On the way back, he stopped. I probed out and nothing was there and we weren’t at our rocks. I told him to hop up and he did. I noticed that we walked into shade. It got sunny again, then he stopped at more shade. Shadows? Could it be shadows on the way there causing him to refuse it? This just makes no sense. We’ve walked that sidewalk countless times.

I picked nothing up with the cane. Nothing. I can’t wait for Dave to come on Tuesday. Watch, it’ll be like taking your car to the mechanic; when Dave’s here, Jayden will probably walk it perfectly.

I didn’t push it, I didn’t get angry with him. If it’s leftover shame from harness relieving, I don’t want to add to it. I might try a different way to bypass that area just until whatever this is passes.

I have a very spontaneous plan tomorrow, and while Jayden refusing to work that sidewalk almost deterred me, I’m not gonna let it. I’m not gonna say what it is until after we do it, so wish us luck!

Everything else is fine. We worked for about 3 hours pretty much straight this morning, in and out. On the way back from getting the maile, the last chore, there were the yip yip dogs. Uh oh. Dog distraction. Jayden made no indication but as soon as I heard the dogs straining on their collars and gagging themselves, I told Jayden to leave it, just in case. The boy actually sped up as if to say, I’m a good boy, I’m completely ignoring them, silly dogs, let’s get away from them before I’m tempted. He got LOTS of verbal praise from me for that, especially with how people distracted he’s been. It usually takes a leash correction when dogs are around, but he didn’t need it. He also ignored the people we met along our way. So that is much improved. He got a jackpot kibble upon arriving at our door, good boy!

After we were all done I got the Wubba out and Jayden went absolutely nuts! He sure works up energy after working. Strange. He ran all over the house, running into me right as he began his tear, bumping into my hand. Ouch. Then I was trying to wrestle the Wubba to tug it and I got too close to his mouth right as he chomped. Ouch. I suppose it’s better to get hurt whilst playing with a guide dog rather than when working a guide dog haha! It was handler error, that’s for sure.

So, fall fever, puppy moments, who knows. Everything seems to be evening out now, so we’ll see how tomorrow goes. Hopefully I’ll have a good update for ya’ll. =D


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8 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Food switch Day 6 – More mystery and some improvements

  1. Some dogs use play to relieve stress. Some SD or GD seem to have a lot of energy for play after working for a while simply because they are stressed and need that play as an appropriate outlet for the stress. Remember not all stress is bad stress either. Even good things can be stressful. So while the dog may love working and doing things being your guide or service dog, it is still stressful for the dog, and some dogs need to relieve that stress through a good hard play session after an outing or work.

  2. Glad it seems the food isn’t the problem. Hopefully you can figure out what’s going on. Jaybay, you’re perplexing your mommy!

  3. Ro

    Katrin, good to know. I’ve noticed it before too. Like when we’re at a restaurant for awhile, he will go on a run as soon as we get home haha. I love your insights! 🙂

    Carin, this is bringing back memories of Trixie. Before you know it, I’ll be getting Jayden’s thyroid checked trying to figure out the behaviors and then he’ll just suddenly be fine again haha!

  4. Yuppers. It so reminds me of that little scare fest. But the first scare fest is pretty scary cause you have no baselines. Good luck tomorrow.

  5. Hmm, something about the shadows had me thinking, maybe he is telling you the pavement is too hot? Leah always trys to pull me into the shadows when we are working and the pavement is too hott for her toots…just a thought

  6. Ro

    Nope that’s not it, because he was stopping at the shadows, not the sun. And the pavement isn’t nearly hot like it was even a month ago.

  7. I hope you dont mind, I mentioned a little about your troubles with Jaydon to our CFR at our puppy meeting last night. She said, just keep working at it! and if you cant work it out do call Guide dogs. She is so great, she used to be a trainer in Boring before she took the field rep position.
    Todays post, you sound like you are doing an awesome job with him, he sounds like such a nice dog! As always thanks for sharing your trials with a new Guide dog!

  8. Ro

    I don’t mind at all. I love that about GDB, about how the entire organization as a whole is a family. How awesome is that?

    I’m not too concerned about all this. I was at first, but It’s nothing insurmountable. I’m sure it will be overcome. He’s such a young dog too and you know, he never went through much of a testing phase. Maybe he’s a late tester haha!

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