Doggy Diaries – Food switch Day 4 – Bad timing? Help

I have no idea if this is coincidence or not. I know there have been quite a few changes for Jayden, what with the visit from B’s dad where we always had company and did a lot of different things, to suddenly going back to the mundane and then the weather changes making me ill. I mean really I’ve been kind of out of sorts since that one Goalball practice back in late September. I’m just now this week able to work out more to my old strength. So there’s all these slight differences and then I go and do a food switch. Bad timing?

He’s just being a bit of a brat. He’s much more distracted by people. We’re working on that. Then there’s the refusing to work the road yesterday. Today at Saavi he did ok except when we first got there he tried to take me to the people smoking instead of inside, which is silly since we get dropped off right at the door. He did ok while we were there and when he tried to say hi to people I was quick to correct.

Another guide dog handler came into the gym while I was on the treadmill and Jayden was on his mat. I heard the handler and guide dog come in and asked Glenn what Jayden was doing but Jayden was completely ignoring the dog. I told him good boy while I was on the treadmil. Not long after, Jayden stood up so I told him down, again still on the treadmill. Glenn was telling me what Jayden was doing. He lay back down just fine.

He did fine after I worked out, waiting for the ride and what not. We got home and I relieved him and gave him his frozen Kong. I had a message from the office that B had a package, did I want to come get it or he could bring it up. I was gonna wait for Jay to finish his Kong and go down so I tried calling to find out how big but no one answered. Jayden finished his Kong and we headed down.

He did fine getting me to the mail and then when we were on the sidewalk, he tried to turn back. He refused to go. I probed out and nothing was there so I gave him some leash action and he walked a few steps, went to the left and put his paws up on the curb as if to show me. This was just bizarre. We never do that once we’re on the sidewalk. It’s a long straight shot. I kept getting him back on the sidewalk and finally he picked up his pace, then stopped and pooped. Ugh. He had been trying to tell me he had to go. He’s done that before, getting off the sidewalk, but he has never alerted to a curb before when he has to go so that through me. He also rarely poops in the afternoons. So I picked it up and went back home to get rid of it then we started to head back.

While I was locking my door he actually turned and faced the door instead of facing outside like he always does. He wouldn’t get into working position. He refused. So I took him back in and gave him water. That seemed to do it. When we left the house, he was eager to go like always.

It was fine until after the mail. Same thing. Only he wasn’t getting off the sidewalk. He just absolutely refused to go forward. I ran through obedience. Nothing. By this point I was just done. I needed to eat. So we turned around and came home where he promptly sprawled out and took a nap. I called the office and the manager walked the package up to us.

Jayden has seemed himself inside the rest of the day. It was just feeding time and he got all excited, jumping up and down and such. I’ve kept the water down after all that in case maybe he hasn’t been getting enough, but I don’t think that’s it.

He’s up to a half cup of Blue today, just had his second helping.

I don’t know if this is the food switch or not. I don’t know if this is normal during a food switch. One theory I have is that maybe fall here is like spring in cold country. The weather doesn’t suck. Maybe he’s got fall fever like so many dogs have spring fever. I spoke with the guide dog handler at Saavi today and his dog has been off too. So maybe that’s it?

I almost called GDB but I’m gonna give it a few days. We may or may not work tomorrow, I’ll have to see how much energy I have. It’s amazing how much it takes out of me when he’s less than stellar.

Any thoughts? I need some experience, strength and hope on this. Thanks.


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  1. It definitely could be weather. My boodog was a royal hellian the first year whenever the weather would super change. Cool down? ooo leaves! sniffa sniffa sniff! Winter? What is this what is this? Spring! Oh I feel so alive! Even every year there’s the spring fever. So it very well could be weather. I’m not the one to ask about odd behaviours during a food switch, because I usually glide right through the food *switch*. The weirdness or lack thereof comes after.

    Poor you. Bad days suck. Really hoping it’s not the food, but it very well could be weather.

  2. I agree could be the weather. Here we’ve been getting rain and the weather patterns have been wack-o. ealier in the week it was near 35’F and today it was warm and horribly muggy and humid. My migraines are completely out of whack due to the weather we’ve been having. All of my dogs are major distracted and sniffy, sniffy, sniffy due to all of the smells in the air and on the ground.

    Sorry to hear that Jayden has been off his game.

  3. Ro

    I’m glad to hear you both say the weather could be a very real possibility. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s not like he’s uber distracted, just incredibly off. Today was just weird. I mean he refused to walk to the office.

  4. I don’t think his “being off” has anythng to do with his food. But the unusual releiving very well could be from the new food. Being a puppy raiser for many years GDB has changed food on us MANY times. The only thing I really noticed during some of those switches was relieving issues. Some foods make a dog go more and some foods make them go less. I have had a dog go from relieving twice a day to five times a day due to a food switch. So just keep a close eye on it and try not to worry 🙂

  5. Ro

    Thanks, it’s much easier said than done when it comes to not worrying lol. He’s just so out of it now. Maybe I’m just reading into it, but B is noticing it too. I’ll see how tomorrow goes.

  6. Oh bummer. I’m guessing its the weather and maybe some of the other changes you mentioned, but I doubt its the food. Him having to potty in the afternoon could be from the food, but I doubt it’d make him off like that. Hope he gets back to normal really soon, and by the way, good food choice.

  7. I say it wouldn’t hurt to call your vet and see if they think anything of it, or call GDB and see what they never hurts to get an opinion from professionals…if tomorrow is off too then I might start to worry..3 days would seem real strange to me. I never had any real weather change issues with Leah so I’m not a pro at this by any means, but if it was me 3rd day of weirdness and I would be callin someone JMO

  8. My first thought reading through these last few food switch posts was Urinary Tract Infection. Change in food is often a cause of UTIs and Jayden’s behavior sounds a lot like Hobbs last month when he got one.

    Pay attention to the SMELL of his urine. If it smells like burnt anything it may very well be a uti. Hobbs didn’t want to go for walks, peed a lot, had accidents both on walks and in the house, drank a lot more, but seemed to be just as active (even more so) than usual.

    I don’t know if that might be the problem, but it was the first thing I thought of, and it might be a good thing to rule out.

  9. Ro

    I’ll keep an eye on that. The urination issues started before the food switch, and have been fine since I started monitoring water. I haven’t noticed a smell, but I’m paying extra attention. He didn’t poop this morning which is very odd. Peed plenty. I hope this is all just nothing, but will get it checked out if I need to.

  10. Hey Roe, as a puppy raiser I am suspecting that he just needs some more exercise. You take him to the gym with you, any chance he could walk on the treadmill on those days too? Only other thing is you may have to get one of your own, we found one this summer at a garage sale for $40. With the weather change you may not be getting out as much.
    I noticed as Dublin got older, he was more restless, unless we had been out and about that day, I think more exercise may be the key.
    Good luck!

  11. Is this the season for stoppages? It really worries you doesn’t it when stuff like this happens. I didn’t think weather would affect a dog!

    It could even be fireworks!!! Stupid question-but you guys celebrate halloween at the same time as us? So maybe it’s that.

    I hope it improves soon. Xxx. I would maybe say try mixing in the science again to see if that helps. He’s maybe all loose down there since the new food. Xx.

  12. Ro

    Actually, he’s working more. It’s gonna be opposite here in the desert. And he’s still on a mixture of Science Diet. He was much, much better today. Flawsless work. He didn’t poop in the morning which is different, but the Blue Buffalo has a lot less waste. He’s on a half cup of that right now, and a cup of SD. Didn’t get a chance to blog today so I’ll update more tomorrow.

    Oh and yeah we have Halloween Sunday but we don’t do fireworks here.

  13. I’m betting its just the weather. Bilko has issues when seasons change too. I doubt the food is the cause of his weirdness, but probably the weird relieving. Good luck! hugs/wags

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