Doggy Diaries – Food switch Day 2 and some questions

There’s not really anything to report. You know what I think this is? Just an excuse to write every day haha!

Jayden has had his fifth helping of Blue now. I officially made yesterday the start of the food switch since it was the first full day on it, even though he had his first quarter cup Saturday at dinner. I did notice his stool was a tad softer this morning, which is a good thing as I think he had gotten a little constipated on the SD. In the mornings I was noticing hard pellets and he seemed to take longer. Gross topic? Maybe, but stool is important in the health of a dog haha!

I don’t know why but yesterday I only put the SD from his food into the treat pouch and the Kong. Today I mixed the food first and then put the handful in the treat pouch. Might as well get us both used to the smaller kibble pieces for food reward. I also included some of the Blue in the portion I moistened for the Kong I freeze overnight.

He’s still licking the bowl much longer haha. And you know what? Blue smells good. When I open the Rubbermaid, a pleasant scent greets me, one of mild fish mixed with sweet smelling fruits. It’s much more pleasing to the nose than the SD haha! Question: Are you ever tempted to try your dog’s food? Am I weird? I’ve been tempted since I got Jayden, but have never done it. Have you?

On a non food related topic, I’ve put him back on a water schedule. When it started getting hot here, I had him on free water. No way was I going to deprive him of water with our heat. It was never a problem; he only drank what he needed.

Lately however, I’ve noticed a few problems. He seemed to be drinking a little more than he needed, and twice he peed in harness outside during our walks at a time he wouldn’t normally pee. That has never happened before. If it had been small amounts of urine, I would have thought he had a bladder infection, but it wasn’t just dribbles, it was actual urination. This seemed to happen as soon as the temps cooled off. I really think what happened is that his body just doesn’t need all the water he had gotten used to drinking. It wasn’t increased thirst, I don’t know how I know that, but it wasn’t or I’d be worried. It wasn’t like he’d go drink the whole bowl, he was drinking as much as he did in summer and he just doesn’t need all that water now.

What cinched the decision to put him back on a schedule was yesterday morning. In the mornings I wake up, put on sweats, use the restroom and take him outside. Yesterday as I was in the restroom, Jayden peed in the house. That was a first. I decided then to put him back on the schedule he was on at GDB. I think it was the right decision as there haven’t been any problems since. This sstarted before the food switch thankfully, or I would have thought maybe he had the excess vitamin D the recall articles all mentioned.

Wow, guess I had more to report than I thought I did. I’m sure grateful I have the blog to help me keep track of all this.

Oh hey, another question to those of you who have male dogs. I was feeling Jayden’s throat and noticed what feels like an Adam’s Apple so I looked it up and male dogs definitely have them. However there wasn’t a good description of how it should feel. It’s right where it would be on a human and feels like a smooth golf ball, like if you cut a golf ball in half. Is that how it’s supposed to feel? I’m pretty sure I just never noticed it before, but I was checking the fit of his collar and noticed it. I’m not alarmed, but would still like to know if that’s how it’s supposed to feel. Thanks!


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about the peeing. Sometimes Ushi does it when it is raining but not that often and she does it outside. Thankfully she hasn’t done anything more on a walk.

    I want to try my dog food (and toothpaste), but am scared to in case something terrible happens like I grow two heads or something lol. We should both pluck up the courage hee hee hee.

    Take care, and Ushi has access to her water at all times. She’s not really a big drinker though so that’s okay. Xxx and hope things keep going well!

  2. Jen

    Can’t say I’ve ever been tempted to taste my dog’s food!
    I’d imagine the adams apple is normal enough, though I’ve never really thought about that either!
    Not sure if you think too much or i think too little haha.
    Jen and OJ x

  3. L^2

    I’m catching up on blogs finally, and I’m in the midst of a food switch for Mister Jack right now too. I’m still trying to keep him our class watering schedule for now, but with Willow, I eventually switched to free-watering.

    And, yes, (I just double-checked), Jack’s Adam’s Apple feels like a small golf ball on his throat, like a human’s. 🙂

  4. Ro

    Oh thank you thank you thank you for checking! I guess I still feel like I’m learning a dog’s anatomy since I’ve never had dogs before. I’m so glad you checked and it feels the same, yay! I might put him back on free water again, but I wanted to break this habit before it could really start. Luckily the peeing in harness was only outside, but I don’t want it to continue.

    Ok, I’ll try the kibble tonight! 😉

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