Doggy Diaries – Food switch Day 1

Yesterday I got the Blue Buffalo Fish and Oatmeal formula I wrote about switching to here. I’ve been following the recalls of some of the Blue Buffalo foods and thank you to those of you who have e-mailed me. The Fish and Oatmeal that was recommended to me was never mentioned in the recall talk and since I had plenty of time to think about all this, I still think it was the right decision to switch. It helped that I had just bought a big bag of Science Diet when I started hearing about Blue Buffalo haha! No snap decisions when it comes to my guide dog, that’s for sure.

I couldn’t wait to start this switch, especially lately because Jayden has been having some horrendous flatulants haha!!! They are totally of the silent but deadly variety and always seem to happen when he’s on the couch next to me. Wow. That, along with the itching and shaking of his head just kept telling me to try something new. I checked the blogs about Blue Buffalo that I’ve been having Google alert me to and read the latest yesterday before getting a bag, and in one of the links about allergies, it mentioned the licking of paws, which Jayden has been doing also.

I recently talked with the new owner of two rescue labs and she had her labs on Blue until she found out that one has severe food allergies and so they’ve switched to a very hypoallergenic food. Her dog had much, much worse symptoms than Jayden, so much so that they had to do allergy tests. She said the only reason she doesn’t keep the other dog on Blue is because it’s just easier to feed them both the same. She recommended it though and it’s all she’s fed her dogs even before the rescue dogs.

As soon as B walked in with the bag, Jayden started sniffing air haha!! He had to wait, as it wasn’t feeding time. I put the remaining Science Diet from the forty pound bag into my Vittles Vault and then poured some Blue into a large Rubbermaid. We only got the fifteen pound bag to start, so there’s room to store the rest of it.

When it came time for Jayden’s dinner, I scooped a cup and a quarter of the SD and then added a quarter cup of the Blue. The lady on the phone said to mix it in gradually and watch the stool. She said the stool will get soft at first, so increase Blue when it’s solid again.

Jayden has been on a cup and a half twice a day and that’s because on a cup and three quarters, he gained some weight. Eventually he should only be on two cups of Blue a day, according to the lady, though he might need a little more since he’s a working dog. I’ll monitor closely in the coming weeks.

So to the fun part. I set the mixed bowl down and told Jayden ok and he sniffed it and went to town. Normally he’ll lick the bowl clean for a few seconds. This time? He licked that bowl for a full minute after he had eaten all the food. And that was with only a quarter cup of it. Same thing this morning. Wow! I’m not noticing a difference in stool but I’m gonna do a quarter cup of Blue for at least three days before increasing.

So here’s where I’m gonna sound crazy. I swear to God he feels softer. I’m crazy, right? He’s only had a total of a half a cup of Blue after dinner last night and breakfast this morning, but I swear he feels softer and I touch him a lot obviously. Am I just really crazy??? Hahaha!!! And his morning number two had less than normal, already.

I’m probably just crazy since I’ve never done this before. I was nervous yesterday and emailed Carin before the switch haha!

I’m so excited to see how he’s gonna feel and smell over the next few weeks, and I’m so happy he liked it. I guess some dogs will leave the LifeSource bits but he sure didn’t.

Oh and the food smells good! It’s got a fish smell but not gross and a sweet smell. Wow. Ok, enough now, really hehe. I’ll keep ya’ll updated, plus this is a great way for me to keep track of the switch since I’m not taking any chances. If the itching doesn’t stop, it’s to the vet we go.


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  1. Jen

    Glad he likes his new food already and hopefully it will stop the itching and deadly smells!
    I wonder are the cups the same size as the ones we use here that you can get in the pet shop. I’ve just noticed on a couple of blogs that people feed their dogs a lot more than OJ. He gets one twice a day, and he’s a fairly big dog! suppose it depends on the type of food they are eating as well. Just another one of my useless observations! 🙂

  2. HAHa, I think you are just wanting some differences lol, because I’ve been told that you won’t notice any differences until about 90 days after the food is completely swapped over. If you want best results don’t give him anything but the new food for 90 days just to see the true differences. I never much liked SD because Leah always semlled a little soured and funky to me while we were in class and she was on it. Paw licking could be enviornmental allergies because Leah does that right around the start of fall and it just takes some steroid pills for a few weeks and most of the time she is good till spring. Just so you know, you are helping me procrastinate my paper that I’ve writtne about half of lol. But seriously, I am not sure if you are going to notice any differences so soon after just starting to swap the food, but I could be wrong. Do keep us updated 🙂

  3. Ro

    Jenn, the school said the cup is one cup. At school he was getting 2 cups twice a day on the Science Diet. When we got home I cut it to 1 and a half since they said dogs tend to gain weight when they get home. He seemed to thin down so I incresed it to 1 and two thirds twice a day and the harness got tight. Ugh. Blue Buffalo said he will only need one cup twice a day. He’s supposed to be around 65 pounds, so I think it does depend on the food. Science Diet has fillers, so the less fillers, the less food intake needed.

    Amanda, yeah I’m pretty sure I’m just crazy lol. All he eats is dog food, so that won’t be hard to test.

  4. I started noticing changes sooner than 90 days after our last food switch, but I can’t say I noticed a change within 24 hours hahaha. I love how they get all jaw-snappy when they really seem to like a food.

  5. Ro

    It was just feeding time and he went absolutely berserk, way more than usual. He licked the bowl forever after it was done again haha!! So that’s the third helping of Blue.

    Over the summer, I was free watering him, but in the last week I’ve noticed his peeing schedule being a bit off. This morning he couldn’t wait until we got outside. Then this afternoon, he peed in harness an hour after he had peed last. It’s not little amounts, but decent amounts. So now that it’s not hot, I’m putting him back on GDB’s schedule. If there’s still an issue, I’m taking him to the vet. If it were little amounts, I’d worry about an infection. But I think what it is is his body just doesn’t need the water he got used to drinking over the summer. At least I hope that’s all it is. It started before the food switch, so it’s not that.

  6. I would swap Leah over to Blue Buffalo, but they use corn in all their stuff that petsmart sells and its more expensive than what I’m feeding now so she will just have to deal 🙂

  7. Ro

    Blue has a grain free blend. If you can’t find it in stores, their website now has a delivery ption but I haven’t checked it out. Just in case you’re ever needing a change.

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