Doggy Diaries – Food switch complete and a gym adventure

Today is the first day of just the Blue Buffalo. I decided to stop doing the integration once we reached a full cup of Blue, since the lady at Blue Buffalo said he’d only need one cup twice a day. So, bye bye smelly Science Diet! Now we’ll get to watch and see how he does on just the Blue. So far everything seems great.

This morning I had Dave watch from afar as we got to the part of the sidewalk that Jayden was having problems with. Sure enough, he hesitated, but then obeyed my “hop up” and leash action. I just knew it would be like when you take the car to the mechanic. Ah well lol! Jayden happily walked all the way to the office without any problems. I had given him a chance to relieve before we left, even though it was only just an hour or so after his first relieving of the day. He didn’t need to go, and didn’t indicate on route that he had to go. When we got to the office, we had a party with lots of praise and jackpot kibble.

Dave got there and said the only thing he saw was a motorcycle parked in a spot nearby, with a black cover on it. He thought maybe it spooked Jayden and maybe it wasn’t always there. We have no way of knowing if it’s a new addition. Hopefully whatever it was is fine now, as he had no issues, and the morning got fun from there on out.

We have a little gym here at my complex but I haven’t used it at all since going blind. I talked to Glenn on Monday about wanting to lose another five to ten pounds by December 10th for B’s Christmas party. Glenn had said it’s definitely possible, but since I’ve totally plateaued I’ll either need to step up the workouts or change my eating. I eat pretty well aside from the occasional fast food, so working out more just sounds more happy making to me hehe. So I asked Dave to help me figure out the gym and see if we’d have to mark the machines.

It was so fun showing Jayden where to go. Especially since I have leftover visual memory of the place. We walk through the clubhouse to a door into the gym. Jayden immediately wanted to take me to the restroom haha! Everywhere we go, he finds the restroom. Wow.

First, Dave and I picked out a safe spot to have Jayden lay. There’s a nice corner so it’s perfect. Then Dave checked out the treadmill. It’s not totally tactile, but there are raised lines I can feel and can find the controls easily enough. So I practiced starting and stopping. Luckily it beeps when you increase and decrease, so I can tell how fast I’m going.

Next we checked out the eliptical. We don’t have one of those at Saavi so I’m glad to be able to use it. Same thing with the buttons, not exactly tactile, but good enough and it also beeps. When you add resistance, it feels like you’re walking in deep sand. Sweet! I practiced getting off and on that a few times and then we checked out the weight machine.

It’s got a lap pull and a leg extension just like Saavi and Dave showed me how to change the weight. It uses the same weights for the different machines. The extra one that Saavi doesn’t have, is the tricep extension press and the peck press. Sweeeeet!!!!

I am *such* an exercise addict. Can you tell?

So, I’ll be adding home workouts to my Saavi workouts. After we checked everything out, we practiced another way of getting to the gym, in case I want to go when the clubhouse is locked.

We can access it from the pool, so we started at the manager’s door which is our landmark and I directed Jayden to find the gate to the pool. It’s just a series of easy moving turns. Once in the gate it’s a quick right and he has to negotiate patio tables and chairs. He took me to the sliding glass door, which is a good landmark because it has a mat, and then I directed him to the other gym door, where I gave him a jackpot kibble. We practiced going back to the gate, more jackpot, then back to the gym door. The second time around, he made a bee line for that door haha! Lots of praise.

Jayden was prancing and wagging the whole time. I could tell he enjoyed the new challenges. I’ll probably do the pool route a few times here and there even when the clubhouse is open, just to keep it interesting.

We talked to my maintenence guy a bit because B has been getting pack rat crap in his car even though he drives it every day. I noticed a funny sound when we went to Gamma’s on Sunday so he looked under the hood and noticed a nest. It doesn’t look as though anything has been chewed. I talked to S, the maintenence man, and he said that if you put a bar of Irish Spring soap in the engine compartment in a place where it won’t fall into anything, the smell keeps the pack rats away. Sweet!

He then told me about the great pumpkin massacre of years ago. He was alerted to tons of pumpkins being destroyed and when he showed up, the cops where there. The residents thought kids had done it, but none of the upper level pumpkins were slaughtered. Then he noticed the teeth marks. Yep, you guessed it, javelina. If you stick a candle in a pumpkin, it smells good. Javelina supper.

I’ll be glad when pumpkin season is over! Though I do love all the pumpkin flavor stuff everywhere right now, yummmm.

Soooo, anyway, food switch complete and Jayden seems himself again. I think it was just fall fever. He’s used to working more now I think. I’ll take advantage of cool weather and use my home gym until it gets hot again. Yay! More muscle!


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4 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Food switch complete and a gym adventure

  1. What is a pack rat? I thought that was a person who didn’t like to throw anything away? Glad things are going well… Hearing this makes me think how I should get my butt back on the treadmill, but just don’t want to yet…Its my first week back guess I shouldn’t push it too hard huh? lol

  2. Ro

    People were named after the animal, pack rat. It’s a rodent that goesa nd builds nests with whatever it can find. Bits of nature, rubbish, litter etc. They like to build nests in cars and will tear apart parts of the car for their nests. It’s rare to find one in a car that gets driven all the time. My car met it’s death to pack rats because it wasn’t driven after I went blind. I’ve got a blog post about it somewhere, hold on.

    Ok, here it is.

  3. I knew you and Jayden would figure it all out!! Way to go!

  4. Go you guys. I’m soooo happy the boy is back to his old cool self. And go Blue!

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