Doggy Diaries – Food snafu

Aye aye aye what a bungle. I had B stop at the pet store last night and call me from there when he found the dog food. I told him “Hills Science Diet, lamb and rice, large breed”. I had him check and double check. He brought it home and poured it into the Vittles Vault and I felt the kibble and it was huge. I still had the stuff I took from GDB so I didn’t feed Jayden any of the new stuff. I called graduate services today and he said it’s “adult” not “large breed” and I want the “small bites”. Apparently another student called with a similar question. So I don’t know if I was given the wrong information or if my exausted spoon lacking brain misheard. I think it was actually the latter.

So I called Kevin and he came over and took a few of the kibble and wrote down “Hills Science Diet lamb and rice small bites adult”. and actually got a person at the store to make sure it was right. Then he got to the register and asked again, holding out the sample kibble. They said no that’ bag is large bites. So he went back and got the small bites and brought it back and they are tiny. I had been discussing the issue on my email list, and the small bites are the same formula as the large bites so it’s fine, and measuring will be the same.

So now that I think about it, they could have said “Hills Science Diet, lamb and rice, adult, large bites” and I might have heard “Hills Science Diet, adult, large breed”. I’ll never know. So now I have these wee little kibble in the right formula. I think in a few days I’ll call back and ask if it was in fact the large bites we used in class. Hmmm but the store clerk looked at the sample kibble and said small bites. Ugh. I don’t know.

I know for the puppy raisers, they are feeding Purina Pro Plan, but for the dogs now in class, they are eating Hills. I’m keeping him on the same diet until I have reason to switch, so I’m not asking for a food debate since those happen every few weeks on the list hahaha!!

Just wanted to write the humor in the food snafu. Sheesh. Oh and I brought the nasty weather from California. Cold windy and rainy today. Joy. There sure was no going out this afternoon.


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  1. Glad you got it straightened out! If it makes you feel better, my co-raisers and I were feeding Douglas two different foods while we were raising him, and had no idea until they gave me his left over food to feed Gelly since Frisbee would be eating the puppy formula. I opened the bag of extra they gave me and was shocked how big the kibbles were! Turns out they had the large breed formula, and I had the regular adult. Luckily Doug has intestines of steel and never had a problem with the fact that we had totally messed up! Yikes! Hopefully GDB isn’t reading this, or they’ll probably take my puppy back! Double yikes! But at least the good news is that I think the formulas must be very, very, similar.

  2. Ro

    Emily, the main difference in the large breed formula is a little extra protein so it’s not a whole lot difference. And if GDB reads this, maybe it’ll reiterate how confusing the food is lol!

  3. oh Ro don’t worry. To complicate it further, when we were feeding the baby pups science diet, we fed them the lamb and rice large breed. It was so much to wrap my mind around that I would have to go into the store (petsmart, because petco never carries the right stuff) repeating to myself the name of the right food so I wouldn’t get so confused by all the choices! PIT Cancun gets Eukanuba large breed now because the science diet gave him awful breath. I really hope for my sake GDB gets rid of Science Diet all together, just for the sake of simplicity!

    Oh and I haven’t said it but I’ve been keeping up with your journey and have enjoyed all of it. I can’t wait to keep reading. Welcome Jayden!

  4. Glad to hear that you’ve managed to get everything sorted out. Buying Science Diet dog food is no easy task! Its hard to believe how many different varieties there are. I’ve bought the wrong kind numerous times. Once, I accidentally fed Don the small breed food for a month. oops.

    Sounds like Jayden is settling well into his new home. Can’t wait to hear more!

    Hope the weather clears up soon.

    Lauren and Don

  5. Hate it when I get the wrong dog food – grab the puppy instead of the adult…

  6. Yuck. It appears you have to go through every possible snafu, *grin*. Glad it’s all resolved now. Silly small bites, large bites, adult, large breed choice crap.

  7. I know exactly how that is too… I’m not sure what my mom bought while I was at college for when we came home for break, but the kibbles are bigger than the ones at my dorm are… O well, Bilko still loves it haha!

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