Doggy Diaries – First independent outing

This weekend was really quiet. Yesterday my allergies were so bad that I didn’t even go to Gamma’s. I took a Zyrtec in the morning, but it hardly did anything and my head was so clogged I was losing my balance. B went and got me allergy pills and they made me all stone. I think they were Tylenol Allergy and Sinus or something, but they were new and those rapid release deals. I even had freakin munchies. Not a fun feeling for someone who’s sober. So I was pretty much a lump yeterday and I was feeling really bad cuz Jayden didn’t get out.

Today was our first time going to Saavi on the paratransit so I was excited. I got us all ready and when I heard the van pull up, we went outside and I worked him to the black, where we usually run right to go to the mailbox. Instead I told him forward, he stopped for the curb and then I said “find the bus” just like we did at school. He took me right to the door and put his front paws on the first step. Then I said “find a chair” and he went to say hi to the other passenger lol. A correction and a “find a chair” and he took me to an empty seat.

We got to Saavi and I said “inside” and he went right inside. He took me right to the main hallway and I did a small moving left to the ladies room. Someone had thought the wall right next to the restroom was a good place to put a card holder thing, and I knocked it off lol. Someone came and picked it up and we went inside. Man the handicapped stalls are sure easier. People always tried to take me to them before I had Jayden and I never liked them because they were too big. But now they’re a lot easier. It was occupied, so I tried getting into a small stall which we’ve done before but it wasn’t going well, so I waited for the large stall. So much easier.

We left and headed for the gym and found it no problem. G got out a mat and we found a good tie down spot, off the leg of the elevated stretching mat. So Jayden got to relax on a nice soft mat on the floor while I did my cardio. I hardly even broke a sweat and didn’t even get winded. Good to know I didn’t loose the shape I’d gotten into in the months of working out and then all the walking at school.

Next was to go next door to the weight room, so I found another good tie down spot. Jayden was great in both rooms, just relaxing. In the weight room, I was doing my curls and I heard a dog outside the room with the handler correcting. Jayden didn’t even care. Lisa said he just kinda looked in that direction. But the fact that Jayden was in there had this other dog a little excited lol. I was proud of my boy, though I’m sure we’ll have our fair share of times at Saavi where he gets excited around another dog.

After I was done in the weight room, I had Lisa weigh me and I’ve lost ten pounds since I started in September. The weight loss had kinda plataued before I went to school, but I could tell I lost some while there. I’ve probably gained some since getting back haha. But I’m really excited that I finally got below 170 yay! I was also pretty amazed that the working out felt really easy. She had taken some weights off but it was just too light. She thought she’d have to go easy on me since I hadn’t been there in a month. But hello, I wasn’t exactly just laying on the beach during those weeks haha!!

After we got home I talked with Carol awhile, during which I got my tank tops from L^2’s shop. I thought for sure UPS would come while I was away, but they were later than usual.

When I was off the phone I harnessed Jayden up again to go get the mail. I am satisfied to say that route is completely mastered. No problems at all.

I meet with Dave again in the morning. We’re maximizing the weather before it gets too hot, meeting twice a week.

So it was a great day and I’m so glad to be back to a routine!!


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  1. That all sounds awesome! Good boy Jayden! So great that your early partnership is going so smoothly!

  2. Your stories always amaze me! Beyond words, at how uterly awesome these dogs are!
    I jokingly told our CFR when we had puppy evaluations on Friday, that “Dang it, he is going to make it! I want him back” LOL of course I said this jokeingly she just said “oh, you want him back huh?” LOL
    Really the puppy we have now is another awesome one, I hope Dublin can make someone as happy as Jayden is making you!
    The first puppy we raised, our daughter did for her Senior High school project, Luxor is now a working guide in St. Paul, Mn. We sure miss them when we give them up, but just reading your stories, is something that makes it all worthwhile!

  3. Oh that is just so wonderful to hear!! Happy you had a great day as a team. Such a great feeling isn’t it!

  4. Those dogs really are amazing. My Sassie would be a good seeing-eye dog, if you don’t particularly care where you’re going.

  5. Go Jayden go. I was thinking about you all yesterday, wondering what he would think of all that buzzing gym equipment.

    There ya go, proof positive that guide dog school is work! Hahhahah! Now you’re body’s like workout shmerkout. Awesome news about the loss of weight.

    Hahaha I’m sure that other handler was like what in the sam hill is wrong with my dog? Hahhaha! Oh god I said what in the sam hill. Help me help me help me.

    Have fun with Dave.

  6. Wow, Ro this was a great outing for you and Jayden. I am so happy to hear things are coming together for the both of you. Jayden sounds like an awesome dog! Have you talked to your rasiers at all?

  7. Hooray! Go Jayden, and go Ro!

    Congratulations on the weight loss, by the way. I’m focusing on inch loss, which is going fine, but the weight stays put.

  8. Ro

    Thanks everyone! Yeah every day just gets better and better. Definitely making those three hard weeks worth it. And I’m so glad my blog really whos raisers how wonderful these dogs turn out to be. I still just think the world of puppy raisers. I know a lot of Jayden’s wonderfulness is because of his raisers. They haven’t contacted me. I gave them all my contact info, but I haven’t heard from them, and I don’t have a phone number. I might try calling GDB and see if they’ll get a message to them. They might not want to bother me, or maybe they lost my ifno, or maybe they’re just busy with the next pup they have. I’m sure I’ll talk with them soon.

    Oh and inch loss is so much better since muscle weight makes the scales lie haha!

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