Doggy Diaries – First dream and some thoughts

Well, I have no real update, but I wanted to put this under the diaries header anyway. I had my first guide dog dream last night, and it was really bizarre haha. I was just happy I finally had one, and first thing this morning I wrote it to my email list. So I decided to describe it here. I’ve gotta start off by saying that in my dreams, I can see, but I’m blind and use my cane, so it makes for very bizarre dreams lol!

So the dream started off in the house I grew up in and I had a horse in the living room. Yep, a horse. A short horse, but a horse. I realized I hadn’t taken it for a walk in awhile and it probably needed to use the bathroom. There were kids outside though, and the horse didn’t like kids, so I was going to take it to the bathroom in the house.

I harnessed it up, and then it was a guide dog. I had to tell it how to get to the bathroom. At this point its no longer the house I grew up in, but I knew where to go, and I could see. So I’m shouting right! left! right! to the guide dog and we get to the bathroom and I say hop up even though that command just doesn’t fit in this situation haha. I go over and knock on the toilet and say “don’t you have to go?” and then the dog is a pomeranian circling around the bathroom, and that was the dream.

Crazy eh? But I’ve been wanting a guide dog dream since I’ve heard others talk about them, and I finally had one and remembered it, so I had to post it.

A few days ago, I thought about doing a diaries post, just to share my thoughts, so I’m glad I had the opportunity. There’s no real update. This week I’m going to follow up again and see about those 2 people who hadn’t gotten their paperwork in. Its really not a rush, since I’ve got more work to do with Dave, but I’d still like to know where I’m at at in the process.

Last week several dogs were matched with their people. I found out on the email list and on the blogs, and its so cool! And then it just makes me day dream about dog day even more. I sit and think about what my fiture dog might be and at first a black lab came to mind, but now it just morphs. Black to tan to black again and then a big yellow one with lots of hair, and then a little black one again.

I see names on the phase report and some of them are so cute! But I kinda doubt my dog is on the reports yet. It might be…but I’m just not expecting to go any time soon. A girl from the list is going in March, and that would be so cool if we went together, but who knows, right? My gut really keeps telling me it’ll be next fall. So I just don’t know.

Sometimes I read stuff and it scares me. Especially the labs eating everything in sight. I keep thinking man, I’m gonna need to figure out what to do with cat food. I’m gonna need to buy trash cans with tight fitting lids. For awhile it seemed like all the dog stories I heard didn’t include this kind of stuff, but there was a thread on the email list about the dogs eating stuff they shouldn’t, and it freaked me out. What if we can’t have cat toys laying around? I hate all those fears and doubts, but they are gonna come no matter what I do.

So, I guess thats where I’m at. Not really anywhere new, but I did have some people ask what was up, so I thought I’d write and say nothing really new lol!


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  1. Ro

    Yeah, Kevin talks about the guide horses, which is probably why I had a horse lol. Only this one was the size of a pony, not a guide horse, so brain got it all messed up lol!

  2. I wonder if that Dan guy on the site still has Cuddles.

  3. Ro

    The guy with the hair?


    What site, who’s Dan, who’s Cuddles?

  4. Ok…on the site for the guide horses there’s a dude who’s pretty much been their poster boy forever. His name is Dan and there’s a picture of him with his horse, who’s name is Cuddles. Pretty sure they were the first person/horse guide team they put together.

  5. On the guide horse site. They have this guy named Dan. I can’t remember his last name. But he’s like their poster man. His horse is named Cuddles. If you goggle Cuddles, I’m sure you’ll find news stories about him.

    And you’ll have to cross the cat toy bridge when you come to it. Some dogs don’t go for the cat toys. Some are curious. That’s why the leash time is so critical. You can figure out what they wanna have at and what they don’t. I know the worries though. When I got Babs, and I lived in a bachelor pad, I would be up at night wondering where I’d put all her gear. Now I look at that and laugh.

  6. Hey Ro, I’m so happy you had a dream about guide dogs. Even if it was a weird one, did you eat too much turkey lol? Anyways, I wanted to tell you some stories:

    Since you talked about dog day it reminded me of Darrell’s dog day. I know he has already written about it but it was a little different (and funnier) on my side. Haha ok so if you remember Darrell was all crazy and felt like his time would never come. Well I got phone calls every 10 minutes just because he couldn’t concentrate on doing anything else so he would call me and talk crazy for a bit and hang up immediately if he heard someone coming down the hallway haha. Well I finally get this phone call and its Darrell telling me that his roommate just left and he was next, he was so excited and after a few minutes of silence.. he couldn’t talk he was too excited haha.. he heard the person coming and got off the phone quick. So there I am at home expecting a call about 30 minutes later for him to tell me all about her. Well I get a call about 2 minutes later and all it is is Darrell saying “I’m waiting in the room, Oh someone just knocked, gotta go” so he hung up haha. So then I’m all excited for him and just waiting and I get a text and he said, it wasn’t her (meaning Egypt) it was some lady telling me she was on her way. He was so mad, poor boy lol. So I laugh and toss the phone aside and wait for his phone call for later. He called later and told me all about Egypt and how good she was and that she came running up to him and licked him everywhere. He was so happy and didn’t talk long, he just wanted to let me know that he had her and wanted to get off the phone again to play with her.

    Well there’s my long version of his 5 minutes. I just wanted to share that with you because I know when Darrell had decided to go all he wanted to do was look up stories and read all the experiences he could. So I hope you enjoy and sorry it was so long.

    Also, you might not get one of those dogs you read all the crazy stories about. Egypt has never gotten into anything she isn’t supposed to and when she does pick up stuff off the ground (most she’s ever gotten was some stray kibble and one time a leaf) all you have to do is get after her once and she won’t do it again. So, hope for the best one and you’ll get it. Thats what Darrell did lol.

  7. Ro

    Interesting, I’ll have to check it out. Though, no way in heck I’d want a guide horse, I know that much haha!

  8. Ro

    Oh you mean like the tie down period? Or is there a time when you first get home where they’re always on a leash? I assume GDB will take the cats into consideration when they look at raising, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be ok. But I mean, we have loads of cat toys everywhere lol. I just hope there is a dog that just won’t care.

  9. Ro

    Ack. My comment got eaten. Thats a first. Urgh. Anyway the gist of what I said is I hope GDB finds a dog that just won’t care about cat toys.

    And, you’re referring to the tie down period? Or is there a time when they are always on a leash?

  10. Ro

    Oh jeez it didn’t get eaten. But it didn’t show up right away either. Alex is being tempermental today.

  11. Ro

    Natalie, that was great! Thank you for sharing! I can already see it now, me on my laptop waiting, waiting, waiting, writing a blog about nothing and writing oh I hear someone! and then no it was no one hahaha.

  12. Haha thats pretty much it from what Darrell said.. I think he went slightly insane that day. lol hopefully yours won’t be as crazy as his.

  13. Ro

    Haha well any story I’ve read from any school on dog day is pretty similar. All those months of anticipation coming down to that one moment, how could it not be crazy? Oh man I just can’t wait, I can’t! Some weeks I’m like, yeah, getting a guide dog, cool. And now I’m like ack! I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait!

  14. I just have to say not all of the dogs are like that!!!! My first dog would NEVER dream of picking up something he shouldn’t. And Millie, who is in training, came to work with me every day at a rescue place where we had toys, cats, food, and litterboxes everywhere, and she was so good about not getting into stuff.

    I have had some crazy dog dreams in my day, but I never think to write them down, and so don’t have any of the fun details you do. I love you doggie diary posts, keep them coming!

  15. Ro

    Awesome, that is really good to know! I miss the diaries posts, but there just hasn’t been too much to report. I guess I could keep them up with jus thoughts; didn’t really think of that. Don’t really need a solid update to write them.

  16. The tie-down period is the same. Either pooch is on tie-down or on leash. They have to earn house freedoms. They recommend granting freedoms room by room. Since this place is pretty small, a living room, a kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom all sorta close together and she hadn’t been much of a scrounger, I gave her house freedoms much sooner, but with all your kitty things around, you may have to be more by the book-ish.

    You know, if I were a purely logical being, horses would make more sense. They live much longer than dogs so you don’t have to go through so many in a lifetime. But…I just can’t do the horse thing. It just doesn’t eel like me.

  17. Ro

    Oh I see how that works. So I might be able to teach the dog that the room with the litter boxes is off limits. People have suggested that I put up a gate, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to. I also wonder about the cat food. Its on the floor in the kitchen. But I’m sure Don can give me hints about all that.

    Yeah, I think horses are col, but no. I could never have a guide horse lol!

  18. Yup, pick Don’s brain. That’s what all this shtuff is for.

    And I can’t type worth beans today. Goggle? eel? Help me!

  19. Ro

    Haha we all have bad typing days. Maybe thats why there’s no new blogs on the reading list. Everyone’s got bad typing days.

  20. Sounds like a very interesting dream! Most puppies are exposed to cats and cat toys at one time of another. My first pup Gabrina loved to bring me all the cat toys. She felt like since she couldn’t play with them I needed to have them all in my hands!

    And my email is
    I don’t mind if you publish this comment.

  21. Ro

    Oh my goodness that is just the cutest thing ever!!! Hahaha now if my dog can do that, it would make vacuuming really easy…hmmmm…maybe I’ll request that trait haha!!!

  22. I am getting excited for you! I remember SO vividly dog day with both of my guides. It is such a happy day and I am so excited for you.

  23. Ro

    Oh it seems oh so far away haha! I know it’ll be here before I know it, but right now it seems so out of reach.

    I can’t wait until I can blog about it all!

  24. Well you know my first puppy Gabrina is in training in CA! I would love it if you got placed with her! Then I could read all about your adventures!

  25. Ro

    Haha I’ve thought about that. I’ve watched her on the reports too. It would be a miracle if I got to school in time though, since she’s already there, ya know?

  26. L^2

    Hehe… your dreams sound as weird and confusing as mine are. I hope you hear something from the program soon. I know how tough the waiting is.

    I occasionally had guide dog dreams before I got Willow, but now I don’t often dream of guide dogs, either present or future. When I do they tend to be nightmares of bad things happening to me and/or the dog. So, I’m kind of glad I don’t often dream about them. Or maybe the problem is that I only remember the horrible dreams and not the good ones.

  27. Yeah good point. But I know of some dogs who have sat in phase 10 for 6+ months! I certainly hope that doesn’t happen to Gabrina…but I also want her to meet her perfect match!

  28. Ro

    Ick I hope I don’t have bad dreams. I dreamt last night that we gave Spinelli away, because she was in heat and we couldn’t do anything for her. Horrible. I woke up this morning in a panic until she jumped on the bed.

    Is Gabrina in phase ten? I can’t remember what I read on the phase report. Well, if I go in March, maybe she’ll be waiting hehe. Its so fun to fantasize, especially being in touch with so many raisers 🙂

  29. Gabrina is only in phase 8 right now. There is a chance! I’m sure guide dogs has the perfect match for you!

  30. Ro

    Hehe I’m gonna be watching her on the phase report, for sure. I kept noticing her, but figured she’d be in ten before I knew it. But, you’re right, a lot of dogs seem to hang out in ten for awhile. Who knows, right? Its fun to dream.

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