Doggy Diaries – Falling dog

That sounds like Jayden was doing Yoga.

I’ve just been kinda blah today. I was nursing a migraine for a bit which left thank God. So we spent the majority of the day on the couch while I listened to a book. Jayden can sure sleep. I kept checking him, afraid he was bored. But he’d barely lift his head unless I was taking him outside.

At one point, he shift and was laying so his back was towards the end of the couch. I remember feeling him and thinking that if he moved suddenly, he’d fall off. But he stayed that way for quite awhile. I got up for something and when I came back, the motion of me getting on the couch must have moved him just a little and he started to slide. I had one leg on the couch and I reached out with my left hand to steady him, laughing as I said “don’t fall!” He didn’t even twitch! I thought for sure he’d wake up and either keep falling, or help me get him back up. The boy didn’t budge. I had to move all 65 pounds of him into a more stable position on the couch and then make sure he was breathing. Wow. A fog horn wouldn’t wake him.

After I knew the mail had come, I decided he should get out so I got dressed and laughed at the preparation it took to go to the mail. Strap the treat pouch on, clip cell phone to belt, cram poop bag in pocket.

I took him to relieve and then back in the house to harness him up. I let him work to the rocks and then decided to cane the curb where we got lost yesterday. He wasn’t even heeling nicely because there were people and dogs across the way so I had to do obedience. Finally I was able to heel him around the curb and paused and kibbled the sidewalk. At that point, I was distracted so I forgot I could then work him on the sidewalk to see if he targeted the mailbox again. I hear my name and it’s Lish coming out of her apartment, so she came to say hi and meet Jay, then the nice man with the yip yip dogs from yesterday was there again asking how we were doing.

After that I decided to just cane back to the apartment, but wanted to see if he’d target the walkway so I worked him but he walked past it. So I just heeled him inside haha. Had I been more awake, I probably would have turned it into a good distraction lesson, but I just didn’t have it in me.

After that I groomed him and he’s definitely losing his winter coat. Lots of fur went a flyin.

Now he’s not so patiently waiting for dinner while I get the two blog posts I wanted down. He keeps sighing as he lays with his head on my leg. I guess he thinks if he sighs enough, I’ll give in. Hehehe, not gonna happen buddy. Sorry, love you, but no.


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2 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Falling dog

  1. Gotta love the labrador that always thinks it is meal time! I love that about them. No matter how many times we make them wait, they are always hopeful that today will be the day that our begging works! Dagan will wait endlessly on the kitchen mat, trying to convince us that it is meal time. So hopeful…

  2. Wow, Jayden sleeps like the dog of one of my classmates. That dog would sleep through anything.

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