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Wow. I think I wrote before about finding some other blogs, the puppy raiser blogs. Well, I became a follower of quite a few of them,and just got completely caught up on the story of Douglas, a black lab who was reaised by Emily and the Labradors. I think her blog shows up on my list as Life with the Dogs. The reason I was intrigued is because he went back to school about a month ago, so the timing could just be right for him to be matched to me, if i get to school in Jan or Feb like I hope. If I don’t get matched with him, wouldn’t it be neat to meet him? These blogs are so wonderful, to really see what these dogs are up to before they become our eyes. Emily is anxiously waiting to see if he’s going to make the cut to be a guide, and now I am anxiously waiting with her!

Not just because it would be cool to think about meeting him at school, but just because its just got to be like a proud momma following her kid in college, so my fingers are crossed for Emily.

I got all the way down to her first blog about it him, and he was born on 5/9/08, 2 weeks after I went blind. To think this little miracle was in the womb when I was going through my dark time of adjustment, and a year and a half later, reading about his journey would bring me such happiness…it just goes to show that we just never know eh?

To remember that time when I first went blind and felt like my life was over…I know I couldn’t have known all the amazing things I would be doing, but it sure would have been nice to have some hint. 😉

Anyway, I just had to talk about Douglas, because he sounds like such a cool guy. Calm and good with a stubborn streak – sounds pretty much exactly like me! Oh and he was rasied with foster kittens, so my cats wouldn’t totally annoy him tee hee!


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  1. You are so sweet! That would be an absolute kick if he got matched up with a fellow blogger! But he is in the last phase of training now, so I am sort of hoping that he will find a match before the end of the year (assuming that he in fact passes all his final tests!). He went back in July, but thanks to GDB’s new positive training methods the dogs become fully trained much more quickly. The timing of your loss of vision and his birth is pretty special!

    And I’m glad you have been enjoying my blog… and if you get really super bored waiting for your new guide you can read all through Gelly’s adventures as a puppy (named Angel as a puppy, I changed her name after she became my pet) and even some of Ellis’ adventures too! If you read all of Douglas you probably figured out that Ellis was a puppy I raised who was retired early and came back to me last year.

  2. R

    Ah well tee hee. From what I had read on the website I gathered about 4 months of training before the dogs are matched, and I didn’t realize he went in July. Sooo yeah probably not. I doubt I’ll get there by the end of the year. It was a cool possibility to think abut though 😉 I’m sure I’ll get matched up with someone just as good, and maybe it’ll even be someone you know! Though, there are a LOT of raisers…I’m a total romantic so I come up with these little ideas in my head all the time hehe! It was fun reading about Ellis and Angel too. Especially the blogs about them before you know they were coming back. Thats really special that you got them back!

  3. Hi there. My name is Carin and I have a guide dog named Trixie. I met Emily through a mailing list and started reading her blog. I wish you good luck with adjusting to being blind, It sounds like you’re doing really well. And good luck in the quest for a guide dog. Did you say you were applying to Guide Dogs for the Blind? Not that it’s any of my business, I was just curious.

  4. R

    Hi Karen! Nice to meet you. Yes, I am applying to Guide Dogs for the Blind. I can’t wait to hear if I got in. Where did you go?

  5. That’s where I went. They did an awesome job.

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