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So I’m thinking about doing a doggy pool. Like when you’re expecting a baby, your friends do a pool to predict the specs haha. I’m thinking, I’d open up voting for a 24 hour period and not publish comments until voting is over. Then when I get my dog, we’ll see who wins. Sound like fun? Thing is, I’d only want it to be open to people who’ve been with me for a bit you know? I wouldn’t want a total stranger to win, one who’s never commented. Might sound mean, but I want there to be a prize.

What do you guys think? Should we do a pool? The guesses would be: Class Date, Color of dog, sex of dog. That’s it. But lots of cominations. And whoever’s closest wins.

If I do this, how would you suggest I keep it to somewhat regular commenters, people who’ve been with me at least a week? Is that mean? I thought about opening it up to my email list, but I think I want to keep it to ya’ll.

What do you think, let me know and then I’ll decide when to open up voting. Don’t give your guesses yet!!


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  1. The easiest way to keep it to the regulars would be simply not to publish comments for the voting post from people you don’t recognize. Make it clear when you write the post that you’re going to do that and that it isn’t anything personal, they can feel free to comment on everything else. If people have a problem with that, you can file their complaints under tough sh*t, learn to read and follow instructions. That’s how I’d do it…which is why everybody likes Carin more hahahaha.

  2. Ro

    Oh thats a perfect solution. Duh. And you’re right, its my damn contest lol. I think I’d limit it to bloggers too, no one who knows me in real life. I might just do a separate one fro those folks. I just want it to be guide dogs folks, either handlers or raisers, and I include you in handlers since you live with Trixie lol! Sweet.

    Do you think just those 3 choices are good? Class date, color and sex?

  3. Ha ha ha! I liked Steve’s comment. Personally, I don’t know if I’d limit it to known readers. To me, the more the merrier. It wouldn’t be a fun contest if only 4 people guess; it’s more gratifying if there are 40, right? And it might provide incentive to some of the newbie “lurkers” to start leaving comments. Or you could advertise a smaller prize (like a crocheted potholder), and then if you know AND like the winner, you can upgrade them to the full-on afghan. Those are my thoughts!

  4. Ro

    Oh absolutely lol. There would be more than 4 for sure, if plenty of people vote. I’m just thinking on the day of voting, it owuld be a bummer if I’ve never heard from the person before.

  5. Ro

    Actually yeah. The more I think about it, I don’t think I want to limit it that much.

    I think since the grand price will be a crochet blanket, I’ll limit that to a winner of someone who’s been with me some. And then I’ll runner up projects. Yeah.

    So grand price would be a blanket, and then I’ll do some runner up scarves. That’s really all I can make lolol!!!

  6. Yeah, not limiting it so much is probably a good plan. I can tell you from my experience doing websites and radio that contests are a good way to get people who wouldn’t otherwise say anything to participate.

  7. Ro

    Yeah, I’m not gonna limit it. Just the grand prize. Blankets are a lot of work and money so I think I have the right to make sure that one goes to someone who’s been with me awhile.

  8. Well I have mixed feelings the limiting not limiting thing but I think the contest is an awesome idea!! and if you’re going to do a blanket and scarves you better not make us wait till next fall lol. Good idea Ro

  9. Ro

    Natalie, what are your thoughts about limiting?

    Well, I won’t get to start on stuff until I know who wins, if I’m going to do custom colors and design. So…it might be awhile. Gotta get the dog, find out who wins, find out what they want, and start crocheting lol. Just means you’ll have to stay with me awhile hahaha!

  10. L^2

    Sounds like fun! 🙂

    Yes, from my experience contests tend to bring out those who’ve been reading for a while, but have been too shy to comment. So, smaller prizes can be good just in case the winner is a less-familiar person.

  11. I think it sounds like a great idea! You could even include the first letter of the name if you want more questions. That is one of the big questions that is asked when a litter of puppies is born for us GBD raisers.

  12. Ro

    I thought about that actually hmmm. Might help in the case of a tie…

  13. Hey there! I have been lurking for a while, and haven’t had the time really to comment. I have a new baby…..enough said! I think a Doggy Pool sounds like great fun.

    I also think that a guess of the name letter would be another good question. You could also do breed! I know there are only 3 choices at GDB, but it would be something else to guess.

  14. Ro

    Heya Brittany, I’ve seen you around these parts, and also read your blog, you are excused lol!

    K first initial definitely in. Didn’t think about breed, good one!

    So it sounds like the more complicated, the better eh?

  15. Awesome idea!!
    I love guessing!
    And guessing the first letter of the dog’s name is a great idea:)

    Toby’s trainer

  16. I love the pool idea!!! Of course, you gotta explain things for those not puppy raisers or grads for GDB – but – I think a lot of people would appreciate that and have fun with it too! Gives everyone a bit of ownership of your new partner!

  17. Ro

    Oh good thinking. It will definitely be important to really make it clear what the choices are, thank you!

  18. I don’t know what class date is. Is it the day they start class, or end class? Are you talking about when they start training? I’m confused!

  19. ok well since my comment didn’t post I was going to say that I have mixed feelings on who to limit and what not but that discussion part is pretty much made up lol. Anyways, I think this is an awesome Idea and I’m sad I didn’t think of it lol.. I don’t think I have enough followers to do something like this tho haha. I like all of the ideas and I can’t wait to vote lol. I don’t really remember what else I wrote earlier so yup.. get back to you on that one haha

  20. I have a breeder dog and we do puppy pool contests when she’s pregnant with a litter (as do many other bloggers who have or have raised breeders). It’s always lots of fun, so I think a doggy pool would be a great idea!

  21. Fun – can’t wait to put in my guess. It is so exciting.

  22. Why won’t my comment post?! Ok this is my third try and so I’m already tired of writing it lol. Basically I think it is a great idea and I can’t wait to get to vote! ok there hope this one works lol

  23. A puppy pool sounds awesome! I am always horrible at that and my guesses are way off but it is fun. 😀 You could do dog size like weight or height or something like that. That might be fun.

  24. I love having breed and name intial as a guess! Maybe even what campus you go to, OR or CA?

  25. Ro

    Well, it doesn’t sound like anyone is interested in this contest 😉

    Wow. comments comments hehe! So this is what happens when you spend an evening away from the computer lol! Natalie, I think your comments published, I’ve got comment moderation, so since I wasn’t home, they weren’t appearing right away. That one did get chomped though, that was weird.

    I can’t remember who all said what, but I did want to address the question of class date. As potential handlers, we wait for that class date. GDB says ok you’re in, how’s this for a class date? And we say yay! I think class begins on a Monday, so I think class dates will always be a Monday. Can someone comfirm that before I write the guidelines here?

    Hopefully this afternoon I’ll be able to post the guidelines, and then I think I’ll do the starting post on Friday, and close voting when I wake up Sunday morning. So there will be time for you all to think, look at phase reports etc.

    I like these for options: Class date, sex, color, first initial, breed. I thought about adding height and weight, but haven’t decided yet.

    Breed will be either straight lab or cross of lab and golden retriever. Those are the only breeds, right?

  26. ehhemm my bad. Oh by the way, for the class dates why don’t you contact GDB and ask for all the class dates for the upcoming year and then you can post them and we can just pick from that list.

  27. Ro

    Wow that would be a lot of work lol!! I was planning on just seeing who’s the closest if no one nails the actual date. In the case of a tie, like say 2 people guess black femal lab and there’s 2 different class dates, whoever is closest on the class date would win.

  28. hmm yes, that would be easier lol. look at me making things all complicated. Sorry Ro haha

  29. Ro

    Hey no worries. Suggestions have brought about some of this stuff. So the most comments I’ve ever had is 30, wonder if this will go over hahaha!

  30. I have a suggestion, just send jnoi a scarf! lol

    Not a visitor! Been here for the long haul! *wink*,


  31. Ro

    Haha just making sure I know you’re not a visitor? 😉

  32. Poppy is up for a contest. But, she’s kinda self centered and will be guessing herself (whether or not her personality it right for you). But, she’ll need me to calculate out when we think she will go into class. She is slightly bummed that, by the time she wins the contest, she’ll not be with me and won’t get to enjoy the prize. Maybe I’ll have to give her an extra belly rub to help her get over it.

    How much you limit it depends on how hard you want your brain to work. The more entries you have and the more things they are guessing about will mean your brain will have to work harder! It could get quite complicated!

  33. Ro

    Well tell Poppy that if it turns out the way she wants and she comes home with me, I’ll crochet her a doggy blanket hehe!

    Yeah I’m already wondering about how many entries I’ll have. I’ll get home from school and have to figure out who won lol! I think I’m going to put all the guesses into a document and go through and delete any who didn’t come close and then narrow it down like that. Or, get home from school, post about the dog, and let ya’ll figure it out haha!!

    though, by including class date, we’ll eliminate people right off when I get a date. Hmmm, think I should keep class date in?

  34. There are some full goldens…though they do not come through very often!

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