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Today is what I’m calling officially day one of the Doggy Countdown. I got an email from a blogger saying she misses my 30×30 posts, so I’ve decided to do a Doggy Countdown. I’ll write every day, just expressing my thoughts as we count down this month and a half until I get my dog! I’ll title the posts Doggy Countdown instead of Doggy Diaries, and they will all have the diaries label as well as a countdown label. So, I think it will be pretty cool.

Today is my birthday and so far all I’ve done is get caught up with email and blogs and Facebook wishes lol. L is coming over later so I’ve got some time to finally shower and get some things accomplished. B went to work, but again he’s not feeling all that well, so he’s at the doc right now. Thank goodness for walk in clinics. Hopefully he can get some meds to help him feel better. We’ll be doing Melting Pot at some point soon. My ring has not shipped. It was supposed to arive between the 29th and the 5th. I have contacted the seller, but heard nothing. I’m trying to be patient. The home improvement stuff I ordered is slowly coming in. Yesterday I got my 4 matching couch pillows. I have always wanted matching couch pillows haha! And they are oh so soft and comfy. I’ve also gotten my purple bath mat and green shower curtain. I can’t hang the shower curtain though, because I ordered purple hooks and don’t have them yet. I ordered my prints from L^2’s shop. I’ve so many windows open right now, that I don’t want to open another to do links lol! I linked to her shop a couple posts ago, and at some point, I’ll link to the prints I ordered. So it’ll be fun to slowly redo the bathroom. I also ordered a new blanket for the couch, but that hasn’t shipped yet. It’s a steel blue blanket for the white couch to tie it in with my blue couch, and each couch has 2 cream colored pillows. Georgie’s boyfriend got a kick out of me color coordinating when I can’t see haha!

So that’s where my birthday presents to myself stand. I need to get in touch with the guy selling the braille writer too.

So on to doggy thoughts. I think the shock has worn off a little. I’m still half tempted to call the school, because a little voice in my head keeps saying, you were supposed to get a phone call and you got an email. It’s not real. It’s a practical joke. LOL! My crazy brain.

I instantly wanted to buy things, but everyone on my list said to wait. Things that are safe to buy though are stainless steel dog dishes with non-skid bottoms, and a large Rubbermaid container for food. So I’ll get those. Some people suggested a crate, while others said to wait. One thing I like though, was one of the girls had cats, and she had a crate for her dog so the cats could smell the dog through the bars while they were getting used to the dog. So part of me wants to get one. But, the only two places I could put one are the kitchen and the bedroom, and I spend my time in the living room. So I don’t want to crate the dog in a different room immediately. Maybe if I decide to get one for the bedroom, I can just take my laptop in there and let the cats smell the dog. There’s an idea. What do you think?

I think the beauty of the doing a Doggy Countdown daily will be getting thoughts and suggestions from handlers and raisers. So I’m open to any thoughts or ideas from ya’ll!

One of the coolest things about all this is, Mimi and Cabana are coming to graduation!!! I’m so excited about that! I’m going to have to break my photo anonymity rule I think. I figure if there are pictures emailed to me, I should be able to upload them. It’ll be my turn to try my hand at alt tags 😉

Ok, I’m gonna go eat my daily popcorn and clean up. I’ve been slumming around being pretty lazy this week, just crocheting, so I’m a bit of a slob at the time being 🙂

Oh, it looks like maybe, just maybe, Carin will be home today. That would make a great birthday present too =D


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  1. Great idea! I have missed your daily posts too.

  2. Happy birthday and that’s cool you got a class date.
    I don’t know any guide dog owners here in Ireland who crate their dogs. I used to tether O.J beside his bed at the beginning, but that was really just to reassure myself as he wasn’t much of a chewer and didn’t cause trouble when left alone.

  3. Cool idea, happy birthday!
    1 1/2 months isn’t “to” far away!

    Can’t wait to hear more!

    Toby’s Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  4. L^2

    Happy Birthday Ro!!! Hope you are having a good day.

    I was given a couple of tie downs for Willow by Leader Dog when I was in training and I ended up buying a giant green crate for her when we got home – or, should I say, when I went back to my college house. She used them in the beginning while she was still earning house privileges, but none of those things get used by her now that she’s old and well mannered. I’ve kept them around though for Stella and also since I may end up needing them for the next dog at least in the beginning too. Crates can be handy sometimes, but if you don’t want to spend the money on one (or if, like me, you don’t have a lot of extra space in your apartment to spare for storing the giant box) there are other ways to contain the dog if you absolutely have to.

    If you decide to get one though, having the crate in a different room than you are usually in can be a good thing, actually. Willow’s crate, which is currently used by Stella, is in a corner of my kitchen. It makes a nice, quiet, safe place for her to go hang out when I need her to be calm and out of the way. And since it’s not in the living room where I usually am, she is not bothered so much by activities going on in there. Also, I actually don’t recommend keeping the crate in your bedroom all the time unless you are okay with hearing the dog snore, scratch, shake, lick, kick, etc. while you are all trying to sleep. I know I sleep a lot better since I moved the dogs’ beds out of my bedroom – and not just because of my allergies.

    For food bowls, I recommend getting a bowl stand. In my experience eating, drinking (and digestion) is easier for large breed dogs if the bowls are raised up a bit to their level. Most pet stores/departments carry these things. I think I bought Willow’s a PetSmart and my Brother-in-Law built Stella’s, but I’ve seen them in the pet section at Wal-Mart and places like that too.

  5. Ro

    I think I do want a crate, just so the dog can get some peace from the cats. Who knows if they will try to bother her while we’re all sleeping. I didn’t think about it being noisy in my room. I just didn’t know if I should keep the dog with me at night when we first get home. I think I’ll probably get a crate but I might wait until I meet my dog and its raisers. My uncle had a food bowl stand for his dog, who passed. I wonder if he still has it. That would be neat to pass it on. I know GDB gives tie downs too, and I’ve got plenty of places for that, so that should work just fine. I feel like I’m expecting a baby hahaha!

  6. 1st I do NOT recommend getting a bowl stand. Study after study shows it significantly Increases the risk of the deadly Bloat. Don’t do it. Bloat can kill a dog with lightening speed. What happens is the stomach fills with gas due to quickly expanding food or too much water intake or other gulping action and then torsions (twists) causing no gas to be able to exit or enter the stomach. This is bad, as you can imagine. If the dog does not have emergency surgery he can die pronto. Very dangerous. Large dogs with deep chests (which many labs and goldens have) are at a higher risk for bloat. Just my .02

    As for crates, I personally and my dogs love them. They are a nice place for them to get away from each other and me when they want some quiet time (or I want them out of my hair LOL). But for your cats though one thing I know most people do when they are introducing a new dog is they get a baby gate and put it about 6″ off the floor so that the cat can quickly scoot under the gate but the dog cannot fit under it and the cat can get to the dog off limits room and have a break from the dog and then interact with the dog and get use to the dog as the cat feels comfortable.

    Happy Birthday!

  7. Whew ! Got home in time to wish you a happy birthday!

    HAPPY Birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday sweet Ro o o
    Happy Birthday to you!!!

    Good job…in key and all! lol

    jnoi 🙂

  8. Ro

    Alex wishes he could sing so he could sing your song hehe!! Thanks JayNoi!!

    I think I’ve decided on a crate, but I think I’ll wait until I get my dog. As for the food stand, I’ll see what the school says and stuff.

    I don’t think I’ll ned a gate for the cats to escape, as they are masters of hiding and there are lots of places for them to hide. My main concern is the cats driving the poor dog nuts and the dog not being able to escape. So, that’s why I think the crate might be nice. But then again, I think that’ll be something I’ll need to see how it goes when I get home.

  9. Happy birthday, Ro!! Are you 31 now? If so, don’t forget to change your profile which says you’re a youngster of 30!

    I’d wait on the crate myself (unless you’re definitely not going to have the dog sleep in your room, in which case you probably should get a crate). They’re not cheap and take up a lot of room. Right now, we have a crate but only because our puppy group supplies them for us. When I give it back at our next meeting, I don’t think we’ll be purchasing a replacement. But that’s because Cabana is very trustworthy in the house, keeps a respectful distance from our cat and sleeps in our bedroom. After you meet your dog (!!), you’ll have a better idea of whether you need one.

    If you do decide to get one, though, you might want to check out Craig’s List. People sell them for less than half the cost of a new one all the time.

    One thing I would recomment, especially for your cats’ sanity, is a baby gate. It takes up way less space and can be used in a variety of ways. We have one with a spring-tension thingy so it will fit different doorways, but we never even fasten it. We just kind of lean it on the edges of the doorway. This also enables our cat to slip through the opening but keeps Cabana contained.

    I see stainless dog dishes with rubber bottoms at Ross all the time for like $3 or $5. I think ours still has the price tag of $3.99. (I’m a bargain shopper, if you can’t already tell.)

    I’m SO looking forward to your graduation! I think there will be a lot of Bay area puppy bloggers there to cheer you on!

  10. Happy Birthday! How exciting and agree, this next month and a half will fly by. I had a crate but like L^2 rarely used it – tie down worked great in the initial adjustment time.

  11. Ro I heart you haha. We got a crate for Egypt but Darrell was worried about not getting the right size or something so he gave me money and after he got to school and got her measurements I went out and bought it and had it ready for when she came home. We have it next to the bed though, dog noise doesn’t bother us.. well at least me haha. I’m such a hard sleeper. We also use elevated dog bowls but after hearing that it could possibly cause bloat (we have read it helps prevent it) I might have to contact GDTx just to ask what they recommend. You’ll come home with plenty of stuff to last you until you are able to get out and get more. Plus you have B at home to grab you last minute stuff before you get home if you need right! lol I can’t wait to read more of your countdown! I look forward to you going to school, so excited!

  12. L^2

    That’s interesting. I’ve always been told that elevated food and water dishes for large breed dogs lessens the risk of bloat. And from my own experience I know my dogs had had a lot less burping and gas after they started eating/drinking out of raised bowls. I think this really depends on who you ask though, since bloat can be caused by a variety of factors. *shrugs* As Katrin said, it is a very serious thing so definitely ask at the school and/or your new dog’s vet about this.

    Also, I don’t have cats, but I find that a baby gate can still be very useful too.

  13. Ro

    Natalie, let me know what your school says about the elevated bowls. I’m going to research it too. Though just like with humans, I’m sure there are supporting arguments for both. Coffee is good for you, coffee is bad for you, eat eggs don’t eat eggs. I’m sure elevated dishes have still let a dog get bloat and vice versa, so there might not be a clear answer. I just think Marley and Me and want to do whatever I can to prevent it, though Marley was old in the end.

    I have no idea if I’ll get a crate now haha! I think I’ll definitely wait and talk to my raisers. If my dog needs a break from the cats, I can always separate them in rooms. I’ll only get a gate if the dog won’t leave the litter boxes or food alone. The raisers on my email list are convinced I’ll get a dog raised with cats, so hopefully they’re right and it won’t be an issue. I’m more worried about a cat taking a swipe at my dogs face and getting her eye.

  14. I am still really excited! As far as a crate goes….they can be a life saver! I have a metal grate one that folds up. It is great if I want to take it when we travel. And when I’m not using it I can fold it up and slide it under my bed.
    I keep the crate in my bedroom. They pups don’t bother me when I’m sleeping, but I’m a heavy sleeper. I don’t usually have them sleep in the crate at night, they just sleep loose on their dog bed. Another plus to having it in my room is if I just don’t want to deal with my puppy I can put her in the crate and shut my door. Then I can’t see her and she can’t see me. Gabrina got really fidgety in her crate if I was in the room with her.

    I can’t wait!

  15. Happy birthday! Life home with the girls is WAY busier than my regular work schedule, so I’m behind on blog reading. It sounds like you’ve got some great things coming your way! Don’t be surprised if you get comments on old posts. 🙂

  16. Yup I made it home at night…but didn’t look at the compy. I did bug Steve to wish you a happy birthday though.

  17. Ro

    Awww, which he did. Things already feel back to normal now that you’re commenting haha!

  18. Aww, you’re so sweet.

    And I almost replied to this as if it were from Echo. Damn me.

  19. Ro

    Seriously. I’m wishing I had Echo. I’m seriously considering it. Seriously? I said it twice. Uh oh. I’m seriously not functioning. Seriously.

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