Doggy Diaries – Date night with my boys

B took me to the Melting Pot last night. I was a little nervous about how Jayden would do, I can’t lie. I think no matter how awesome our dogs are, it’s still nervous making in the beginning with new experiences and places.

We haven’t been to a lot of restaurants since we’ve been home. We went to the diner twice and the restaurant the day Georgie and I went shopping. That day, I had taken Georgie’s arm in the restaurant, partly because it was noisy in there, I didn’t know the place, and because I was exhausted at that point. Last night though I wanted to be able to work him. I still have some visual memory of that place, but I was just a tad nervous since Jayden hadn’t been there.

I’m still learning how to work Jayden when out with others. I’ve talked before about not wanting to rely too heavily on the follow command, partly because the lecture cds said not to, and partly because I’m not comfortable with it if I can’t hear who I’m following. So B and I talked a little about how to do it while we were in the car on the way there. I asked him to be on my right and give me directions as needed and in the restaurant to be behind me. As we were walking through the parking lot, my hand brushed his and I took it. I can’t remember the last time we were able to hold hands as we walked anywhere. I mean it had to have ben before I went blind. After that I held his arm. So it was really neat to follow Jayden and be able to hold B’s hand. It’s a little awkward though, as I felt both boys try and guide me lol! Any pointers for holding hands with someone while working a guide dog?

We walked in and B gave our reservation and the manager asked if I needed any special accomodations. I didn’t, but appreciated the question. He went on to tell me that he and his family used to go tour Guide Dogs on vacations to northern California. He was telling me how amazing the training is and he’s like, they have these stages, oh wait, you probably know all about that. We had a good laugh.

They came to take us to our table and Jayden did fine. B was just behind me on the right and told me when to stop. Jayden immediately went under the table. Thank you puppy raisers. I took his handle off and made a long leash, stepping on it near his collar and drapping the other end over my right leg. I ended up just attaching the small loop around my thigh. Jayden didn’t pass out, there was just too much to watch. He positioned himself so he could look out and when the server came up he gave her the eyes lol. She was in love with him.

The Melting Pot is a two hour affair and Jayden did great. He kept putting his head on B’s feet. Those two have bonded as well.

The food was awesome as usual, though it was Hawaiin style and a little different. We got totally stuffed. My stomach was sticking out sooo bad lol.

When we got to the car I praised Jayden a lot and his tail was wagging big time. He knew he did well. When we got home I got out the Cuz to let him blow off steam and boy did he ever. He ended up running all over the house and actually lept over the couch, which B told me about through laughter.

There was a lot of laughing and talking and just enjoying each other, all three of us. It was a great date night after a very rough week.

Nothing much better than being out with my boys!


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  1. SO happy that you had such an enjoyable evening!! Good boy, Jayden. He sounds lie he is doing so well. Yummy, I have always wanted to go to Melting Pot. Funny, I posted about the follow command today. Agree, it is one that we must be careful with.

  2. Aw, glad you had fun! Thought I was going to have a nice night with Taylor and a friend of his and his fiance, but yeah the guys took off to the strip club so she and I stayed home watching “Friends” and chick flix having a few drinks and talking about her plans for the wedding lol.

  3. Ro

    Becky, you gotta do Melting Pot. It’s a two hour affair, so be prepared lol. It’s awesome!! I haven’t read your post yet; I’ll have to check that out.

    Amanda, um, how does a blind guy um, enjoy the strip club?

  4. Well, the strippers from the things I’ve heard let him be um, more hands on with the lap dances. They think for the most of the ones he has been to that being blind is awesome and think he is awesome for coming in. Except for last night one of the strippers called him an A$$ hole for coming to a strip club and not spending the night with his g/f lol

  5. Ro

    Wow, I’m not sure I would be ok with that. Wow. I think you are stronger than I. 😉

  6. Well, I look at this way, and I was a bit nervous since this is the first time this happened since we’ve been dating, he is coming home to me and going out with a friend that wouldn’t let him do something stupid. He even came home woke me up and grabbed my boobs and said “I really appreciate these things, those other girls had nothing on you.” That made feel and know that this wasn’t going to be an issue

  7. The girls at the clubs will definitely still talk to you and try to get cash out of you if you’re blind. Some of them are pretty cool, asking blind questions and stuff. I even got some surprise boobs to the face once which was pretty amusing for everyone.

    I’m glad you had a fun time. You certainly deserve one considering all you’re going through right now.

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