Doggy Diaries – Correction

Yesterday was business as usual. Get on SunVan and go to Saavi to work out. Nothing was different, everything was fine, Jayden had to weave around some people to get me inside, he took me to the restroom like normal.

When we left the restroom and headed to the gym, he began pulling. I told him steady, he still pulled, I got the leash and pulled back, he still pulled. Suddenly I hear, “I’ve got my dog, can I help you?”

Oh great, the assistant director. And her guide dog. I’m telling Jayden no and sit and telling her we’re going to the gym. Jayden isn’t sitting. We’re in the middle of the hall, so I sidestep over to the wall, we weren’t that far from it.


He doesn’t sit. So I leash correct. I haven’t had to do a real leash correction in soooo long. Usually just taking the leash out and a no from me gets him back on track but it wasn’t working. I gave the leash correction but I’ve gotten a lot stronger since back when I had to give them a lot. Either that or it had just been so long since he’d been corrected, that he gagged. I felt horrible. He lay down.

I didn’t say down, I told him. I patted my leg and said sit. He sat. I made him sit there for a bit and then asked if he was focused. I said forward, to the gym. He took me to the end of the hall. Turn around, go to the gym. He took me right to it.

No one was in there and when we got to his spot where the mat usually is, the mat wasn’t out yet. Normally he waits for me to get it, but he went to the spot and lay down. I felt sooooooo horrrible. I had him move so I could get the mat out and then he lay down on it and I knelt down next to him and hugged him. He licked my face.

It had been so long since I’ve had to be firm with him. I forgot how horrible it feels. I told Lisa about it and she said at least it got the point across. I know it’s for both our safety but man, in the moment, it feels awful.

After I worked out, I took his harness off because Lisa really wanted to say hi. Her husband was there too, another client, and eventually two more staff. We all got on the floor and I had him on a long leash. He kept going from person to person and got so excited he started hopping in circles hahaha! Everyone got a big kick out of it. I felt better then, letting him have some fun with others.

He’s such a good boy that he never acts up so bad that he needs a firm correction. I’m so glad I don’t have to do that often. It feels horrible. Hopefully he’ll go back to ignoring the other guide dogs at Saavi.

Ahhh, ok, feel better getting that out hehe. L came over right after we got home, after an hour on the SunVan. Every once in awhile we’re stuck riding that thing forever. We both needed a relieving circle upon arriving home hahaha! Then he got his frozen Kong and I put on coffee just in time for L to arrive. She and I talked for awhile and then I put on the archived Rays game. I had emptied a milk jug that morning and rinsed it out. This one was a gallon jug, and we’ve been playing with half gallon jugs so I was curious to see how he’d handle the bigger one. I threw it against the door where it can bounce off walls and tile and make a racket and he went over and began pushing it around then somehow was able to get it in his mouth and bring it to me. I kept throwing it and making racket haha. He just goes wild. He managed to pretty much destroy it though it took a little longer than the half gallon jug. I constantly feel it for sharp edges, but it just gets smashed with tiny teeth holes all over it. He wore himself out and I threw it away.

We’re going shopping with Georgie today. It’ll be his first big shopping trip. I wonder how he’ll like it. 😉


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  1. Yeah corrections are no fun. How do they teach you to give a collar correction at GDB? Way back when I was learning obedience with a traditional trainer (ie pre-clicker) I was taught the “pop and release”. So you have a properly fitting choke collar that sits up high on the neck near the base of the skull and the ears, and then you take the leash in your hand and you do a quick firm jerk upwards then immediately release it. You were to never drag on the collar nagging the dog, nor pull to the side or backwards only up, and you were to always immeidately release the pressure on the lead after the pop jerk upwards to make sure the dog didn’t choke or gag. Is that how they taught you too?

    Glad that he was behaving better for the rest of your time there and got to have some fun as well.

  2. Darrell has the same issue with Egypt sometimes – never having to correct her and then there is that one time she needs it – he feels terrible. But once she does what she’s supposed to he’ll giver her a jackpot and lots of praise and she’s fine. Don’t worry about it – he’ll love you always no matter what.

  3. Ro

    Katrin yes, that’s how we’re taught. The dogs wear a Martingale collar in a somewhat high position, but not incredibly high. For normal leash corrections it’s the pop and jerk up. When we were doing obedience, if the dog didn’t lay down, we did a pop and jerk down. Then there are the high collar, which I had to do once while at school, walking through the kennels. You move the Martingale up so it’s behind the ears, graps the leash with both hands and pop up high and hard. It’s awful. I’m so glad I only had to do one high collar correction. I really like the Martingales, are you familiar with it? I can’t find them at Petsmart. They have them, but they’re really thick. Jayden’s is slim.

  4. Yes I have martingales for both James and Monty’s collars. I like the Lupine brand ones, they call them a “combo collar” but they are a martingale really.

    They have really fun designs and patterns for their collars. And you can get them at lots of specialty pet stores or on-line.

    Also I have found martingales I like at this website too:

    They are called: chain or web. The chain martingales have a patterned webbing material for the actual part that goes around the dog’s neck then a chain loop to complete the martingale. The web ones have the same type of construction but instead of a chain loop they have on made out of more webbing.

    Both Lupine and Nearly Naked Neckware collars come in varying widths. James wears a 3/4″ wide collar, Monty wears a 1″ wide one.

  5. Ro

    Are they the quick release? Mine is the quick relase and I don’t think I could ever go with a non quick release haha!

  6. The lupine ones are not quick release, but the Nearly Naked Neckware ones are made to order by hand for the custom ones, so I’m pretty sure you could ask her to put a quick release buckle in one you order and she would do it.

    I have never had a quick release maringale on my dogs and I just slide it off and on their head to take it on or off and that works fine.

  7. Ro

    Oh wow I don’t think I could slide it off. GDB told us if the rings touch, it’s too loose. So it fits pretty snuggly. I keep meaning to find out if the GDB site sells the Martingales. They’re website is accessible but when I’ve looked for collars elsewhere, it’s pretty hard to find exactly what I want.

  8. I found this one Ro, by Cetacea pet products and it’s from Amazon which I think is a site that is accessible to you. It is a martingale, nylon I think 3/4″ wide with a quick release buckle.

    That same company, Cetacea Pet Products also makes a quick release martingale with a chain loop that I found on Amazon as well:

    Hope that helps!

  9. It doesn’t look like they carry the collars, but I’m sure grad services could hook ya up.

    Aww it happens. He needed to know that that dog was not for playing with. It’s always so embarrassing when your guide dog goes for another guide dog…even though as long as the person was doing his/her best to handle it, I would laugh if we were on the receiving end of the snarfing.

  10. Ro

    Sweet thanks, I’ll look at that collar. I’m gonna have a doozy of a Diaries post tomorrow. 😉

  11. Jen

    If you had to correct him as much as I have to correct O.J then it wouldn’t be a big deal and you wouldn’t feel so bad 🙂
    O.J just has an ordinary quick-release collar with a chain bit that goes around part of his neck. It means that he just needs a quick small correction with the lead and it doesn’t hurt him because of the chain. I think the sound of it focuses him quicker.
    I’ve always had to be firm with him because he is so big, and the trainer was afraid he’d become too strong for me if I didn’t establish good leash corrections at the beginning.
    Don’t feel bad. Most dogs don’t think like humans, so its not like he was thinking you were a b**ch for correcting him for the rest of the day haha

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