Doggy Diaries – Check mark – Walk a mile

One of the tings I have to be able to do in order to be approved for a guide dog is walk a mile. So when I went to my workout session yesterday, I was able to hit the gym early. Lisa had said to come on back if I’m there early, so I can have time to stretch. I stretched and got on the treadmill. This treadmill is one I haven’t gotten on before and its waaay old school. Its got this wheeel that you use to increase and decrease speed. Its also a small home sized treadmill. There’s a switch for inclines as well.

I was just going to warm up on the treadmill and get my heart rate up a little, but as I walked, I really wanted to see how close I could get to the mile that Dave kept reminding me I needed to acheive. I told Lisa this, and she said we could shoot for it as long as I felt ok. So I managed a 20 mile at a fast walk. I worked up a nice sweat and definitely felt a little burning in chest and legs. Lisa realized that the incline had been set at one, so she documented a 20 minute mile, at 3.1 mpg and an incline at 1. She said thats my baseline. Yikes! I didn’t realize I was setting a baseline. I just wanted to prove to Dave that I could do it! Now I’ll have to work on beating that baseline! Yikes.

After I got off the treadmill, I did some more stretching, and there was a shooting pain on my right lower back. Yep, overdid the walking, in shoes that are good, but not great. We moved on to weights, where I did 2 sets of 10 on most of the machines, while she documented the weight and sets. I did 3 sets of ten on the slanted sit up bench. Man do I feel it today. Everything aches, and I’m feeling muscles burn that I didn’t even know I had. I get to do Wednesdays now too, so I’ll be working out twice a week and then my O&zM lessongs with Dave, which will be a lot of walking. I need to get a good pair of cross trainers, Lisa recommended.

Its sure easy to be motivated when I have a trainer type egging me on, not to mention that she’s a paralympic gold medal winner, but I won’t brag 😉 Not to mention the motivation of meeting the requirments for the dog, feeling great, and buying new clothes in a few months. Ok now my arm hurts…typing is even sore owwwwww!

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