Doggy Diaries – Canine Tantrum

One can almost always count on animals or children to provide material on a slow idea day.

It was a very quiet and relaxed day today in the house of Ro. I realized just how mentally stimulating the weekend had been even though in comparison with most people, it was rather relaxing. Today I just craved quiet and life getting back to normal. I talked with Carol for awhile and did some cleaning. Not feeling well most of the month and then the back injury had led to chores getting a little out of hand.

When B got home, Jayden was very happy to see him. Usually it’s not a big deal, since B is his other person. Maybe Jay noticed the difference today too, just me after a weekend full of the other people he loves, who knows.

B started dinner and I got back on my computer, tweeting and listening to the Lightning game. Jayden kept putting his chin on my leg but when I’d pet him, he’d back away. He was freshly fed and relieved so I thought he wanted attention, but every time his head was on my leg and I’d touch him, he’d back away. What the heck?

I got on the floor with him because sometimes he just wants floor time with me. I pet him and he backed away. I knelt and began a physical, just touching him on his back, belly and hips, ears, tail and feet to see if anything was bothering him. No pain response but his tail wasn’t wagging with vigor either which meant he didn’t want to play. What on earth?

Finally he walked over to the left side of the couch. The big couch, the one that could probably sit four people. He sat and stared at the left side of the couch. I followed the way his head was pointing and discovered the problem.

Spinelli, the smallest of the cats, was curled up there. There was plenty more real estate on the couch but oh no, Spinelli was on the left side, Jay’s favorite side. I picked Spinelli up and Jayden immediately hopped on the couch and curled up for his normal evening nap.

Is my dog spoiled? Sure he is. I don’t like it when I can tell he’s not happy, even over something so silly. I could almost hear him mentally stomping his foot and throwing a tantrum. “How dare that cat be in my spot! Does she know who I am?”


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4 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Canine Tantrum

  1. Bursts out laughing. Oh man, this is too adorable. And so funny. Doggie tantrum indeed. It’s also really amazing how he can show you what’s bothering him.

    Sirena and Tony

  2. My first guide dog was and is like that. If someone, person or furry creature, is in her spot, she will throw a fit by staring them down until her spot is vacated. I loved this story. 🙂

  3. Ro

    Yeah it’s amazing how we’ve learned to communicate. Some of the time it’s guesswork, like when we’re at Gamma’s and he stares at me, usually he wants ice or his chew toy haha. What cracks me up is his neurosis over the couch. Sometimes if I’m sitting on it, not in his spot, he’ll jump right up. Other times it’s like he remembers he used to have to wait for permission so he’ll sit there even though his spot is empty, and wait for me to invite him haha!

    The cats don’t budge when he stares them down. They just don’t care. So I move them haha!

  4. Hehehehe that’s the best. Trix would so do that. I think it’s awesome they’ve learned to show us just what is bugging them.

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