Doggy Diaries – Cab experience

Sorry for typos, got a phone call and now it’s time for Jayden’s play time. 🙂


The cab ride today was a valuable lesson. Gamma thought it was pretty silly of me to get a cab just to run down to the store until I explained to her that it’s not something I would do all the time, and having the freedom to go when I want is more valuable than money to me.

It was awesome because i was able to get ready when I wanted and call the cab to go when I wanted. The cab arrived about ten minutes or so after I called. I had told the dispatcher I’d have a guide dog and was blind, and could she ask the driver to honk when he got here. I’m not sure if she told him any of that, but he didn’t honk. The one time before when I took a cab, the driver honked. So I’m not sure about this one. I was just lucky that I heard a car pull up and idle outside. I stepped and locked the door slowly, thinking maybe he’d call out or something. Nothing. I told Jayden forward and he took us down the path to where people usually wait for us. I called out a hello and heard the guy say yeah. I asked if he was a cab. Yeah. Alrighty then.

I found the back door of the car and cheefully said hello and he didn’t even say anything. I managed to get Jayden in at my feet but it sure wasn’t comfortable for him. The driver offered no ideas or anything. I told him I was just going down the road to the store and this was our first time doing it. He definitely wasn’t very chatty.

The car felt like an old car and sounded like it. He definitely drove like a stereotypical cabbie. Upon arrival I asked where we were in relation to the door and at least he was helpful in that regard. I asked him to wait and he kind of muttered something so I assumed he heard me.

Jayden and I made our way inside and a clerk I hadn’t seen in awhile was happy to see me and happy to see I had come alone. I explained I had taken a cab, that Jayden and I were still working the route, and I asked for assistance.

She called one of the female clerks who is very helpful but also really likes to talk. She asked if I wanted to get the ads and I explained I had a cab waiting so I just wanted to grab what I needed.

I wanted Merlot body lotion. She started explaining all the different types and even after I picked one she recommended another. Finally we moved on to some personal products and again, she was comparing products and prices. Normally I like this kind of shopping but I was in a hurry. We followed her to the register and a little old lady was there telling me how much she admired me and her sister had four seeing eye dogs and she knew the guy that invented the Perkins brailler. Her grandson, I assume he was a grandson, was filling in the holes the lady left out in her conversation. She was really sweet but I was in a hurry. The clerk was ready to ring me up and asked me a question, so the lady and the guy left.

Finally I had purchased my few items, jammed them in my backpack and headed back out to the cab.

He was a little more talkative on the way back when I explained about how hpefully my dog and I would be able to make the walk soon. He checked out the area, finally agreeing with me that yeah, there’s no sidewalk, and I should get someone to show me where the sidewalk picks up. I tried explaining to him that I did indeed have a person just like that, but my dog didn’t like the route.

We got back home and he told me it was twelve bucks. Twelve bucks. Twelve? You don’t understand how close this store is to me haha! So I give him a twenty and ask for a five back. He says he only has three ones. I had nothing else and he made a good show out of counting his loose change. Finally I just said, don’t worry about it. He never even thanked me for the tip. As I was getting out I mentioned the chatty clerk and how I just kept thinking that the meter was running. He said something about the meter not running that fast, especially when you’re waiting. Huh?

I thanked him and went inside. The whole thing from the time I made the call to when I got home was about forty five minutes. And seventeen dollars hahaha!!!

I called Gamma and told her about it and when I mentioned that Jayden didn’t have much room with me in the back seat, she said the company she uses sends a van when she asks for it. I thought she used Yellow Cab, like my blind friend told me he uses. No, she uses the company I had recommended from back in my drunk days. For some reson I had thought she didn’t like them, but she really does.

Sooo, the lessons are:

1. Don’t have the cab wait. You never know when clerks and little old ladies will want to talk to you.

2. Explain how important it is when you call that the driver needs to honk.

3. Have enough different kinds of cash that you can use exact change, if you don’t want to use a card.

4. Request a van if you want plenty of room for your dog.

Am I forgetting anything? Oh, the cabbie made a comment about how much bigger my dog is than most guide dogs and that’s why he doesn’t fit there. Thanks for your opinion.

It was a great experience, and it’s awesome to have that freedom. There’s still more testing to find out what works for me, but it’s definitely an awesome plan b to have in my back pocket.


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3 Responses to Doggy Diaries – Cab experience

  1. Congrats!! That’s great that you tried this!!! You have tried so many new things lately- going to the sobriety meeting, taking a cab, all sorts of stuff. That’s really awesome!! 🙂

  2. Hey. Yeah some cabbies can just be clueless. One time, the dispatcher said “honk for the blind girl” but it was typed, and she accidentally typed “blond girl” So he was looking for a blond! I’m a brunette!

    Sometimes you can ask them to slide the front passenger seat forward if you think there’s not enough room.

    Yeah whenever you have a cab waiting is when people wanna dilly dally chit chat.

    12 bucks? Jeebers.

    Hope you can work out the kinks soon.

  3. Congratulations! I haven’t tried taking a taxi with Ushi yet, or our transport scheme. It is like yours, but you have to book in advance, and they are very fussy about where you wanna go.

    One time I was getting into a taxi when I had the cane. It was a different company than I usually used as they weren’t available, and the organisation that I volunteered with book it. Normally the people come to the door, but this guy didn’t! I too waited tentatively, then went forward. When I got to the car, I asked if they were going to the organisation I volunteered at, and he was like “Yes” and that was all! I was a bit scared to get into the taxi lol. I hate when drivers aren’t talkative, as it makes the journey drag! He did have the guts to get out and help when I arrived at my destination though thank god. Crazy people.

    Congrats again! Xxx.

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