Doggy Diaries – Bumpty bumpty bump

So Jay and I had our lesson with Dave again this morning and we worked the same route that we did on Tuesday. Jay was still hesitant to go down the hill, but it got better. I had to get out the Gentle Leader again but I don’t really think distraction was the issue. He’s just not sure of that route yet. It’s quite confusing with a lot of options that he deems more suitable, but which don’t make sense. We made it down and went to the store and he did pretty good finding all the curbs I need him to find, to help me keep my orientation and also to keep us away from traffic. He got excited once it was a clear path to the door and got me around all the obstacles. We walked in and right back out again lol. On the way back he was a lot more confident, and right at the top of the hill there’s this blind spot for drivers, so I get all excited and tell him to hop up over and over and he gets to charge up the hill lol. I think he really likes that part. When home was in his sights, he took off for it, trying to rub the GL off his head lol. When we got to the door he was all excited, and Dave said his tail was spinning. Yay! I’ve got a helicopter dog hahaha! I don’t know if he just hadn’t done it yet or if this was just the first time a sightie told me. I stood talking with Dave a bit while I celebrated with Jayden.

I was really looking forward to water for both me and Jay and I just had him on leash when we came in the house. I went to set my keys on the counter but I wasn’t quite close enough and when I reached over, I banged my head on the corner of the wall. Ouch. I got a little bump pretty instantly so I iced it. I wonder if there’s a bruise lol. Of course it couldn’t be where hair would cover it. I hit it right above my right temple. Smooth move exlax. Maybe I need to work Jayden in my own home? 😉

Now I’m just waiting for my grocery order to be delivered. I really hope I get my waffles this time. I want them for lunch. Carol might come over but I haven’t heard from her. Kevin might come over but I haven’t heard from him. So, we’re in limbo wondering what the day will bring. Jay has been pretty much zonked out since we got home.

Waffles waffles waffles I want my waffles.

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  1. That’s funny about Jayden’s helicopter tail! When we had Dakota, he would do that too — wag in circles — but only when he was REALLY excited. 🙂

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