Doggy Diaries – Bad momma

I have been such a ginormous scatterbrain this weekend. Yesterday I took a portion of kibble from Jayden’s dinner and put it in a dish like I always do. A few pieces go in the treat pouch for his bedtime snack, and then I soak the rest to stuff in the Kong to freeze overnight.

Well when I went to stuff the Kong last night I took the dish out of the microwave. I don’t heat it, just soadk it in there so the cats can’t get it. I hadn’t added the water, so it wasn’t moist. Oops. Decided I’d make it this morning, so I soaked it overnight.

Got home from Gamma’s, went to reach into the freezer for the Kong and it wasn’t there. Barking spiders! I put the moistened kibble in the Kong and gave it to Jayden. I could just hear him thinking, ‘this isn’t cold…’. Fail!

Man, if my head wasn’t screwed on, I’d lose it. On a positive note, I brought Gamma her favorite pie – strawberry rhubarb. It was sooo gooood and she was sooo happy. 🙂

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  1. How could you? OMG! That is like the end of the world or something lol..don’t worry he will forgive you and at least you did remember to moisten it so he got something….Everyone screws up sometimes..Its ok

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