Doggy Diaries – Application update

I had to apologize to Alex, my computer, for hitting the space key a little too hard when I got set to write an e-mail. Sheesh, it’s not poor Alex’s fault there are slackers in the world.

When last I spoke with GDB, there were two sets of info missing, my therapist, and my rehab teacher from Saavi. I hadn’t heard anything for a couple weeks, so I called again today. My therapist got her information in promptly after she realized, and admitted, that she had forgotten after some problems with her fax machine.

My rehab teacher still has not done it. GDB re-sent the information on November 4. So I called and left her a message, and also e-mailed her. I will be getting Dave’s help if this continues past today.

The admissions lady was really nice. A pretty english accent. She asked how the weather was and was not expecting me to say it’s cold haha. But it is. It was 37 degreess when B left for work. The high will only be 63. It’s often a misconception that we never get cold here lol.

She said Don is in San Rafael for a few weeks, and hopefully they’ll have the paperwork when he is set to return to AZ. So it’s somewhat possible that I could see Don in a few weeks. Who knows, right?

I know there are still some things on the O & M checklist that have not yet been completed, but they are things I won’t be doing very often. I know I have to know how to do them, but I also know that they are not all an absolute must. Dave said one of the biggest things Don will look for is how good I am with knowing where I am, and I’m good at that. So I’m not worried at all if Don shows up in a few weeks. If he says I still need such and such, then great, I know where I am, ya know? I’m excited to meet him, and to do a Juno walk with him. I so enjoyed it with Dave. I bet it’s a blast with Don!

So that’s where I stand. I have a puppy in my sites who’s in phase 8 right now. I know chances are so not likely of me getting her, but it’s so fun to pretend and say she’s mine. Her raiser is doing the same hehe. We’re both in fantasy land. I was like, yeah not likely since she’s in phase 8 and the raiser was like, yeah but sometimes dogs hang out in 10 for awhile waiting for their perfect match. So, in a perfect world, it could happen and I could get a dog who’s raiser I know. It’s so fun to fantasize about it, but don’t worry, I’m keeping my feet firmly planted. I know I’ll go when I’m meant to, and get the dog I’m meant to get.

Future pup, You have no idea I’m thinking about you right now. You have no idea I think about brushing you and romping with you in my entry way, which is gonna be our favorite place to romp. Did you know that last night I was thinking about where your dog bed will go in my room? There is a great place right under the window, out of my way for if I get up in the middle of the night. There’s a heavy oak dresser there for your early tie down. Did you know too, that I’ve already decided where your crate will go if I need one? In the kitchen. Did you know too, that I read about chocolate nyla bbones and can’t wait to give you one?

I wonder what I don’t know about you. I wonder where you are right now. Are you at college? Are you still with your raiser? Are you black? Tan? Girl? Boy? What does your name start with? Who are your parents? When were you born? Does your raiser blog? Or write on the email list? Do you like cats? Do you know how special you are?

Of course you do. Your raisers tell you every day. They are sad but proud if you’re at school, and they are nearing their end with you if you are still with them. But guess what they don’t know? I have a photographer friend, and she’s great at action shots. So guess what your raisers will get from me from time to time? Yep, awesome pictures. And they’ll get to read all about you on my blog.

Oh, future pup, I already love you so much. Is it possible that I’ll love you even more when we meet? Hehe stupid question. I sooo look forward to dog day! Get ready to get tears in your fur, k? But they’ll be happy tears. And get ready to just let me love all over you!!


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  1. That post made me cry. I can’t wait until you get your guide dog, Ro. You guys will be such a great team. I hope you’ll get to know all the things you want to know about your puppy’s background. It’s going to be so exciting!!

  2. Oh, my goodness the end of this post had me in tears. Your future guide is going to be so lucky to get paired with you!! I really hope the saavi lady gets her info in so you can get this whole process really rolling. Good luck, I can’t wait to hear all about your four footed pup.

  3. I’m so jealous right now. Nobody I know is good at action shots. In fact, when I tried to get Huppy’s mom, although there was not a huppy even in the picture yet, to shoot a picture, she epically screwed up. We got a nice video of her damn thumb! Raaarg!

    Just one more piece of info to go and all your preparation will be done. Then you have to see Don…and start the tick tock waiting game. I don’t know which part is harder, getting all the papers in, or patiently waiting. I think I drove Steve positively mental in February of 07 with my “are they gonna call today? How about today? What time is it there now? Doh! It’s not even 9 there! Can’t hope for a call yet can’t hope for a call yet can’t hope for a call yet. It’s 9 there! Pace pace pace pace!” I was not easy to live with. B, hear this, and get ready for it.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself. I’m a puppy raiser, though not for GDB. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved this post. It’s so wonderful to know that dog guide handlers dream about their future dogs just as much as we raisers dream about our puppies’ future handlers!


  5. Hi Randi —

    I’ve enjoyed reading your messages to the Webaim list — and have come here to read your posts several times without leaving a comment.

    This is great news. I remember when my friend, Maria, first got notice of a guide dog and when she went to get it (she asked me to write a recommendation for her) and meeting her guide dog for the first time. I feel honored that I had those opportunities.

    You are such an upbeat person. Reading email messages and blog posts by you always make me smile.

    Thanks for the sunshine,


  6. Ro

    Wow so many comments hehe. Usually they trickle in one at a time so I can comment individually, but not today lol.

    I’m still in a bit of a brain fog, so I’m not even gonna try to remember names. to the new people to comment, thanks for commenting! Its so cool to know who’s reading.

    I’m definitely feeling like this is all about to really take off. I get those gut feelings and most of the time they’re right, so I certainly hope it’s right this time 😉

  7. Ro, I so want you to go to GD School as soon as possible. It would be so awesome if you went at the beginning of the year. I loved your post, it was so sweet and i think it would be the coolest thing if you got your fantasy dog.

  8. Ro

    Maybe we should start doing a pool, everyone guess when I’ll go, male or female, black or tan. Like a baby pool. And then there would be a prize. Maybe I could do a custom crochet blanket for the winner? Hmmm…that would be so fun!

  9. It is so exciting reading about the process of you getting a guide! As a puppy raiser, I know everything about college and prepping to get a puppy to train, not the process of getting a guide. Good luck with getting everything done, I can’t wait to read about your adventures with your dog!

  10. Ro

    Thanks Emily! Never thought about this all being new for the puppy raiser too. Awesome, I so hope my raiser is into blogs. Hopefully this assures you even more that GDB really screens who gets the dogs hehe. Just cuz we’re blind, doesn’t mean we are instantly awarded the right to have the dog who has been so lovingly raised, thats for sure. They checked in with my doctor to make sure I’m healthy and my therapist even. I really feel like I’m trying to adopt a child hehe!

  11. L^2

    Aww… such a sweet post! I’ve been thinking a lot of the same things lately, but you’ve expressed it all so well here. And I know it’s an even bigger deal for you since it’ll be your first. Hope you hear something good soon!

  12. Ro

    Ooh I didn’t think about how we’re kind of on the same journey. Sure, this is my first, but I’m sure you’re feeling a lot of the same emotions, compounded even by retiring Willow. Eek!

    I didn’t hear back from the rehab teacher today. I will hunt her down tomorrow.

  13. This is such an amazing post! You had me in tears! You are the kind of person I dream of my baby girl going to! And I love following your journey, like Emily said..this is all new to me!

  14. Ro

    Oh goodness I never meant to cause so many tears haha. I know they’re good tears though.

    This is really just so amazing. I started this blog because my friend said it would be cool to document the journey, and I never in a million years thought it would turn out the way it has. I never even thought about how it would be for raisers to see it on our end.

    I tell ya, if I add the first letter to the contest, I’ll be secretly hoping its a G 🙂 I wonder if people will guess G now lol!

    Those phase reports sure could help the contestants…better do the contest quickly hehehe!

  15. Awesome post, I can’t wait to “meet” your doggie!
    Wish you would get my dog for a guide, I LOVE pictures!! (but of course Toby is from a totally different school!)
    Toby’s trainer

  16. Ro

    Oh he is? I didn’t even realize that. What school is he from?

  17. Wow, there is going to be a lucky dog and a very lucky raiser when you get your pup! I really hope it is someone into blogging or at least email: what a treat that would be to follow your pup once they are out working! Again I love the doggie diaries!!!

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