Doggy Diaries – Another problem, help

Ok, another issue. There’s a little old lady who walks around with a skiddish little rescue dog. She told me just now that we come up on her really fast and startle her because she’s hard of hearing. She said the school failed to train my dog. I thought about it too late to tell her that he stops when something is front of me, but he can’t stop ten feet back. We were like 5 feet from her while she was at the mail today and she turned and saw us and got scared.

I am on standby for important calls today so I can’t call grad services until tomorrow or next week. I will see what Dave thinks tomorrow too.

Jayden bumped into this lady once, but it’s been awhile. She had dropped a dog biscuit. Aside from walking around singing or whistling, I don’t have any good ideas. I don’t hear her either, obviously, and if I were making noise, I wouldn’t hear her.

This is two days in a row that people have talked badly about my dog.

I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong. What should I do? Suggestions while I’m waiting to talk to GDB?



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  1. I don’t think you should do anything honestly. You and Jayden are doing what you are supposed to do and its not your fault she has hearing issues. Like I said on FB, if she has an issue with hearing, she should look into getting a service dog for it.

    I don’t mean to sound too harsh on the lady here but how are you supposed to know she is there? On her side, how is she supposed to know you are there? I’m sure there will be many times when you meet each other and you will probably wind up startling each other. However you found a way to overcome your “quote” issues. She should do the same.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, my name is Lisa and I stumbled upon your blog a bit ago. I have a service dog and my advice is: it’s not your problem what people think. People are occasionally going to say the wrong thing about your dog, maybe you can correct them in them moment but if not you have to let it go. You know your dog is trained and that’s all that matters. 🙂

  3. L^2

    I guess if you really wanted to make this lady more comfortable around Jayden, you could try to have a little meet and greet with her to let her visit with Jayden while you explain his training and such. But I really don’t think that’s necessary and it could confuse Jayden. I agree with Natalie – it’s not your problem that this lady can’t hear you. Jayden is trained to avoid obstacles in your path, including her, so he’ll get you past one another safely.

  4. Ro

    Thanks guys. It’s a resounding *not your fault* here and on FB, so I’m feeling better about it. I guess the hard part is that she’s elderly, and I’ve always been respectful of my elders. I think about my Gamma and what it would be like for her. But, my Gamma wouldn’t put the blame on another so…yeah.

    Lisa, welcome to the Roof! Glad you commented! 🙂

  5. I think that the rescue dog isn’t the only one who is skittish. That’s pretty ballsy of her to say that “the school failed to train your dog”! Maybe you could kindly suggest that she get a hearing aid?! Seems like that might solve a bunch of problems.

  6. Yeah. I mean, she’s the one standing still. When she’s standing still, and she knows you come around, she can try and look around every so often. It’s the same thing we do when we’re in an area where we know a dog is, or a person is who poocho loves, or whatever.

    Plus, she has a little woofster with her, who isn’t trained not to be dog distracted. Listen to your woofster. When woofster starts looking around, take a little boo. Woofster is probably telling her something, in its own way.

    Arg some people. And it always happens when we’re dealing with enough stuff.

  7. You wouldn’t believe how many people do that. They don’t want to blame the blink or the dog for what just happen, so blame the school. After all, they think they can’t defend themselves.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Lass, it has been awhile. The problem lies with the lady, not with you. You are well equipped for your environment, she is not. Possibly a Hearing Ear Service Dog would benefit her. Make sure that you are protected by hooking up with Dave and the GDB bunch. You are strong, so don’t get rattled.


  9. Ro

    Thanks so much everyone, for helping me make sure Jayden is doing his job. I don’t think we covered this sort of thing at school haha.

    Good to see ya Martin! It has been awhile. I miss ya’ll, but it just seems like life will never calm down enough to handle all that email again. 😉

  10. We gotta figure out filters. But it is a lot of email. I always hate looking at my mail unfiltered because it’s always dominated by poochmail!

    Na, ya hardly get any of the dirty stuff in class. That comes later in fits and starts. Plus, they’d have to have a full class on how to deal with the many and varied wackaloons that inhabit this blue planet with us.

  11. I’m not a dog handler, but I feel pretty safe agreeing with everybody else here. This one’s not your probem at all. There’s no reason why she can’t look around. That’s what she’s got eyes for, unlike you or Carin or most of the rest of the guide dog set who simply have them for decoration. There are all kinds of clues she can use to figure out that you might be there, and besides, it’s not like your dog is going to attack her dog even if they get close, and you’re not going to football tackle the poor woman either.

  12. Well what I would say would just be redundant so a resounding “DITTO” from me. ::grins::

    Erin & Guide Pup Pompei

  13. Ro

    Haha Carin I’d need filters for the filters. It wold still be too much to sift through it all to get to stuff. While I miss it, every time I think about going back my spoons start playing themselves on my knees to the tune of no no *no* no no*no* no *no* no *no no no* hahahahah!

  14. Anonymous

    I know what you mean, Ro. As I read this post and all of the comments, it’s made me realize how thick my skin has gotten in the almost 6 years that I found out that I am going blind.

    I remember during cane training, my mobility teacher taught me, when standing on a corner waiting for the light to change, to line the cane up with the gutter and push it way out to my left. I was extremely concerned that an elderly person wouldn’t see it and trip over it. She abruptly told me that was not my problem. My job in life was now to get around safely. That was very hard to take, as I have always been so respectful of elders, too.

    Now, Jayden is doing a wonderful job. the exact job he was trained to do – contrary to what you were told this morning, and you are an awesome handler. These interesting experiences you are having are indeed trying and will continue. All of them added together is what make us professionals. Aren’t we lucky?


  15. Then obey the spoons. I also collapse messages into threads so that helps, but yup, there’s a lot of mail…and being informed of every message that comes in would create it’s own symphony of ug.

  16. Ro

    I don’t have the same sound you heard on that one recording hehe. It’s a much softer and peaceful sound.

  17. I agree with everyone else that it isn’t your problem, but if you wanted you could consider putting a cow bell type bell on Jayden’s collar so that she could hear him coming hopefully. Hunting dog stores sell them often as many people put them on their pointing dogs when they hunt since the range so far and they sometimes need a way to hear where they are in the field. The store I often use to find stuff like this is

  18. Ro

    I thought about a bell. If I did anything like that, it would only be around here, not “out there”. Not sure I want such a masking noise though. If it’s loud enough for her to hear, it’ll be loud enough to mask noise for me, which would not be good.

    A cowbell though, Rays fans ring cowbells at the ball park hehehe!

  19. You’re the expert, so I would defer to you, but I would be afraid of putting a cow bell-like thing on Jayden when she’s in the city because of what it would do to attract other dogs. I mean, people worry about it with tags. Imagine a bell?

  20. I know what you can do! Blow a vuvuzela! *big grin*!

  21. Ro

    I needed that laugh hehe. Buzzing thing.

  22. yeah Carin is right, I have heard of that too, had forgotten that a bell could cause other dogs to see your dog as something to attack. I could never put a bell on my dog since the noise would drive me up a wall, heck I can’t even stand putting tags on their collars because of the jingle.

  23. You’d definitely be heard for miles! Hahahahahaha!

  24. “I know what you can do! Blow a vuvuzela!”

    That would be great until somebody decided it was time to dish out the richly deserved beating lol.

  25. I still vote for those squeaker shoes they make for toddlers… Ha!

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