Doggy Diaries – A gym, a mat and a Cuz oh my!

Oh I love my Saturday mornings when I get to catch up on my blog haha! Flooding much? Just knocking all this out before the fog sets in. I really am at my best before noon.

So anyway, Tuesday morning Dave and I set off to the university to check out the route to the gym where Goalball will be. I will have to let Jayden tell you about the route from the car where we had to park. I won’t tell him he’ll probably never see that route again except for the next and last time we go to learn the route to the gym. My ride won’t have to park and therefor we won’t have to walk that part again. He had waaaaay too much fun haha!

We couldn’t practice where I’ll need to walk from where I’ll get dropped off because they were working on the pavement so we had to go around in a way we’ll never have to go. It was only 8am but it was already hot, and since there’s grass on campus, it was really humid since it’s been so rainy this week. I had to use a restroom that’s off an outside wall and it was like a sauna in there. By the time we got to the gym, it felt so nice. Dave showed me where the water fountain is, and the long bench where people put their dogs on tie down during practice. I got on my hands and knees to feel where the tie down spot is and instantly knew I’d have to crochet Jayden a mat to lay on.

Now I know that since the beginning of time, dogs have laid on hard surfaces. But he’s my dog and I’ll spoil him if I want to haha! I remembered L^2 writing about crocheting a guide dog’s resting mat, and decided I’d try it.

I modified it a bit, since she uses an ‘M” hook I think, and I don’t have one that large. I think I’m using an “H” size, though I can’t remember. It’s the biggest one I have.

I had some yarn for a blanket I never made. It’s solid white, and a variegated with bright magenta and pinks and blues. Very very bright. Since you work with two strands of yarn, I figured it would work nicely. I also modified the starting row. I chained however many I thought I’d need and I made it pretty wide, oops. Instead of using the two strands for the foundation, I just did one row of the half double crochet in the solid white. I then started using the two strands. When it’s done, I’ll add a row of white half double crochet to the other three edges, and then slip stitch around the whole thing with the variegated.

It’s coming out rather thick, which will be comfortable for Jayden. I had to set aside the doggy pool projects to get this done by next month. It was really slow going to start, since I’ve never worked with two strands of yarn, and I’ve never used a half double crochet stitch, which requires you pulling yarn through three loops at once. It creates a short fat stitch, so it doesn’t work as fast as a double crochet, plus I’m working in every stitch. I’ve been pretty much working on it straight this whole week, since pretty much all I’ve been able to manage in the afternoons is crocheting to a movie or a game.

So, long story short, Jayden will have a comfy mat to lay on during practice.

Yesterday, Dave took us back to Petsmart. I told him I had a lame request in going there with him even though I can get there independently, but really what else were we gonna do? We’ve been stuck indoors on Fridays because of the weather and I needed dog food. I haven’t been so good at planning to get it delivered haha. I also wanted to finally find a Cuz toy for Jayden and I needed a backup Kong and tug rope. The tug rope Mimi gave him is about to meet it’s demise and Jayden just loves it so I knew I needed another.

On the way there, Dave explained to me that by getting a ride with him doesn’t mean I’m not independent. He said whatever means we use to get things done gives us independence, if that makes sense. Just because I might go with a sightie doesn’t mean I’m not doing things on my own. Basically I just used him as transportation. So that helped me feel a little better about asking to use a lesson for that. I just cringe at the thought of having to wait on paratransit for a twenty minute shopping trip, especially with my energy levels this week.

So we went to Petsmart and couldn’t find the Cuz. I finally asked an associate and she found them. They are called Good Cuz and Bad Cuz now lol. I got the bad cuz with the horns but really the horns don’t last long. Now I know guide dogs aren’t supposed to have balls and these are shaped like a ball. But they’ve also got feet so when you toss it, it goes every which way. It also squeaks and he’s not supposed to have a squeaker, but it doesn’t have a squeaker he can get. It’s the kind with the hole that lets air out all funny. I’m only doing supervised play with it and so far the horns were the only thing to show evidence of wear. The horns are just little pieces of rubber that he bit off and left on the carpet.

Anyway, he looooooooooves it!!!! Holy crap. I would toss it and he’d run after it and then run around the house with it, while it squeaked with every gallop. The thing sounds like he’s murdering a seal hahahaha!!

He loves to play keep away with me but then he’ll let me have it so I’ll toss it. Then he’ll take it into the corner and squeak it hahaha!!! It cracks me up, until I’ve had enough of the squeaking and put it away. We’ve only had two play sessions with it. I showed B last night and while he said the squeaking didn’t bother him, I still would rather play with it when Jayden and I are alone.

It’s most certainly a hit, though. I can’t wait to get it out today. I’m able to manage short burst of energy, so luckily Jayden gets the benefit of it.

Other than that, it’s life as normal. Workouts and stuff, did laundry on Thursday. Met a lady in the laundry who has a sister who is blind, so we talked a lot. She also gave me her number in case I need anything. Really nice lady.

I’ll end here and then let Jayden tell you about Tuesday morning. 🙂

Oh, I should say that Jayden did great in Petsmart with the dog distractions, even when twelve dogs peered at him through the window into the classroom haha! Dave said it was really cute.


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7 Responses to Doggy Diaries – A gym, a mat and a Cuz oh my!

  1. Hahahahaah murdering a seal! I love it! Trix is funny with her cuzz. She wants it, but as soon as it squeaks, she doesn’t. Silly girl. I figured it was the safest squeaker ball ever, since a. it doesn’t quite look like a ball, and b. a chick who runs a dog daycare uses these suckas with no bad effects. When I got a cuzz, there was no bad cuzz. That’s funny. Hehehehe bad cuzz.

    I’m sooo excited to hear about what Jayden’s morning trip to the gym was like!

    I’m also curious as to how closely the dogs are placed on tie-down outside practice. Or is it in the same room? That is so cool they have a zone for them. Shweet.

    Jayden, you are one lucky boy. Ya hear? One lucky boy!

  2. Oh, really they told you they couldn’t have balls? I got my cuz when I was in class on our trip to PetsMart and an instructor actually picked it out for me. They told me its a really sturdy ball and that she allows her CC’ed dogs to have them. Leah doesn’t much play with hers anymore since she has other things that squeak, but with all things that squeak I always allow them to be played with in a monitored situation. Glad your boy likes his cuz, Leah has the good cuz, because I was worried about the horns lol.

  3. I better not let Cricket take a peek at this guide dog’s resting mat. How fancy and soft. I use my old yoga mat that I have cut about 3/4 the size. It works great for places where I exercise. She knows that is ‘her’ place to rest and cheer me on.

  4. Ro

    Oh yeah, Amanda, I remember you saying that in a previous discussion about the Cuz. I just remember them saying no tennis balls and such. Jayden is mesmerized by the goalball though lol.

    Carin, the bench is right in the gym with us. It’s just a huge open gym so the bench is right along the sidelines. It’ll be interesting, for sure.

    Becky, the mat comes out just a tad thicker than a yoga mat. I’m sure the yoga mat is quite comfy. Jayden gets a mat at the gym where I work out that’s actually an exercise mat and he loves it!

  5. Jayden has to tell us what he thinks of Goalball.

  6. Trixie is hilarious with toy tossing. One of us will chuck it and she’ll get all excited…for about 7 seconds.

    “Oh boy! Somebody just threw me a toy!…Who cares? I’ll pretend I’ve lost it and wander around like a moron now until one of you kind folks finds it and delivers it to me. Oh, you’re blind and having trouble finding it? Would it be helpful if I had myself a lie down while you looked? No? Ok, I’ll have a lie down then.”

  7. You forgot a part of the spectacular fetch fail. It goes a little something like this. “You’re looking around for something? I don’t know what it is. It can’t be that toy in the middle of the floor. Hmmm. you’re going near this couch? I can sniff under there too! Or maybe you want to check out this over here! Oh, no no no, I’m not looking for the toy, not at all! I just make you think I am.”

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