Doggy Countdown –

I was really conflicted about writing a post now, or waiting until later when I might have more energy or something to say. But I won’t relax until today’s post is up, so I’m just writing a quick one. I sure hope the rain San Rafael doesn’t do this to me the whole three weeks, but I talked to Carol and we talked about how it’s really the constant pressure change of weather here. So hopefully I’ll adjust to the weather and be just fine at school. I’m pretty sure I will. I can feel the pressure change here in my ears, because it changes so much. I might be down for the first day after I get there, but I’ll snap back quickly. Plus the motivation will be even greater, and like Carol said, endorphins are a huge pain reliever/energy booster.

13 days!


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  1. 9 a.m, 1 p.m, and 2 p.m Now get some rest!
    Three posts in one day? Your body needs rest!
    Hmmph! I’m wondering if you’re of the stubborn type, like me, when I get a cold, my mind says, “You can do the laundry,cleaning vacuuming!” but my body makes me well aware that I’m not up to the task. We need to listen to our bodies, if we don’t, the rest of us isn’t gonna work for us.

    Take care of yourself Ro,

  2. Puppy kisses do a good job of relieving pain too! (Just don’t read the interview I just gave to a raiser doing a project on puppy raising – we discussed one broken foot, a broken nose, a dislocated jaw and a great case of tendonitis all puppy related!)

    If there are any spoons on the floor, Insert will gladly pick it up and give it to you 😉

  3. Thanks so much ro for posting that. You are an angel!!!!! I totally understand now. Before i just guessed, but now i totally know what is up.

    I like your voice by the way in the Allex clip!!!! I wanna try out a mac now!!!

    Take care, and let’s hope you don’t have any more bad spoon days!!!!

  4. Ro

    Thanks everyone! I had left this window up to remind me I had comments published. My brain was so foggy this week.

    Torre, my pleasure. I’m glad you needed the html version, because now I have it, as I’m sure others will need it too 🙂

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