Doggy Countdown – Whatever comes to me

I am exhausted haha. I can’t believe how busy this week has been. It’s not like I did a ton, but definitely more than usual. Just getting back into the swing of things after the holidays I think is making me tired. Having chosen to write a post every day until I go to school, I’m always thinking about when I’ll have time to blog, which has actually been harder than you’d think, to find time. Right now I’m waiting for L to come pick up the old tv, which will be nice to have that out of my way. But she said she’d be here around 3 and it’s now after 3 and I haven’t heard from her. Thought I might as well start writing now in case I get a last minute ride to a meeting like yesterday.

Anyway, wanted to mention the fake service dog. I don’t remember what day it was now. Lish texted me asking if all service dogs have some kind of identification. I told her yes, and she said there was a liar liar at Taco Bell. Apparently someone had a dog in there, telling Taco Bell it was a service dog. I told Lish she ought to say something to the employees, because they just said ok and let the dog in. I guess it was whining and begging for food. Then, I went to the meeting, and someone had a dog in there. We used to have a sign that said only service dogs allowed, but it got lost. So Kevin, knowing my issue, told the leader. She didn’t know what to do and I said I’d announce it, but others heard and told the girl she had to leave. I guess she had a little dog in her freakin purse. She said she had been there before, and that’s what happens when rules aren’t enforced. Some people sounded like they didn’t like it, so when I got called on to share, I worked it in, why we can only have service dogs. Explaining that service dogs are trained, and the handler has legal rights, and non trained dogs can distract the service dog, etc. After the meeting, some guy actually admitted to me that he pets guide dogs, knowing he shouldn’t. I told him don’t. He said he only does it when they’re sitting. I told him don’t. I don’t even have my dog yet and I’m running into silly sighties already.

During the middle of my writing that, L came with some really nice people who took the old tv. The guy was really nice, asking if he could move the chair, then once they had taken the tv out, I heard him ask L to put the chair back so I’d know where it was. Ah, good sightie, good sightie haha! My sensory issues kicked in a little and as soon as they left I jumped in the shower and got dressed before finishing this up. Kevin called and I’m going to the meeting in a bit.

I guess my postal service and FedEx rant will have to wait.

I did escalators with Dave today. I was his first student ever to do up and down in the same day. I wanted to make sure to get those in before I go to school. When he showed me tricks, they were a cinch!

Got my dog bowls and they were the wrong ones. I’ll write about those tomorrow too. Oh, but got my L^2 prints and Carol was here and she said they’re lovely. That will get it’s own post tomorrow.

Tomorrow won’t be a crazy day, at least I hope not. I’m freakin exhausted haha!

39 days? 38? Herm.


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  1. Sounds like quite the day. And good on you for starting the education before you get home with pupster. Gotta train the humans too!

    It’s 39 if you include today, 38 if not.

    Hope your weekend is restful.

  2. Yeah people with fake service dogs drive me nuts. But so you know service dogs do NOT need any kind of ID. The only legal questions you can be asked are “Are you disabled?” and “What are your dog’s tasks?” Your dog does not have to have a harness, cape, ID tag, nothing as long as you can legally answer those 2 questions and your dog is not misbehaving (that can always get you asked to leave, legal service dog or not, as it should!). For example I have been really forgetful in the past and forgotten James’ harness at home or somewhere but needed him to help me get around a store, so since he has been taught to leash guide and do other things for me on lead, I take him with me and he still helps me. If I get questioned I explain my rights as a disabled person partnered with a service dog and life goes on. Now mind you if your dog is not vested or in harness you will more than likely get stopped and questioned, so don’t get upset when it happens, I actually see that as a good thing as the business is trying to be conciencious and with the law and make sure only trained legal service dogs are in the place.

  3. L^2

    Well, Katrin said what I was going to say about service dogs and ID, and she said it a lot better than I would have too. LOL It is good that you’re already educating people on this stuff though, because it really sucks when someone takes advantage of the service dog label to bring their ill-mannered pet dog into public places, just for the fun of it.

    Also, Yay! Glad you got your photos. 🙂

  4. Ro

    I’m going to write a note on Facebook about this, thank you for such great info!!

  5. One phase I remember is “It’s not the gear that makes the guide, it’s the training.”

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