Doggy Countdown – What a send off!

Oh man, where do I start? Yesterday was so crazy emotionally. Off and on the water works would start, and I sobbed a bit last night when B was doing a load of laundry because when he left the apartment, Timmy howled like I’ve never heard him howl. The cats definitely know something is up. Smart cats. As I was winding down to go to bed, I got an email from Carin telling me she and Steve had a surprise, and to watch the blog this weekend. Sweet! So I kept thinking about what it could be, thinking maybe a short audio clip or something.

I was putting off going to bed because I was pretty sure that Spinelli would make me cry during our nightly ritual, because lately going to bed is when my head starts going. But nothing good was on tv, so I checked the HBO channels and came across stand up comedy. It turned out to be Wanda Sikes, Sykes? Hmmm. Anyway, she had me rolling. Very funny. Very vulgar and very very funny. That helped lighten my mood, though comedy isn’t something that helps me get sleepy. When she was over I put on Investigation Discovery again and fell asleep pretty quick. I slept like a freakin log. Wow.

I woke up this morning with an emotional hangover. Actually quite similar to an alcohol induced one. Years ago I actually tried researching the two to find out why they are so similar. I don’t remember if I found anything out. I think it’s got to do with dehydration though haha! I cried out all my damn fluid.

Oh wait, I gotta back up. Last night I just had a flood of comments and emails and then I posted to my list about how I was feeling and got even more great responses. A huge part of all the emotion was just being so incredibly full of gratitude for where I am today and all the amazing people I now know. So to read all these words from everyone was just so overwhelming. It was easy to see just how far I’ve come in just under two years, but I also seemed to have relived the last almost two years in only twelve hours haha! So geez, no wonder I was all over the place. also, Lish had come over so I could show her all the cat stuff, and I had sent her a warning that I was all emotional. So she stayed awhile and we talked a lot that was emotional because she was with me from day one. She came to the hospital the night I went blind, and she was there for the early stages where I was not handling things. During our talking, Kevin called and when I answered the phone I hear a child’s voice. It was Kevin’s son, who came swimming a lot last summer. He lives in Pennsylvania, and Kevin was able to get there to see him. When his son found out I’m getting a dog, he asked if he could call. He’s so shy on the phone, it’s so cute! He’s like, do you know your dog’s name? I explained I’ll get my dog on Wednesday. He’s like, oh. Haha! He’s only eight, and in person he’s a jabber jaws but on the phone he’s really shy. It was so cool to talk to him! Kevin then got on the phone, and he’ll be driving back home in about a week, so he’ll be here when I get home with Insert! Yay!

So anyway, I get up today all deep sleep stoned and go into my email. I drowsily read a few and then there’s a message from Carin with a link to the surprise.

I was right, it’s audio! I’ve had maybe two sips of coffee and so I’m still pretty out of it and nursing a bad headache from all the crying so I didn’t quite comprehend when Alex read Carin’s words. She said she and Steve were going audio and it was long, 73 minutes. Well, Alex says seven three, not seventy three, so in my non caffienated mind, I thought seven minutes. So I’m downloading and it’s not playing so I go and check and there’s still two minutes left. That was my first indication. Alex downloads stuff fast, so this was gonna be a whopper.

Hindsight: When something has two minutes left to download, go pee.

So the file starts playing iTunes since that’s my default player in downloads. Wow! That’s Steve! And he sounds like a radio type person! And holy crap that’s Carin giggling! Wow! Sweet! So I’m like, cool I can settle back with my coffee, still not comprehending that this is over an hour of audio.

They talk about a bunch of different stuff and play off each other, one of their comments spawning a whole new diatribe. I’m amazed they were able to get back to their original line of thought. It actually really reminds me of my conversations with Carol.

They were hinting at the real reason for the audio which I knew of course was me, but they cracked jokes and talked about techie stuff and all kinds of stuff. By now my bladder is starting to skwock. Ok wow I don’t know why I just pictured a 1930’s mafia guy type voice. Ok so my bladder is a 1930’s mafia guy saying, hey. Hey you. I’m getting full over here. Oh crap, don’t laugh, no, don’t do that! Pause those people and empty me.

So I go to iTunes to pause and the only option is stop. Crap. I needed to save the file, not just play it. Hmmm. Ok I’ll hold it. Drink more coffee. Stupid! Laughing, mafia guy going stop stop! Spinelli jumps from the top of the couch and lands right on mafia guy bladder. I’m sure mafia guy is now screaming expletives. I consider unplugging everything from the laptop and carrying it to the bathroom. B is sleeping so I’m using headphones. I could put the laptop on the toilet tank…yeah. But what a pain.

Yes, I’m thinking all this as I’m listening to Carin and Steve. They won’t be offended if I admit there were parts of that where my mind wandered.

Maybe that’s why the recording didn’t make me cry, because I had to pee so bad, I don’t know haha!!! Or maybe I cried it all out yesterday.

There were several times where they got really sweet, and then Carin said she wants to give me an award and Steve said yeah it could be the person who doesn’t totally suck award or something and Carin pitched a fit hahaha! Steve did point out though, that most of the things they write about are people who kinda suck. So I got his meaning. But they named it something else which I still can’t remember even though Steve just said it in a comment.

Anyway, it really was awesome to be able to hear two of the people I’ve gotten really close with, wishing me a good trip and expressing their excitement and talking about all the things I’ve accomplished. And to hear all that with actual human voices was incredible!

I had to laugh, because at one point their talking about my readers, and how my readers probably wonder why in the heck these two are my friends haha! Like, what does she see in them? As soon as they said that I knew I had to write that here. Because I’ve often wondered that myself, if my readers think that, since a lot of times I even put a disclaimer before linking to Vomit Comet lol!!

I mean, my blog is all doggy diaries and doggy countdown and soon doggy school, and silly girl and spoons and man o mine and techie tips. I know I’m pretty G rated here, but that’s just because that’s the tone I wanted for this blog, and I’m pretty G rated when I’m being respectful, like in public.

But in all honesty, I can be very vulgar and sarcastic and I really do have a sailor mouth lol! I keep it all clean here especially since I know I have some young readers.

So now that I’ve said all that, I think it’s safe to link to the post with this audio file in it. But here comes the disclaimer. I give this post an R rating for swearing and sexual themes. Hahaha!!! But it’s great. So if you’ve got an hour and thirteen minutes, go check it out. It’s like our very own little comedic non-podcast. Well worth it if you’re prepared haha!!!

Oh I almost forgot the link lol!! Here it is.

So yeah. This was a fantastic way to start my day, and there’s no other mood to be in but good after hearing two of the people I care so much about. I might just have to text Carin and tell her to call me.

In other news. I’m pretty much ready to go. I have one small load of laundry which I can’t decide if I’m doing today or tomorrow. Then just throw in the odds and ends I’ll use before the trip. I’m pretty fast at the video stuff, so that’s ready to go.

Technically there would be this and one other Doggy Countdown post, because I was counting down to going to school, but really I’ll be counting down until Wednesday when I actually get Insert. So…I haven’t decided if I’ll do doggy countdowns on Monday and Tuesday too, or just start the Doggy School posts.

B had to go into work today to wrap stuff up before his trip starts. He doesn’t have to work on Saturdays often, but it sucks when he does.

So I’m just gonna do whatever today. So far I’m just in a good mood, no tears yet. We’ll see if that lasts!

Meep meep, how was that for a long post?

2 days!!!!


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9 Responses to Doggy Countdown – What a send off!

  1. Nope, not offended at all. Hell, there were parts where my mind was wandering and I recorded the damn thing lol.

    Glad you had fun with that, so did we, and amazingly a couple other people who made it through the whole thing said they liked it too. You just never know what folks will enjoy.

    Glad to hear I sound like a radio guy. I used to be one at a small station here.

    Description of the bladder…hilarious!

    And yes, I can confirm the different side of you. If people saw some of the stuff you post in our comments I’m sure they’d soil themselves hahahahaha.

  2. Ro

    Hahaha so true. I’m myself on this blog, but definitely a much more tame version haha!!

    I used to listen to a lot of talk radio, and when you started that thing, it sounded just like the start of a broadcast, with a major word fumble right in the beginning haha!!

    I wish those people who had listened have commented. But you must be getting emails about it.

  3. Yup, some emails came. Some people just aren’t commenters for whatever reason. As long as people had fun with it that’s the important thing.

  4. Hey Ro, I went to GDB graduation today and kept thinking about you. Your turn next!!

  5. Ro

    Awesome! Are you still coming in three weeks?

  6. I love your bladder description. I’m gonna think that the next time I have to pee.

    I’m so happy you enjoyed it. My mind was wandering at times too, and I was thinking “there’s no way anybody’s going to give a care. I thought hmmm I wonder if she’ll dare tell her readers about this. Then I thought hmmm she will, but she’ll warn them. I guess I know you too well hahahaah.

    Honestly guys, we’re not evil. Hahhha.

    I’m so glad you got to talk to Kevin and everybody. Have you had a chance to say goodbye to Georgie? I can’t remember. It’s all crazy.

  7. Ro

    Eh it might be in our heads that we think my readers don’t like your blog haha!! I might not be the only one who keeps my vulgar side under wraps on the blog 😉

    I haven’t talked to Georgie yet. I’m gonna try and call her tomorrow. I talked to L briefly today, but I’m gonna try and call her too.

  8. To your graduation? Of COURSE I’m coming!! I wouldn’t miss it. I’m glad you said your hair is black and straight so I’ll have something to recognize you by. No, I didn’t get to meet Gabrina. I saw her on stage, but I missed her after the ceremony.

  9. Ro

    Sweet! I’ll be wearing a green wrap dress with a black cardigan and black flats. I might have this poncho thing too if it’s cold hehe! Can’t wait to meet you!

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