Doggy Countdown – Uh…er….no title?

I got nothin lol. I was gonna try and write a blog about how Ro is not a normal woman and she’s about to embark on an adventure at GDB school of, of, something. I was gonna try and make it like Harry Potter hahaha! I finished up the 5th book again this morning and I was thinking how GDB will be like going to Hogwarts. All magical and stuff, with “my people”. But I just couldn’t get any good ideas, so I ixnayed it.

So I’m just gonna write. I went to Gamma’s today and she had an extra one of those new F’breeze votive candle thingies. The flameless thing with those screen deals that smell pretty. I’ve wanted one of those since before Christmas but when L and I looked they didn’t have any holiday scents so I didn’t get one. But Gamma did and it smells really nice. She had gotten another one in case the first one died, but I told her she should just be able to pop a new battery in it. She didn’t realize this, so she gave me the new one. Gamma is so good to me! I have it in my bathroom where I usually burn candles in the sink, but I’m out of candles. It smells so nice. Tomorrow at Target I’ll get some more of the screen thingies.

So in 3 weeks it’ll be Valentine’s Day and I’ll be about to get on a jet plane the next day. Wow. Time freakin flies.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get everything I need. Then I need to wash the Vittles Vault. Hopefully I’ll have the iPod soon so I can practice and get video of the cats and B to bring with me.

I gotta call the airline and pick my seat. Why do they do this now? I didn’t know I had to do this, until I called the airline to ask about the laptop and she told me I had to do that. I didn’t know if the school did that so I asked but they didn’t so I have to do that. I have to call and pick a seat. Alrighty then. Hopefully I get someone on the phone who’s easier to understand than the last one. I know I want an aisle seat. But beyond that, do I care? Should I pick one back by the bathroom? But you get more turbulance there. I don’t know.

So now we’re just home and football is one. Two more weeks. Until what, you ask? Until football is over. Yay! Then I go to school and get back and baseball will start in less than a month. Though I think I get spring training games on my Gameday audio.

In a month I’ll be showing my dog routes, wow! In a month we’ll be chillin in my complex. In a month we’ll be meeting people at Walgreens. My clerks there can’t wait to meet my dog. In just over 3 weeks I’ll know it’s name. In just over 3 weeks we’ll know who won the pool. Wow.

22 days!

Oh PS – There were only like 3 blog posts when I got home. Not enough to read. What the heck am I gonna do for the rest of the night 😉


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  1. 3 weeks. wow!
    As far as picking a seat…I like ones right in the middle. I mean sure, they are noisier because they are by the wings, but there is usually the most room in those seats.

    I am going to try and get a nice long Betsy post up tonight. But right now I am supposed to be reading a Tale of Two Cities. Your blog is way more exciting though!

  2. Ro

    I think those are on the emergency aisles. I’m not sure I want to sit in the emergency aisle lol!

    Now now, get your reading done and then you can read the fun stuff hehehe!

  3. With your dog you may want to sit in bulkhead or in a regular seat depending on the type of airplane. Like the Delta ones generally in bulk head I find I get more room for my feet and James since they have space under the seat in front of you that is in 1st class. Other airplanes for other airlines it is a solid wall between 1st class and coach so less room overall for the both of you. In that case, I generally like to sit in a regular seat and James fits under the seat in front where my carry on luggage would normally go.

    Also with your dog, some planes under the seat in front of you is a bar going length wise on aisle seats, so much less room for the dog. Which is partly why I always take a window seat, I can usually know for sure that my dog will have enough room to lay as comfortably as possible. Also if I’m in bulkhead it is easier for tails to get run over by the carts and luggage in a aisle seat then if you are in the middle or in a window.

    Just some things to think about.

  4. Wackadoo that you had to pick your seat. I never had to pick my seat. Maybe check with GDB? Maybe the chick at the airline was confused?

    Hehehe I wonder who will be the lucky winner of a way cool blanket.

    I’m trying to write a Trix post, but it’s slow going. I can’t promise it’ll be up tonight, *smile*.

  5. Oh good point! I forgot about them being emergency aisles!

    Reading is done. Thank God for Sparknotes! Ha 🙂

    Now to start a blog post. I don’t think I’m going to get it done tonight though…sigh. Someday I will stop neglecting my blog! ha

  6. Ro

    Katrin, great info that I never would have thought about. I learn a lot from you 🙂

    Carin, I did check with the school. I have to pick my seat. You have to call at least 24 hours in advance. So I figured I’d get some thoughts here before calling this week. I think on the way out it won’t matter where I sit but when I come back I’ll definitely take a window seat. I just didn’t want to have to crawl over people with my dog if I have to use the restroom, but I guess they’ll get over it lol. I don’t want Insert’s tail run over, and I don’t want everyone petting her on the way to the bathroom.

    Maddie, what are Spark notes? Can’t wait to read your blog whenever you finish a post!

  7. That’s wacky about the seat-picking. That must be new.

    I think Trixie has been on a grand total of 3 flights. 1 on the way home from school, one to the GDB reunion, and one home from the GDB reunion. Home from school I can’t even remember. I just know I had trouble getting her in, but I was also contending with a leg brace. Oh yeah, we got bumped up to 1st class on that one. The one to the reunion I think I was in the middle seat but the aisle seat was empty. We were in bulkhead, and yeah there was a little more space and then a curtain separating us from 1st class…which Trix tried to sniff under. On the way home…hmmm…on the first leg of the flight we were in a little plane and I think the seat was empty…but then I was crammed into the aisle seat of the big plane with two frightened Chinese women who were sure she was going to bite them. We managed, but it was tight. I tried to turn her so that her tail wasn’t out in the aisle. Hope you get a good spot.

  8. Can we come? hahaha Oh, that’s right we will be there!
    “we’re going on a trip,we’re going on a trip!”

    Hey, did ya get to Stormcrows blog? He’s been posting a lot here lately. He’s either bored silly or just loving to write! (I’m hoping it’s the loving to write.)

    Doggie days. Can’t wait to meet her, do post picks too when you get back. And I expect a full-blown description of her too! 🙂


  9. Sparknotes is a website that summarizes everything that happened in the chapter. It’s so much easier than reading the whole thing 😉

    The post is up, but it’s not an exciting one

  10. Ro

    I haven’t had a chance to read any blogs yet today and might not till much later. Got a bunch of stuff to do. At least I know it souds like there’s a bunch of blog posts up hehe!

    sparks notes sound like Cliff notes.

    Hopefully I’ll have video of my dog if I ever get my new iPod. Something is hinky on the tracking, so I might need to do some follow up. I’ll practice descriptions though lol!

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