Doggy Countdown – To do list

Only got 30 days! Can you believe it? Wow. I’m so glad I got a jump start on all the nesting. Now just to keep it all up for 30 days haha! I got that tray for the coffee table, so now all that stuff is contained. What a relif. So much easier to clean without piles of crap to move everywhere. I even went through and organized my closet, primarily because I was hoping my gloves were stuck in a purse somewhere, and they were. So I got all my purses shoved into a big duffel bag. Not that the dog will be in the closet hahaha, but I’m just getting everything done that I’ve wanted to get done for quite some time now.

Another thing I’ve started doing is making sure no food is stored on the counters. Not that I think my dog will counter surf, but I’ve heard too many horror stories, and why give a temptation? We didn’t store a lot of food on the counters, but sometimes there would be cookies or chips or something. So now all that stuff is living out of reach. Best to start implementing these changes now so we’re more in the habit.

So, what do I have left to get done? Well, quite a number of things.

I need to get to Target. There, I can get all the odds and ends I need for the trip. I need to get a couple packages of black undershirts. I’m just gonna wear those for training, so I don’t have to decide what to wear every day, and so I don’t over pack clothing. I need to get zip lock bags and small bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I need to get something to wear for graduation. My first thought was a simple dress I can fluff in the dryer, but I don’t want to worry about shaving. So I might just bring my black slacks if they’ll fit. They were almost too big when I wore them for the concert. I’ll find something simple that will just fluff when I’m there. I might be able to find dog bowls at Target too. If not, I’ll need to get to Petsmart.

I need to make some room on my iPod for books. There’s a lot of music on there I don’t need. After I clear some room, I’ll use the gift card for iTunes and get that one Dean Koontz book and maybe another.

I also want to download a few movies to fall asleep to, since I’m so accustomed to falling asleep to tv. Wish the DVD player on my computer was accessible. I could just bring Harry Potter. I wish iTunes played DVDs.

I need to type the wireless passwords into a text document, so I’ll have to find them on that cd GDB sent.

I’ve gotta listen to 8 class lecture cds when I get them, hopefully next week. The school sent them UPS on Friday.

I need to call the airline and ask my questions to ease my mind, and I need to call the airport to make sure B can go through security with me.

Hmmm. What else. Oh yeah, I need to call the apartment office and let them know about the dog, and I need to find a good relieving area. Also, I want to see if the manager will write something in the newsletter and/or put a note in the laundry rooms telling tennants with dogs to leave us alone for a good 6 weeks. Who knows if we will encounter problems, but there’s a couple dogs across the way that are quite vocal.

Oh yeah, gotta get more Starbucks instant coffee.

I’d like to get my hair trimmed and brows waxed, but those aren’t priority.

I’m now washing the towel I’m gonna use to get the cats’ smell on and then the dog’s smell for B to take home before I get back.

Oh yeah, we’re finally getting spinelli spayed before I go. I feel horrible that we haven’t gotten it done. She’s in heat again and it’s heart breaking. I feel like a terrible mom. So that will happen shortly.

Carol is coming over this week to help me get the spare room organized. The dog won’t be allowed in there, but it really, really needs to be done. I tell ya, this nesting is such a blessing!

I think that’s about it! I’m sure more will occur to me, and I’ll write them down so I can remind myself of what I need to do 😉

30 days, holy cow!!!


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  1. Another thing to remember to do, at least I had to, was if you take any meds, make sure you have enough of your meds when you’re there so you don’t have to order more. It would have been a royal pain in the behind if I had to order more, being from another country and all. It wouldn’t be as bad for you, but why have another hastle if you can avoid it?

    Herm sounds like you have everything in order. Will any bills come due while you and B are both gone that you might have to make arrangements to pay? Will someone take care of your mail while you’re both gone? I think you said someone was going to do that.

    Heheheheheh tick tock tick tock.

  2. Ro

    Oh good point about the bills. I will have to make out my rent check before I go, so that is a good point. I can pay my cell phone bill from school. Other bills, not sure, I’ll need to ask B. Thanks!

    As for meds, I don’t take any. I’ll just need plenty of ibuprofin and my melatonin for sleep.

    This time is gonna fly. I just looked at the doggy countdown label and I can’t believe how many days have past already.

    You know what I noticed when slapping Amazon labels on some posts? There was actually a whole week that I didn’t post last month. Huh??? Is that really true? I wonder if blogger lost posts?

  3. Oh the nurses have lots of ibuprofin . They kept giving it to me when I hurt my knee…although they’d only give it in little packet doodles of two…so it may be handy to have them on hand.

    Yeah you went M.I.A for a while, cause then Jnoi asked if you were ok. Not sure if it was a week, but I was gone for that time. I didn’t have to read as many posts as I should have, that’s for sure.

  4. Ro

    I remember JayNoi being concerned, but I didn’t think I had gone a whole week. Man, I was really, really down in December. Yuck.

    I never elave the house without ibuprofin, so I will definitely be bringing my own. It’s the only thing that works for me. I wish I had stock in it hahaha!

  5. Wow, busy busy!!
    Shopping is always fun, even more if your doing it for a dog!!
    Enjoy packing, wow 30 days?!

    Toby’s Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  6. if you have some grey or khaki pants for graduation, you might want to pack those too! You just may come home with a Poppy colored lab, rather than a Dagan colored one! Black is such a pain when you have a yellow dog!

    We are supposed to get 4-5 inches of rain between now and Wednesday! Be glad that you aren’t in class now and hope for dry weather next month!

  7. I remember that week. haha, that’s what made me miss your 30 x 30 so much lol. Sorry if that’s kind of stalker-ish… Not knowing you personally makes reading your blog kind of like reading a book you know.. can’t wait to see what happens next haha. Again, sorry if that’s too stalker-ish for you lol.

    I have started putting links to my blog on Facebook every time I post on my blog and now all these random people from like 100 years ago are telling me they love my blog and love reading it.. it’s kind of weird to hear it from people I know. I don’t care that all these strangers read it but when old friends comment about it on FB I always have stalker comments lurking in the back of my mind hahaha.

  8. Oh, and it doesn’t look like you missed a week, not from looking at December. Where does it look like you missed a week? The longest you miss is about 3 days.

  9. So exciting! Looking forward to meeting your new partner!

  10. I think I’d freak out if my family found my blog. It’s not that I’m ashamed of what I write…it’s…well, you just don’t talk to mom or grandma about some things. And well, I’ve made fun of some of ’em from time to time. I love them, but god they do some silly things.

  11. Poppy’s at college? Poppy’s at college! Woooo!

  12. Ro

    Natalie, no worries lol! Didn’t sound stalkish at all haha! I get the same way with my blogs hehe!

    Bring on the rain when I’m there. I’m so prepared hahahaha!!! Got me a raincoat! Hahahah!! It would be nice to have some dry weather though, but, I don’t see a lot of rain in my neck of the woods, so it would be a welcome change.

    Carin, I thought I heard 2 Saturday posts in a row when I was going by heading. Oh wait…you know what I did…I think that was a specific label I was looking at. Ok duh, nevermind haha!

    Yeah, Poppy’s at college!!

    Ok I’m really fragmented this morning haha. Hard to keep track when I publish multiple comments.

  13. re: rain. Also get youself a good pair of rain pants. Wet pants are miserable to be walking a lot in. I recommend getting a pair that does Not have elastic at the bottoms as then you can put them over the edge of your shoes and the water won’t run into your shoes and socks and soak your feet. They have bottoms that have snaps instead or nothing at all, those are best. (can you tell I live in New England? We get weather here, LOL)

  14. Let me know if you want to borrow my little DVD player while you’re at GDB. I’ll bring it down to you!

  15. Wow! Let the fun begin huh! Can’t wait to here about your experiances with your new dog!

    Erin & Pompei

  16. As far as graduation clothes…the background they take the formal pictures with is a light cream/tan color. You might want to consider a darker shirt so you don’t blend in! But I also agree with Cassie…dark clothes and a light dog isn’t much fun. But light clothes and a dark dog doesn’t mix either!

  17. Ro

    Mimi, oh thank you for the offer! I’m actually filling my laptop with stuff, so I should be just fine, but thank you!!

    I think I’ll get a pair of khakis then, and my black slacks with like a red sweater. Though, if the dog doesn’t match the clothes I have, it’s not gonna match any of my clothes lol. A black dog would be ideal, so I’ll prolly get a yellow one 😉

  18. That’s what happened to me with Gabrina. I had all dark clothes when I got Gabrina so throughout the year I ended up with all light clothes. And then I got Betsy and it started all over again! But now I have a nice mixture of each color so I’m prepared for the next pup!

  19. Ro

    I am ready to embrace having dog hair on me hahaha!

    How is Gabrina doing? You haven’t posted about her in awhile. Any word on how she’s doing at school?

  20. I haven’t heard anything about her. My leader said she is probably class ready but her trainer hasn’t updated her phase. Her entire training string has been in phase 8 for 7 weeks. I just want to see her in phase 10 before she graduates!

  21. Ro

    Oooooh… she could be in 10 without you getting the update? Wow. You know what that could mean, right???

  22. Yeah I know! I would have heard by now if she was graduating in January. And if she graduates in February I will know in a week or two! So really she just has to make it through one more graduation and she’s all yours!
    And even if you don’t get matched with her, maybe you can talk to her trainer and find out how she is doing! And maybe even snap a picture :). But you wouldn’t have to of course

  23. Ro

    I will definitely give you an update if I get anything. I’m still thinking about if I’m gonna get a camera, not sure. I hope she gets matched soon though, even if it’s not with me. But, can you imagine that dog day if they tell me my dog is Gabrina? Wow!

  24. Can your phone do pictures? I think I’ve asked you that before. *slaps forehead*.

  25. Ro

    It does, but when I tried playing with the camera, it froze my screen reader. I keep meaning to hop over to Mac Visionaries and see if any of them use a camera.

  26. which phone and which screenreader? I don’t know if I can help, but maybe.

  27. Ro

    T-Mobile Dash and Mobilespeak. Even if I could take pictures, I don’t know how I’d get them off the phone. It’s a windows phone, not compatible with Mac. I think I just need to get a cheap Apple camera.

  28. Yeah maybe. Booo I was hoping to save you packing extra gear.

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