Doggy Countdown – Thoughts

I don’t know. Hmmm. What to write. Haha!! Well, I guess I’m just waiting now. The fears and all that have passed and now I’m just waiting. I thought about writing a post from the future pup’s perspective. Might still do that at some point. I still have some stuff to get, like the actual dog bowls, which I’ll go to Petsmart for. And my Hanes t-shirts. And travel shampoo and zip lock bags. And Starbucks instant coffee. Oh and I need to clear off some space on my iPod to put some books on. I’m hoping to get this new series for kids, the first book is called The Uglies. I think I want to take that kind of stuff. I have an iTunes gift card so I can get some audible books, if they’re not freakin abridged. I thought about getting a crime novel, but since I’ve been on the Harry Potter kick and it’s keeping me happy, I figured I should stay in that arena. So I’ve gotta do that.

Carol loaned me her suitcase, so I’ve got that. Really I’m just waiting on the next packet from GDB with my airline info, so I can call the airline to ask my questions. I told B he can accompany me to the gate, so he’s glad about that. Still gotta figure out who’s gonna watch the cats while he’s gone. We had a nice talk on Friday night. He just started asking me questions about the dog. It was nice to be able to answer the things he was curious about, instead of trying to tell him what I think he’d want to know. He sounded a little disconcerted at the mention of tie downs and a possible crate. It’s like he thought that was mean until I explained it. He said anything I might want when I get home, he’ll go get. So that’ll be nice. I also mentioned bringing a towel home that smells like the dog, and he was ok with that. I was afraid he’d think I was nuts lol! I’m gonna get the cats’ smell on it for the dog, and then when it comes home, it’ll smell like the cats and me and the dog. so I think that’ll be good. Dave thought it was a great idea.

Having had a lesson with Dave on Friday really sealed the deal on the fears going away. I’m going to have him here to help me with routes and the dog and what not. We’ll also be focusing on doing stuff like I would with the dog, and less with the cane. He’s good at all that, because he did a month training at GDB for O & M instructors. So he knows all the intricasies of it all. Yay! He’s such a good guy. He refuses to take credit when I do a good job, like doing up and down escalators on the same day. But if I didn’t trust him, if he didn’t speak in ways that make sense to me, I wouldn’t do as well. We’ve only been working together a little over a year. It floors me, how far I’ve come since last November, when I really started the whole blind training thing. Wow.

The sheets felt really nice last night. A little rough, but more washings will take care of that. I didn’t want to get up lol. HOw’s that for a crazy segway?

Going to Gamma’s in a bit. Her niece is really sick in Chicago. She has pancreatic cancer and had surgery on Dec. 23. She came home only 2 days after getting out of ICU, and had to go back because she was vomiting blood. Not good. Gamma is really upset. So I have a feeling it’ll be an emotional day with her today. I’m just glad I get to be there. I was absent in my drinking, and now I get to be there.

I think that’s really about it for now. I’m kinda just coasting until I go, which is much better than freaking out haha!! At night I think about my dog being there next to my bed. In the mornings I think about my dog and feeding and relieving haha! I’m definitely excited and sooo looking forward to school, and getting away.

37 days!!


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  1. I am so excited for you! Sorry to hear about the family business. Hope everything works out for the best.
    Thanks for giving the TV away… I guess the guy that got it is overwhelmingly appreciative. Sorry that it was a bit weird when we came by, too many people to juggle and I was keeping an eye on Clay. We need to get together for coffee soon, because I have lots of funny stories about Patti and her pregnancy.

  2. Don’t forget something cute/nice for your graduation ceremony! Also, you should check out C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia Audiobooks. They are in the same realm as Harry Potter, the writing is geared towards a little more juvenile audience but I still like it. They’re cute.

    Darrell said they have audiobooks at the campus, he listened to one called Cashing Through, he really liked it.

    Sorry he decided not to write too much, he wants it all to be a surprise for you 🙂

  3. Your labels are so funny–“man o mine” and “pooch preparation”! Glad you are past the freaking out stage. Only 37 days–that’s only slightly more than a month!

  4. Hey there. Aww. So happy you’re excited. You know, the way you talk about Dave is kind of the way a guide dog team works. You’re doing the direction, but if you didn’t trust the dog, you wouldn’t be able to do it. How freaky is that? Dave is gonna be so proud of you. And the towel idea is a great one. I wish I could have done something like that for the Trixter. But I guess all my clothes smelled like this place, and then we showed up here, and something must have clicked in her doggy brain. And it’s not like there were animals at this end that had to get used to her.

    Oh damn cancer. Cancer sucks. I hope your family member gets better. There are a lot of sick people right now. Everybody get better.

  5. That was supposed to be Crashing Through, oops.

  6. Ah Crashing Through. That’s a good one.

  7. That’s great that B is being so supportive. Having people close to you that fully support and respect your requests for handling your dog definately make it all the easier. I know a few people that have gotten SDs and GDs and various family members have not supported them and it’s added a lot of stress. Glad to hear you hopefully won’t have that experience.

    Sorry to hear about the cancer. That sucks. I hope the person gets better.

  8. I LOVED Crashing Through. That book was partially what led me to become a puppy raiser. Another great audiobook I think you should listen to on your way to GDB is “A Big Little Life” by Dean Koontz, which is all about the career change dog that he and his wife adopt. The dog is from Canine Companions, not GDB, but there are so many similarities. It’s available at

  9. Ro

    Lots of great comments! I will check out those books; thanks for the suggestions!

    Lori, yes, we must get together. Still got Monday afternoons? Any Monday, you name it.

  10. Here’s something to get you all excited and happy. That’d be any Monday in the next 4, because no. 5, you’re off to wooferland! Hahahahahehehehe! Isn’t it weird to see it in those terms?

  11. Ro

    Hahaha!! Too true!!! Hehehe! Maybe I should start counting down Mondays, and then Wednesdays, since Dog day is Wednesday haha!

  12. Oooo I’ve created a monster!

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