Doggy Countdown – This will be long

First, 38 days!! I had lost counct because there were 2 blogs I didn’t post the days, so I had to go back and look.

Ok, this week was so busy. Not in a typical sense of running around or being out of the house, but busy in the sense that things kept getting in the way of my computer time. Trust me, I’m not complaining lol. But it was getting hard to stay caught up on stuff. I spent this morning getting caught up on blogs. I didn’t comment much because I was so behind. The email list is always keeping me busy too and I heard plenty of dings, but I’m focusing on blogger this morning. Saturdays and Sundays are great times to write, because I typically am not on the phone until after noon, since B sleeps in. The phone is primarily what kept me so busy this week. Thank God for myFaves haha! Also, I was getting lots of my Amazon shipments. I almost titled this “Amazon has lost some of my love” or something, but really it’s not Amazon, its the sellers and FedEx and USPS. So let me address those rants.

The opal ring. Do I have it? Nope. Sabrina Silver finaly sent me the size 7 after much haggling about the size 6. It wasn’t going to be available for awhile, and she wouldn’t guarantee the sale price. I said it was in stock when it was on sale, so the sale price should hold, but if not, I can’t buy it. All she said was “ok”. Yeah, that’s customer service. I finally got her to understand that I would take the size 7 and she sent it out. Finally. But, it came USPS. Not my beloved brown of UPS. so, B checks the mail Thursday night and there’s a note from the postman saying the package is now at the post office. All day thursday, I had my door propped open expecting shipment. I go on Amazon to track the ring, and it said delivery attempted at 12:52 pm. Liar! You did not attempt delivery you jerk. He couldn’t leave it in my secure balbox because it requires a signature. No one hangs out by their damn mailbox. Doesn’t it make sense to come to the door? They’ve done it before. so I thought about asking Carol to take me on Friday, because she was coming over to visit after her trip, and loan me her suitcase, but when she got here, I didn’t feel like it. I called the number on the slip, and the guy could reschedule delivery, but can’t guarantee that the guy won’t do the same damn thing. So Carol wrote on that slip, please knock on door for signature confirmation, and we put it in the mailbox. So, if its the good mail person, I might actually get the thing today.

Next, on the same day, Thursday, FdEx delivered my Vittles Valutt 2. But I might never have known if I hadn’t tracked it. All day Thursday it said out for deliver. But it never came. I tracked it Thursday night and it saied delivered, and gave the name of who signed for it, which I prayed was my manager. Dave and I stopped by the office yesterday and they had it. The manager said she’s complained before, because the guy just drops off the packages at the office and doesn’t leave a note on the doors. Idiot.

So yesterday Carol and I are sitting out front, and a FedEx truck drives up, stops, and then drives off. I’m expecting something from GDB, so I wonder if he had it, saw us, and still went to the office? UPS showed up ten minutes later and it’s my usual delivery guy. He’s like, you’re getting stuf every day haha! I’m like, I’m glad this is you and not FedEx, they suck, you rock. He laughed and said thanks. UPS always comes to my door, I tell them I’m blind, they watch for cats. They’re friendly. I like UPS.

I have another package coming USPS, my sofa blanket. I wonder if he can leave that in the oversize box, or if it requires a signature.

so, I got my dog bowls yesterday. The description sai “large stainless steel dog bowl with non skid base” So I ordered 2. Wanna know what I got? Two sets of small pet food bowls in a stand with rubber feet. Huh? What? I wrote the seller and said I got the wrong bowls, or else the description is really terrible. So now I can return them, pay for the shipping myself, get to some shipping store, etc. But, I think I might actually have use for them. They might make cute trinket holders. Easier than sending them back. I’ll go to Petsmart for my actual food bowls.

What have I learned from all my Amazon shopping? Order from Amazon direct only. Those shops get my stuff to me within days. Granted, I love all my stuff for the most part. My bathroom is coming together quite nicely. Can’t wait to get the towels washed!

Is that all of my shipment news? I think so. Oh, I like the Vittles Vault 2 a lot. I need to wash it though, as it smells like plastic.

Carol put together the Swiffer Wet Jet yesterday! I had knocked a can of Dr. Pepper out of her hand when she got here, so we cleaned up that spot. My floor is really bad. She said the pad is already filthy and we only did a little spot haha. I guess my scrubbing with the sponge did next to nothing.

It was really great to see Carol yesterday, yay! Then L came and got the tv, I showered and went to the meeting with Kevin. It was a good meeting. Today is B’s 12 year sobriety anniversary! I’ve always gotten him fancy chips. The first year we were together I ordered one online, and then last year I went to the store that sells them here and my friend described them to me. Wednesday I went with Georgie to get one. It’s shiny gold with silver, so it sounds relly cool. I’ve gotten him enamaled chips before, but this one sounded cool. They have a meeting room in that store and we went to the meeting, and I figured out that place will be ideal to go on SunVan to when I have my dog. SunVan gets you there early, and I could hang out in the bookstore, where it’s safe. So that will finally be a meeting I can get myself to when I have my dog, yay! There’s a cheesesteak place right next door, so I can grab dinner before the van comes. Perfect!

I think I’m caught up for the most part now. Oh, I did make it known that I don’t appreciate people talking about my getting to meetings or not getting to meetings. So I feel good about that.

I’m getting way excited, especially since I’ve got a suitcase borrowed. Now I just need to get actual dog bowls, and I’ll feel prepared. I also need to get to Target and get some odds and ends, and then I’ll be all ready to go.

Ok hmmm. I really thought I had more to write. I have another post planned, maybe that’s what I’m thinking of. It’s a non doggy countdown post. I think I’ve got all the doggy thoughts down, so anything else that comes to me will be a non countdown post hahaha!! Not that all this is goddy related, but I’m still documenting my days of waiting, so they count. I don’t feel like editing, so typos will be living in this post. Sometimes typos need a place to crash.


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  1. I’m sorry for all your frustration Ro, I have the same issues with mail people. However mine is backwards, our UPS guy never even comes into the complex, he drops everything off at the office. If you don’t track your stuff it will sit there forever. FedEx brings our stuff though, the last guy was really nice. We were walking to the car when he drove up and I ran to the truck asking if he had one for our apt. lol.

    Oh and sorry if I missed something in one of your other posts but what happened with your meetings and people talking? What was that all about? Like I said, maybe I missed something, i don’t know haha.

  2. Ro

    I don’t think it was in an actual post. I think it came out in comments, because someone told me people were talking, since they hadn’t seen me in a meeting. It really bothered me, because I knew exactly who it was, and it was someone who doesn’t talk to me on a regular basis, who never understood the fatigue associtated with the MS, doesn’t understand how a touch of depression can keep you inside, and generally judges people who don’t stay sober the exact same way she does. She was there last night and started talking and I kept talking over her, saying how it really frustrates me. She finally said maybe it wasn’t about me, maybe they needed me. Fine, I can see that, but just try calling me then, or come to my place. So, in a nutshell, that was what happened.

  3. Grr I just wrote a nice long comment to make up for not commenting on any other posts and then I deleted it!!
    So I’m just going to stick with my comment about Swiffers…
    I have heard that they have something in them that is toxic to dogs. I haven’t looked at the boxes recently but they used to say something about not using them in homes with small children or dogs. You might want to check that out before you get your doggie!

  4. L^2

    First of all, the whole swiffer being toxic to pets thing is not true – It’s on

    Also, I agree about UPS, they seem to do so much better here than FedEx or the mail. I’m always glad when I see that something is coming from UPS instead of the others. Thankfully, my apartment building is sort of house-like in that everyone has a different street address, not just a different apartment number all at the same address, so these mail/package places have to deliver everything to each door.

    I’m reading your posts backwards, so I already know you got your stuff. LOL I’m glad that got sorted out.

  5. Ro

    Oh no! I hate it when I write something long and it disappears.

    That’s worrisome about the Swiffer. I’ll definitely research it. I know Carin uses one. I wonder if she’s heard of this.

  6. I know of a few people who use them and have pet dogs. I haven’t heard of them having any trouble, but I would rather be safe than sorry! Let me know if you find anything out about them!

  7. Ro

    I got Carrot’s comment after I published mine lol. Good to know that’s just a legend. It’s sure easy to do the floors with that thing. Now that the tv is gone, I can’t wait to sweep the floors and then Swiffer the heck out of them hahaha!

  8. L^2

    Oops, I can’t spell today – that should be, but yeah, it’s just an urban legend.

  9. I have heard its only toxic when it’s wet.. i don’t know, we still use it because we don’t have enough hard surfaces to use an actual mop.

    I hate when people go and talk about stuff they don’t know.. some people are just all about the drama. At least you were able to shut her up lol.

  10. I’m glad to hear its a legend, even though my mom is the one who does most of the floor cleaning ;).

  11. Ro

    Natalie, for a second I forgot I had written about the person from the meetings in this comment, and I thought you meant it’s good I shut Maddie up about the Swiffer hahahaha!!! I almost didn’t publish the comment until I realized what you were actually talking about LOLOL!!!

  12. hahaha oh no, I can see where it would come out like that. I’m sorry Maddie!! I don’t hate you lol.

  13. Hey. Your swiffer is together and now can happily squirt swifffer juice and use those double a’s or ass depending on Alex. Did my description help at all? Carol would probably just go ok you have a weird friend. Bump doodles?

    As for the swiffer, I just keep Trix tied down until it’s dry. Then she can’t lick at it or step on it and then lick it off her paws.

    Awesome. I’m glad you got to tell facbooker off. Funny how when you’re right in front of them, they become far less willing to talk and far more timid, huh?

  14. Ro

    Carin, she jut kinda took charge. I was thinking of your description as she began struggling, then she said, I should read the directions and not be a guy. She had it together in 5 minutes and luckily I had enough double ass. I had to borrow from my stash from Bob. But we had enough. Now just to get the motivation to pick everything up from the floor, sweep and then Swiffer like crazy. Ok, is Swiffer now a noun and a verb?

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