Doggy Countdown – This nesting gonna kill me

Ooooh I really want to document today but we’ll see if my exaustion permits it haha! Got my coffee, wo we’ll see how it goes.

I realized yesterday that I’m totally nesting. Just like a pregnant woman does. I’m getting everything ready, cleaning, organizing etc. There have been things I’ve wanted to accomplish for quite awhile now, even since before going blind. The redecorating is a good example of that. All that is almost done. Once I get my towels washed on Saturday, that stuff will be complete.

A major issue around here since I went blind, is keeping things contained. Not my stuff. B’s stuff. Papers, magazines, mail, whatever. It litters the breakfast bar and the coffee table. If things are too close to edges, I knock stuff off all the time. A few months ago when my rehab teacher was coming over, she gave me some pointers. Like having trays around for B’s stuff. Trays will keep it contained, and it would make things much easier to move for when I’m cleaning. I never got around to getting them. So a few days ago I remembered about the trays and looked on Amazon, even though I wasn’t due for a purchase until next month. Oh well. I need those. So I got 6 stackable Rubbermaid trays made for an office, and a large serving tray for the coffee table. I got the stackable trays today. That was freakin fast lol! So I ended up using 4 for B’s side of the breakfast bar, and got all his papers shoved in there. I really don’t even thik he needs all that crap, but I don’t know what it is, so in it went. I used 2 on my side for my purse and sunglasses haha!! The large serving tray will be ideal for the coffee table and his papers, magazines and remotes. This is good, because all that stuff is whithin tail reach. So I can’t wait to get that.

I got ahead of myself. I had an adventure cleaning before the trays arrived, so when they arrived, it helped ease me out of frustration.

First, I got everything up off the floor starting at 8:30 this morning. I moved the coffee table so I could really get to the area around and under it. I started vacuuming. I’m pretty sure the canister is full. But I have no idea how to remove it. I vacuum my entry way and clean off the hair around the brush. I have so much ahir, that I have to stop after every room and clean it off the brush. The carpet isn’t feeling completely clean. I move into the living room. Same thing. I think that damn canister is so full that it’s just kicking stuff back out. Ugh. I need to tell B to please empty it when he uses it. I always clean off the hair after I use it, but he doesn’t. Arg. So I put the vacuum under the counter so I can have him empty it when he gets home.

Then I need to do the floors. So I move the chairs and the trash cans and the cat food and then the stupid water thing we have just sucks. It’s one of those refilling ones, but you just kinda set the bottle in there. It sucks. Youc an’t move it. So I get my popcorn bowl and throw the whole thing in there and stick that in the sink. Then I went over the whole floor with my dirt devil thing with the hose (different vacuum). I gave up on sweeping last time I did the floor because it just didn’t work. So I did the kitchen and the bathroom, then I got my new Swiffer Wet Jet. It definitely works better when the floor is vacuumed or swept. I swiffered the hell out of all the tiles. Then I got the dirt devil thing again and went around all the edges in the house, where fur and whatever else likes to collect. In the bedroom, something got sucked up. A cat toy I had missed I think. I got a whire hanger and stuck it in there to clear the blockage. Luckily it wasn’t stuck in the hose. While feeling around doing the edge around the tv, I discovered that I don’t know how the hell B hooked up the tv. Now, when I hook something, wires go behind things so their out of the way. Not hanging in front of the table, around table legs, and behind it. What??? There are wires everywhere. That has to change. Not to mention all the hats falling from seemingly everywhere the vacuum touched. Hats. Everywhere. I finally get done and put the vacuum up and I’m pulling the coffee table back when smash.

Oh shit.


Not the popcorn tin.

No no no.

Yep. Lid not on properly. It spilled. Popcorn. Spilled. At this point I screamed B’s name.

I clean up the popcorn the best I can and texted him telling him the popcorn died because he didn’t have the lid on tight and it got knocked over since he keeps it under the coffee table. He told his co-woker and she hit him for me.

So that is getting thrown out, and nothing like that will ever live on the floor again, especially not when I have my dog.

This is when the trays came, so I was happy to put those in their spot and shove all the crap he refuses to go through in there. Can’t wait for my coffee table tray.

Oh! I forgot to mention the bad Helen Keller joke I did to myself. Several times. I forgot I moved the chairs to do the floors. So the first time I ran into it with my knee. The second time I was getting ready to kneel on the floor and caught the corner of the chair with my arse. Owwwww. I’m sure there are a couple bruises. Not to mention scraping my arm on the drawers in the kitchen.

I am taking a vow. Here. For you all to see. I must, I absolutely must, vacuum and do the floors once a week. I have to. Putting it off and then trying to get them nice in once day just doesn’t work. It’s that, or pay someone to do it.

So, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays are my days to do the floors. I will blog if I do them. Can someone please, please hold me accountable until this becomes routine? Pathetic, I know, needing to be held accountable to get in the habit of cleaning. But hey, it’s worked with the exercise.

I’m so grateful I’m in this nesting phase, trust me. I want to get everything I want done before the dog comes. A lot of this probably never would have happened if I weren’t getting a dog, and it’s gonna be so nice when it’s done.

Ok my body is killing me after typing lol. This might not have been the best day to clean because it’s rany and that always makes me hut. I can’t gurantee that I’ll edit this beast, so if typos remain, so sorry.

33 days!!


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19 Responses to Doggy Countdown – This nesting gonna kill me

  1. Alrighty! We can hold each other accountable. My cleaning will have to be done on… When am I free this semester? Oh yeah! It will have to be done on Saturdays for the most part. If not, then I need to do it on Monday or Wednesday when I get home from school. Now if I can just talk myself into that, then I’ll be good! LOL!

  2. Sorry I ended up laughing, not at your misfourtune but at B’s inability to put stuff away and be a piler. My father is the same way. He’s a piler (ok I’m sort of a piler but not nearly as bad as he is and I actually know exactly what is in my few piles). I hope that the trays help out in that area at least a little. And that your bruises don’t hurt too bad.

  3. Oh yeah and my best way to keep on a cleaning routine is a reminder that pops up in my blackberry. Before I had a blackberry I put the reminder in my Outlook calendar. Works great (as long as I don’t accidentally hit ‘delete’ before I do it!) That little ‘bleep!’ and reminder window harasses me until I actually clean my house.

  4. Geesh! Your house won’t know what hit it! Hahhah! My heart sank when you got to the popcorn ker smash. Oh that would have sucked. This reminds me of when Steve was doing something with the fridge and a root beer rolled out and just hit the right way to make a little pinhole and shoot root beer every frickin where. Gug.

  5. Ro

    A piler hahaha! That’s exactly what he is. I would always try and make the piles need when I cleaned. The trays are gonna work well. The coffee table tray should be here today. Woo hoo!!!!! Just tidying up his mess, really lol!

    I think the blog will help hold me accountable, especially since someone else needs to be held accountable too hehe!

    Ugh, rootbeer everwhere. Reminds me of the green jello incident with my mom years and years ago. Oh hey, I’m not getting replies to comments on your blog, have there just been no comments?

  6. Herm. The only thread that got a few was the name that tune thread, but I didn’t see you in it. I think we’ve been low in the comments department.

  7. Ro

    I just posted on the name that tune thread 🙂

  8. Awesome! You solved that mystery! It was bugging me. I like to name the songs I’m humming hahaha.

  9. Ro

    I’m Ro, you all-knowing music aficionado. Hahahahah evil laugh, evil, evil laugh.

  10. Ahh that damn pop can. It hit the floor and immediately started just spewing everywhere! And it was rolling around too, so it was hitting the ceiling, the walls, the floor, it was awful!

    And yeah, comments on our blog had been slow yesterday. Good number of people coming, just silent ones is all.

  11. Ro

    Ah, you should do a delurker post. One of my blogger friends did that. I’ll follow suit tomorrow.

    And ick on the pop can. Sticky freakin mess I bet that was.

  12. Sadly we have more lurkers than vocal ones. But us vocal ones can be quite vocal! See thread of doom hahahhahah!

  13. I’m sure I’m about to sound like a fool, but how does one go about doing a delurker post? And after reading the You Are Here stuff, do you really think it’s a good idea to get more of those people talking?

  14. Ro

    Hahahah good point, good point. So of all your readers there’s like what 4 of us who are cool? Hahaha!!!

  15. Hahaha more than 4 are cool, they just don’t say as much as maybe about 6 of you. Most people read quietly and pop in to say something when the mood hits. Sort of a quality over quantity thing I guess, not to say the quantity commenters aren’t quality too…gotta be clear there lol.

  16. Yeah. Sometimes we get some really thoughtful comments from folks who’ve never said anything before. I think of how much stuff I read, and how often I am moved to comment. It depends on I guess how familiar I feel with the author, or how strongly I feel about the subject, or maybe a bit of both hahh. But I sure don’t comment on everything I read.

  17. Ro

    Yeah me either, or I’d never get anything done lol! Oh, remind me to come clean on the name that tune thread. Comments died, so I didn’t explain how I answered it.

  18. Do tell, do tell! I’m dyin’ to know.

  19. Ro

    I want to post it on Vomit Comet, so I either need to find the post, or reply to a comment.

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