Doggy Countdown – The Nothing

You guessed it folks. Here comes an addition of The Nothing. For those of you who are new to the center of the roof, I have been known to want to blog, but have nothing in particular to write. I started labeling these posts “the nothing”. So this morning I’m thinking, I need to write a doggy countdown post before my day gets started, because I don’t know what the day will look like, when I’ll get home, how I’ll feel, etc. Hmmm. What to write though. I have nothing in particular to write about relating to my dog so hmmm. Can I do a nothing post in the doggy countdown? Hell, it’s my blog. Why not?

I have to say that I love the way my computer announces the time on the hour. I have Vicki tell me the time and I slowed her speech, so it sounds like one of those futuristic movies where that computer voice announces elevator floors or something. But, typical woman, she interrupts. So I’ll be in the middle of reading a long email or reviewing a blog post and she has to interrupt to tell me “it’s ten o’clock”. Grrrr. I’ve just totally lost my place when she does this. It doesn’t bother me when I’m typing because I just cut her off. She’ll say “It’s ten” and I shut her up. I wish it worked in other ways. Now, if anything else is announced, Alex waits. Like when someone comes online he’ll say, “yahoo! messenger has new system dialogue” and he waits to tell me until whatever he’s reading is done.

I wonder if my dog will recognize his or her name when Alex says it. That would be kinda funny.

The heater just went off. I wasn’t cold when I got up because I start drinking coffee but then I got cold so I put the heater on. But the bedroom window is slightly open. I should close that. But B is sleeping. We like it chilled when we sleep.

Somehow the phones get switched. We have on in the bedroom and one in the living room. I have the ringer turned off on one and that one is supposed to live in the bedroom. But they get switched. How? I have no idea. So Georgie called this morning and it rang in the bedroom. Do we have gremlins? Hahaha let’s switch the phone on the humans. Don’t get thoe things wet or they’ll multiply and get ugly.

I wonder what my dog is doing right now? Are the trainers off for MLK day? Are the dogs just chillin?

A cat just scampered by, but I don’t know which one.

The fridge makes this weird clicking noise. So it’s doing it’s clicking thing right now. I wonder why it clicks. At least the walls aren’t popping. That still freaks me out.

Oh, I finally got my new towels washed, so my bathroom is all redecorated! Yay! And the bath sheet is awesome, it’s huge! Oh and my dad bought me a little cart thing that is meant for groceries but will be perfect for laundry, so I picked that up at Gamma’s yesterday. Only thing is, there’s no liner, so things could fall out. I have this old mesh laundry bag that will work for a liner, but there’s no good way to fasten it, so I need to get binder clips. Then I can do my own laundry!! Wooo hooo! Bout freakin time. No more using being blind as an excuse to be lazy 😉

A cat is playing with something over there. Hmmm.

I think I’ll eat my popcorn and then shower. Hopefully CCR is reuniting today and it’ll probably be around one o’clock. It’s one o’clock. I just heard Vicki in my head. So anyway I need to be ready for if/when we chill. I’m addicted to this popcorn though. I’ve started putting safflower oil on it. Just a tablespoon. Georgie read a study about safflower oil reducing belly fat. It’s perfect on popcorn. And Lisa said popcorn isn’t that bad to eat. Yeah yummm I’ll have some in a bit.

Popcorn isn’t for dogs. The tree is far. Ack, I’m summoning Mitch Hedburg.

Oh crap, did I lose track of how many days again? I think I threw myself off with yesterday’s post about being a month away from Dog Day. I think yesterday was 29 days. Ok, yeah. Is that right? Crap I think Spinelli found a milk ring. Nope it was a folded up twisty tie. And I threw it out and then remember I need to start collecting those. They are perfect for tying up wires. Can you buy twisty ties? I used to collect the ones that came with trash bags but now we use trash bags with ties bbuilt in. I should just buy zip ties. They’re better anyway. Need to make sure cords are properly tied away.

Which reminds me I have to talk to B about the way he hooked up the tv and stuff. Cords everywhere, in front of the tv. Who does that? Cords go behind the tv, out of the way. Ugh. He’s not gonna like it when I ask him to re hook all that stuff up. Oh well, it needs to be done.

Alrighty, I’m just not feelin the nothing post today. Gonna go eat my popcorn and listen to Harry.

28 days? Isn’t that a Sandra Bullock movie? I like that movie. Is it 28 or 29 days? Not the movie, I know that’s 28 days, I’m referring to my countdown.


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6 Responses to Doggy Countdown – The Nothing

  1. Ha ha! You had a lot of nothings to share! It’s raining spinellis and cabanas here today, so I’m sure that’s hard on the dog in training. They have a roof over the kennel building, so maybe they just walk back and forth in there. Or maybe they take the dogs to Northgate Mall, which is right behind GDB’s campus.

  2. It’s 28 days. Hahha. Something told me to come over here. I’m reading all this boring stuff about the new customer service standard for accessibility, and my brain feels like it’s about to pop. I needed to read something like this to make me feel sane again.

    Silly Vickie needs to not be so rude. Whenever you say Vickie, I think of Vikki from IRobot. Have you seen that movie? Hope your computer isn’t that evil.

    Hope you got some spoons back and feel better. My head hurts, which doesn’t make reading legal crud very easy.

  3. Ro

    I haven’t seen that movie, no. Why are you reading all that stuff? I feel horrible today. Sometimes showers help and other times they exaust me, and today was an exausting one. Pushing through it though. My friend leaves tomorrow.

    Mimi, raning Spinellis and Cabanas hahahaha tooooo funny!

  4. Awwwwwwww it’s getting really exciting!!!!!!!!!! How many are going to be on class?

    Guess what? I heard a sample of Alex!!!!!! I went on to youtube and typed in “Voiceover samples” then that’s where you get Alex. He is reading out some lyrics and stuff. Sounds quite awsum!!!!!!!

    Take care, and it’s hard to believe the teime is flying in so quick!!!!!!!!!!! Xxx.

  5. Ro

    Oh sweet! I’ll check that out, thank you!

    I think there are 12 in the class. 2 per instructor, I believe. I know, time is just flying, wow!

  6. It’s for one of those city committees I’m on. We apparently are going to be the go-to people about this standard and such. So I’m trying to figure out how we could make it easier to understand for people and less overwhelming.

    Hope tomorrow’s a better day.

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