doggy Countdown – The mall and cats

Yesterday’s shopping experience at the mall made me afraid that I hate people. Do I hate people, or just people at the mall? I told B, I’m so used to talking to people online, that I rarely get annoyed and end up thinking that I love all people. Then I get out there and, freakin idiots, everywhere. Everywhere! In the parking lot, walking down the halls, whatever. At one point we’re walking through Sears and I hear people not speaking English up ahead. I’m not trying to be racist, but that’s what I heard. A huge group. B says “excuse us”. Jabber jabber jabber. They completely ignore him. So I start tapping my cane and finally they get out of the way. Then we’re going to get on the elevator and a ton of people got on, and they’re trying to urge us to get on. No really, we’ll take the next one. Oh but there’s plenty of room. No, thanks, we’ll wait. Seriously people, it’s one floor. B said there would have been this tiny sliver of space for us. Then when we’re done with Sears, we’re walking towards the food court and these people walk really close to me and one of them actually wacks my cane. I said, someone just wacked my cane. B says who? and turns around. I guess someone was looking back, but no apology. Last year we went to a mall in WV. It was crowded. No one bumped into me. One woman did and fell all over herself apologizing and we had a laugh. Everyone was so nice there. Not here. People here drive me nuts. I’m realizing that I’ve been pretty sheltered since going blind. I go to Saavi and meetings and Walgreens and for now that’s about it. Holy cow. Ok, that was my rant, now I’ll get to fun stuff.

When we first arrived at the mall, we walked through the doors and I smelled food. So I figured out we came in the food court. I asked if we came in the door on the right. I can still kind of remember it from my sightie days. I wanted to pay attention, because my dog and I will be going to Cinnabon when I take her there in the summers. So I let my nose guide me to Cinnabon. Success! We will definitely be going in the middle of the week at like 10am. I will never go to the mall on a weekend again. Not gonna rant again, promise.

We go to Lady Footlocker and I tell B I want a salesperson’s help. He’s like, they’re busy. I’m like, ok, look for cross trainers. They’re not labeled like that. Ok, look for waterproof. Um, here’s a pair like your pink ones. My pink ones? Yeah, the pink ones with the laces. I have pink Crocs, not pink tennis shoes. After feeling the shooe he handed me, I know he’s talking about my tan Sketchers. Pink? Haha! So the salesgirl comes up and I ask for water proof shoes. She’s like those are really hard to find. I’m like, ok, got any cross trainers that are mostly leather? I explain that I’m going to San Rafael to get a guide dog and it’ll rain. Oh, I understand. Well I’ve got these Nike’s here, mostly leather. It’s about the closest I have to waterproof. Ok, what color? One black pair, one white pair. K, can I see the black? Sure, want me to measure your foot? That would be fab. She measured my foot. She was great. Such service. Talked to me and not to B. Brought out the shoe. Asked if I wanted insoles. Um, I don’t know. Why don’t I put one in one shoe and you can try them and see. Ok. Slides shoe on. Slides other shoe on. Wow. Comfy. I want the insoles. She says she thinks they’ll help with all the walking. We pay and she says have a good trip and Happy New Year. Keep that receipt, come back every 3 or 4 months and we’ll replace the insoles. Wow. Ok, so I live in Crocs. Know what those are? Those rubber shoes. They got popular among medical staff and then took off. They’ve got those clogs with the holes in them. I wear those in the winter and the Crocs flip flops in summer. These Nike’s are almost as comfortable as my Crocs. I wore them to Gamma’s today. Can’t wait to work out in them tomorrow! They’ll be great for school!

At one point while she was getting the shoes, B handed me the display to feel it and was telling me it was all black. I hear a man say, is there a men’s Footlocker? Then B whispers to me, does it look like I work here? I’m like, well, you were showing me the shoe hahaha!!

We looked at suitcases at Dillards, way overpriced. I looked at black undershirts. 30 a packet of 3. No thanks. We went to Sears and that’s where my rant started. Plus, they had the heat cranked up and it was so freakin hot. The suitcases felt really flimsy. So I don’t think I’ll bother with a new suitcase.

We were leaving and I wanted a Cinnabon so we stopped off and then were headed out. There were some teens behind us and one of them laughed just like Butthead. No joke. So B and I stifled laughter until we were out of the mall.

We came home for a bit and then I put on my red dress and some makeup for the Melting Pot, for my birthday dinner. It was great as always, but we’re pretty sure our server was high. He put wine in the cooking base. Um, the one we ordered had no wine. Oh, ops, let me take that away. He explained the cooking times. Then about the tongs. Then explained the cooking times. Yeah. When we were looking at the menu, B asked what salad I normally get. I said, I think it’s the California blend? He laughed and said, that’s weed. It’s the California salad. So after the server explained the cooking times twice, I said he had a little too much California blend. Later the server was a little more normal and I said he drank the wine.

So the shopping and dinner wrapped up my birthday. Holy crap I wrote a lot and haven’t even gotten to the cats.

I’m really getting nervous about leaving the cats. I know they’ll be fine. We left them last year for 9 days when Spinelli was brand new. I was already nervous about me leaving for 3 weeks and coming back with a dog, and Now B will be gone for 2 of those weeks. He’ll be back for the last week I’m gone. II just always have had a hard time leaving my cats. When B and I first got together, we went to Sedona for a week and I hated leaving Combat. The reunion was so amazing. I had a few friends watch him. When we went to WV last year, my one friend watched the cats. But she’s not a cat person. And this will be for a longer time. And she’s been kinda weird with me lately. So I’m nervous to ask her. I can’t think of anyone else though. I’m sure it will be fine, and she lives in the complex so it’s really ideal. But They’re gonna be so lonely without us. They’re gonna wonder where we are. Last night the usual cat dance didn’t happen. Timmy curled up next to me on the bed, and when Spinelli came in, she curled up next to him. I fell asleep with my arm across timmy and my hand on Spinelli. This morning, I swear Spinelli didn’t want me typing. She was crawling all over me and meowing. What are they gonna think when I’m gone? Oh man. It’ll be fine, I know, but I’m dreading it. I will sob the day I leave. Always do. And then when I get to the airport I’ll be ok. And then midway through the trip I will freak out and need an update on the cats.

The time is just gonna fly. It already is. I can’t believe it! Oh! Today my Gamma says, I have a problem with the dog coming over. Oh? Yeah what if he poops in the yard? I can’t bend over to clean it up. Oh. I have to relieve the dog, no problem, I can pick it up. Haha! She’s so cute.

Ok, wow I wrote a lot. Time to edit and post. Oh, I’m craving Eggo’s. Carin, know why?

44 days!!!


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  1. Hmmm has it got to do with ding ding dinging emails?

    Yeah some people are morons. It sucks when you hit a moron cluster. I’m glad you got good comfy shoes and help from a good salesperson. Yea redeeming faith in humanity…sorta.

    Yeah I think your server should stay out of the California blend. Hahaha!

    I’m glad everything’s cool with Gamma and the poochers.

    I totally understand your feelings about the kitties. I’m sure the little kitties will amaze you, but that only helps with the after, not the before.

  2. Ro

    Uh yeah, ding a ling a lings. I’m gonna be happy when O/T month is done. It was fun at first but sheesh. My email keeps stuttering now when I open messages. I’m usually pretty good about keeping it cleaned out, but my trash keeps filling up really fast. So now, say I got a message from you and you said, “Trixie did something cool” I’ll open up the message and Alex goes “Trix, trix, trixie, trix, trixie, trixie did something cool” hahahaha!!! Mail is like, God please, this is enough, seriously. Alex is like, I’m soooo done.

    I know kitties will be fine. When we got back from WV they were just like, wassup? So I’m sure it’ll be ok. Just sooo hard to leave them. People keep saying, oh you’ll miss B and I’m like yeah…but the cats…hahahaha!! I’ll miss B, don’t get me wrong, but he can fend for himself. I’m not his mom. I’m the cats’ mom. Oh dear. This is why I don’t have children lol. I’d be the smother mother from hell.

  3. I do have to say malls aren’t my favorite with dogs!
    Besides the fact that we do a lot of walking, this then makes my dog need to do “something”.
    For some reason, everybody thinks I am blind just because I have a dog. Even though the coat says “puppy in training”, kind of funny:). The one thing I do hate though is when my dog has a puppy coat that has a tag which says “please don’t pet, I’m working”. A person will come up and just pet him, or they will read it while letting their child pet the dog, so annoying!
    I have thought for a joke though, to put dark sunglasses on when walking with my dog…

    I really hope to see some pictures of your new dog when you get him/her (though that isn’t for 44 days!

    I can’t give you any tips on your cats, as ours stay outside (they would be in BIG trouble if they were inside kitties- knowing the other 2 dogs in our house…)
    Happy New Year!!

    Toby’s Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  4. Oh I hate people too.. not meaning to offend anyone but San Antonians just aren’t that smart.. plus we get a lot of um ‘foreigners’ here. There all like “OH! Perro Perro!” yeah.. Maybe I hate Texas too haha.

    I can’t remember what else I wanted to comment on lol. Too long too long. haha.

    Oh, if you want some decently priced luggage sets go to or (spelled out) Sam Moon dot com. They don’t have actual stores over in Arizona but their stuff is nicely priced and really cute. You definitely wouldn’t have problems finding your luggage.

    Anyways, I just got done working out and need to go shower. I enjoyed this post by the way.. Not sure why but I’m just one of those people that likes to rant and likes to hear others rant.. I don’t actually like to rant I wish I never had a reason to but the actual act of ranting always makes me feel better. Point is rant away, it’s healthy, maybe haha.

  5. Your description of Footlocker made me laugh — Steve has been asked for help because of his helping me, too. You are really thinking of everything – I don’t think I was as prepared. We were just at the mall – so crowded but love working the crowds with a guide. It still amazes me.

  6. I think mall people are a breed apart and it just is a different mindset when people get into a mall and they all become morons. I hate malls. (could you tell?) I avoid them like the plague.

    I hope you can find someone who will take good care and give you good updates on your kitties when you are gone. My parents or my sister or a friend of mine usually takes care of my other dogs when I’m away and I’m always calling or e-mailing for updates about how they are doing. I worry about them so much. But they are always fine, they miss me, and are happy to have me home, but overall they are fine. I’m sure your cats will be fine.

    I’m glad you had such a good overall birthday!

  7. Definitely agree about idiots at the mall. Any mall I’ve ever been to is generally full of ’em. Some of them even have the best of intentions, like the ones here in town who give you great directions…to the exact opposite part of the mall you were aiming for. I’ve never seen anything quite like it anywhere else, but our mall here, 8 times out of 10 that happens.

    Then there are the ones who get out of your way when you’re coming through by going in the exact same direction you have made it quite obvious you’re heading in.

    And just wait until you get grabbed from behind and spun around by somebody who thinks he’s helping. People do that to me and it doesn’t generally turn out well for them. I taught a Chinese guy a few English curse words and gave another guy a nice little backhand to the gut for that.

    “What was that for!?”

    “Well, somebody was grabbing me from behind, I was doing what anybody else would probably do.”

    “Yeah I guess…but I was tryin…”

    “Yes you think you’re helping, but that’s not helping, that’s scaring the bejesus out of or perhaps mugging.”

    “Good point, I see what you’re saying. Do you need any help getting somewhere?”

    And I love the person who does the grab you by the shoulders and spin you move and then asks “excuse me, are you lost?”

    “Well, I wasn’t, but I am now, thanks a bunch.”

  8. You know what’s funny? The raisers get asked “Are you blind?” and the handlers get the question “Are you training him/her?” Oh, Joe public, you are so confused!

  9. I enjoyed this post, too! It was highly entertaining. So funny how B got your shoes all mixed up–pink, croc, what what. I’ve been looking for waterproof walking shoes, too, because my current sneakers get soaked when I walk through the grass at dog parks. I’m glad to know waterproof ones are hard to find, because now I can just give up the search.

    At least your cats have each other to hang out with. That will keep them from being too lonely. But I worry about everything when we go away, too. I’m always relieved to turn the corner when we get back to our block and see the house is still standing.

  10. L^2

    Yeah, I get really annoyed with people too sometimes. And I hate to say this, but you should be prepared for some people to become a lot more annoying once you have your dog. I swear some people just lose all higher brain function when they see a dog. In fact, it’s usually the people I least expect to act this way that end up being the most annoying. It’s all, “Ooh PUPPY!” and their common sense just goes right out the window.

    Ahem, sorry. didn’t mean to rant there. LOL

    Really glad you found some good shoes though – you’ll definitely need them.

  11. I was going to say the same too, and was even going to suggest a few trips to the mall pre-dog so you can grow a moron thick skin, so you won’t have to get used to dog-level moron and normal moron all at once. The first little while can be overwhelming.

  12. On the shoe thing, I know they’re not sneakers but I adore my Merrill Mocs. They’re generally water proof (unless water goes up over the top and gets my socks wet that way) I walk all over the place in those things and they have great traction and good cushion and my feet stay nice and dry. I also hate shoes with laces so it works very well for me as they have no laces (they are slip on shoes) but they stay on my feet pretty tight and I find my feet do not slip around inside or fall out of the shoe at all. They are very well made too. That is just my recommendation on the water proof shoe thing.

  13. I’m loving this post and the comments! Here I thought it was just me, being judgmental and all or just plain mental. (lol) But now I see we’re from various places and we pretty much feel the same about our lame society! It’s not just Texas, it’s the malls, it the streets…it’s the PEOPLE! Woohoo! I’m not mental! (okay no comments on that please) lol

    joni who thinks her name is jnoi! lol

  14. It was interesting that you mentioned how the sales lady talked to you instead of B. That’s so annoying when people talk to Joni instead of me, like “would he be more comfortable sitting down?” Who would know the answer to that better than me for crying out loud!?

  15. Ro

    Holy lots of comments Batman lol! I haven’t had time to do any kind of responding, as I got back to my workout today and had a ton of email waiting for me. I’ve also gotta do my daily post and shower before heading off to a meeting, so Can’t reply to all comments, but I’m enjoying them immensly and am getting lots of good ideas. I love all the comments!!

    Oh, just quickly, Stormcrowe, when I first went blind, my friend took me for a pedicure and the girl asked my friend, does she want a flower? My friend said, she can hear you, she just can’t see you hahaha!

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