Doggy Countdown – Target and a dream

There’s been this thread on the email list about grooming sprays and stuff and I never even knew there were such things. So I figured I’d look into that after I get home and settled and such. Well, it inspired a dream last night. I knew I was going to Target today to get the stuff for the trip and I dreamt that we were looking at grooming sprays and I couldn’t decide. Then I forgot the spray and was freaking out haha! Just a little quick dream, but I thought it was funny.

So today I went and worked out, which went much better. I haven’t mentioned it here because I didn’t want to worry anyone, but I’ve been getting really dizzy when I work out. I told Lisa about it and she told me to eat peanut butter. Then last week I talked to Glenna bout it and he asked what I eat before working out. I’ve been eating oatmeal, but I wanted to get back to drinking instant breakfast made with soy milk. He said that sounded like a good idea. So I got the stuff this weekend, and had my Silk Vanilla soy milk with chocolate Carnation instant breakfast. Yummm. Energy out the yin yang and I didn’t get dizzy. In fact I worked harder. I increased my reps on everything and am now up to 3 sets of 38 decline sit ups. I was screaming on the last set and people in the cardio room thought Glenn was torturing me lol! So it was a great workout. I came home and had a pb and j sandwich on wheat bread. Definitely better than oatmeal for breakfast and popcorn for lunch haha!! Oh yeah, I had Silk chocolate soy milk with me sandwich yummm.

So L came to pick me up to go to Target and she brought her lunch so I told her all the stuff I wanted to get. Wow. A lot lol. So we went to the new super Target.

My plan was to buy 2 packages of Hanes men’s undershirts, black. Ah, foiled. The only black ones they had were crew neck and I hate those. So we looked at women’s but they didn’t have anything suitable either. So, I was gonna get khaki pants so I would have ckaki pants for a black dog, and black pants for a yellow dog, as was suggested here. While looking for pants, L found these kick ass sweaters. They’re pullover with those little pouch pockets with this funny neck. I think she called it a cowl neck. You can draw it up like a turtle neck, or wear it loose. So I got 2, one gray, one pink. Then we went back and got the mens black tank top to wear under the sweaters. It’s perfect, because I get hot indoors, so I’ll be able to layer this way. I also got a nice sports bra. This will be great for workouts, but also for training so I’m comfy. I’ve got plenty of jeans already. So, I’ve got all my clothes. We also got a pair of sweatpants to throw on to relieve Insert and to lounge around in. Yay! So enough clothes.

Target has a most excellent travel section. Anything you want, in the right size. So I got Herbal Instincts shampoo and conditioner. I got these when I went to WV too and I like them because the bottles are different, so you can tell them apart. I got lotion and sunscreen, toothpaste, q-tips, ibuprofin and hand sanitizer all in those wee small bottles. Sweet!

I wanted to check out the pet section to see if I could get my dog bowls. The whole time we were there, L would just kinda say things she saw to jog my memory. We ended up getting some refills for my wet jet since they were on sale, that 3 in 1 washer sheet stuff, a candle and this scrubbing bubbles stuff she recommended. So that stuff isn’t for the trip, but stuff that’s handy to have.

So we got over to pet supplies and she says “oh, a pop up dog kennel”. What?? Really??? How much??? 24 bucks. Collapsible dog kennel for dogs up to 75 pounds. I wasn’t going to get a kennel because I don’t know my dog, but it’s been weighing on my mind, what if I need one? And for 24 bucks I couldn’t pass it up. We’ve also been talking about those on the email list, so I figured it was a good thing. They had the bowls I wanted, so I got those too. yay!!!

Oh yeah, duh. I forgot. When we were looking at khakis, she said there was a really pretty wrap dress. Originally I was gonna get a wrap dress for grad, after Carol suggested it. So we looked at it and I tried it on over my clothes lol. L said it’s a medium green color, so either black or yellow will show up fine. I didn’t want to have to worry about shaving, but I’d rather not pack 2 kinds of pants that I won’t wear. So, I got the wrap dress. Then I said I needed a cardigan, but she was wearing one and told me just to borrow hers. So I borrowed her black cardigan and I’ve got black flats to wear with the wrap dress. None of it will take up much space, and the dress will fluff in the dryer just fine. Yay!

I think that’s about it. We were so done by the end. Oh yeah, I got zip lock bags. Those are a must for traveling. We went and checked out and the guy had no personality. By that point, we were so loopy we were walking around talking like Cartman. Well, L was, and it was cracking me up. I had to buy feminine products and she was talking like Cartman saying she hadn’t put the regulars in the cart and I said in a Cartman voice, something like, how dare you not put the pads in the cart and she was laughing because a man was walking past as I said that. So when we got to the clerk with no personality, he kinda killed our silliness. But not for long lol.

We went to Starbucks for mochas and my instant coffee for the trip and that helped fire us up a bit. I was like, crap I forgot batteries! So we stopped at Walgreens for those and then we were finally done. Oh yeah, the Starbucks chic asked if I wanted to donate a dollar for Haiti and I said sure and she got way, way excited. Like, over excited. Like, no one had said yes. Ok, if I can afford Starbucks, I think I can afford a dollar for Haiti. By the time we got to Walgreens I had finished the venti iced mocha. It was like, a 5 minute drive. So I said I was half tempted to go back for another since the Starbucks people were so nice, and I thought it would be funny, but we didn’t go back tee hee!

So we got all my stuff inside and hung out and then she left. I put all my travel stuff in zip lock baggies and put those in my zipper travel bag thingy that goes in the suitcase. Yay!

It’s all feeling much more real now that I’ve got all this stuff. Soooooo exciting!!!!! Can’t wait till I start putting stuff in the suitcase!!!!

3 weeks, 21 days, holy cow!


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  1. I have one of those crates, they are great! (though if it’s the same kind I have I had to practice folding back down to plate size, that was tricky! LOL)

    Glad to hear you got all of your stuff!

  2. Anonymous

    Ro, I ain’t going to pee on your parade, but what if you get a heavy duty pup. He may be too big for your crate. Not likely, but what if.

    Rooting for you, Lass.


  3. I LOVE that crate!! But, just a warning, I would never ever ever leave a dog I didn’t know really really really well in it unattended. It would be great for using while vacuuming or if you need a break from Insert (and we ALL need breaks from them at some point!). Or sleeping in a strange place, etc. But, my brother in law’s dogs broke my puppy out once and one of my pups broke out himself – neither time was at my own house! At least when the other dogs broke mine out, we were in the house! When Rebel broke out on his own, he was then running free in my friend’s house! Not good!

    We use it for travel or when visiting other people and the pup needs a break. It is SO easy to rip with a toenail that I really don’t recommend it for unsupervised use until you know for sure what Insert will do.

  4. It sounds like you are ready for the dog! A crate for only $24- that’s incredible! It’s always good to have a crate on hand, just in case. Do you have to buy toys for “Insert”, or is Guide Dogs taking care of that?

    Only 3 weeks? So exciting!

  5. Your excitement is catching!! 🙂

    It’s GREAT to have a fun shopping buddy, isn’t it?!

  6. Awesome! You’re all set!

    You’ll have to tell me what you think of the pop-up kennel. I’ve thought on and off about getting one for the Trixter so she’d have a place to go during thunder storms that might make her shakepuff less.

    You might wanna carry a couple of extra empty ziplock bags so you can put a few meals of pooch food in them so you have that until you can buy the food at home. But you’ve probably already thought of that.

    Yea! Hahaha about the Cartman voices. And that’s so weird about noone wanting to give a buck to Haiti. It’s a freaking buck and Starbucks is expensive. You’d think more could give.

  7. Ro

    Thanks everyone! I’m definitely feeling more prepared. As for the crate, if it doesn’t work, it was only 24 bucks. Better than buying an expensive one only to find out Insert never liked crates, but good to have it on hand too. The main reason I wanted one is because someone on the list said it was helpful for the cats to sniff the dog while the dog was contained. So if I only use it for the purpose, it’ll be worth the money. I haven’t tried folding it back up lol! I think that will be rather difficult. It’s under my kitchen table right now. Also, if Insert likes it, Target had a plastic one that you assemble for a decent price, too. I don’t remember how much, but it sounded less expensive than those betal ones. So that will be an option if I find I want one I can leave Insert in like overnight, say.

    GDB will send me home with 2 toys. I’ll get to experiment with Insert to see what he likes. I can also buy more at school. They are pretty picky about toys, no squeeky toys or balls, so I plan on following that guideline. I really wanted to buy an extreme cong, but I’ll probably get one at school.

    I wish I could pack some more, but it’s a little too soon hehehe! Once I get stuff washed I can pack those clothes 😉

  8. L^2

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great shopping day!

    I agree that it’s better to wait until you get home to pick out more toys for Insert, that way you can try out different things first. All schools have toy recommendations, but you might find that some of those don’t suit your dog very well. I think all schools discourage stuffed squeaky toys, but in my case that’s what Willow plays with best. She will chew even the toughest Kong into bits within minutes and whittles down Nylabones within a couple of weeks. But she has never, ever destroyed a stuffed toy – she loves to run around carrying them, show them off to visitors and make them squeak. I know this is definitely NOT common for most dogs, so of course you should heed the school’s advice, but you might just have to try a variety of things to find out for yourself what works best for entertaining your dog.

  9. I also agree- it’ll be best to wait and see what Insert likes. You can always ask Insert’s puppy raisers for recommendations.

  10. Aw you sound sooo excited in that post haha. I love great shopping days like that. My sister and a couple of my friends are brilliant for shopping with. They convince me to buy random stuff that I didn’t plan on buying and go around the shops telling me everything they see. I always leave OJ at home on these days because he hates shopping. Typical man!

  11. Ro

    Hahahah!!! Maybe I’ll get a girl dog 😉

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