Doggy Countdown – Surprise at Saavi

I don’t have a whole lot of time to write. Georgie is coming over in 2 hours and we’re gonna tool around and hit a meeting. I got home from Saavi a bit ago and just had lucnch and then I gotta shower. I worked up a good sweat today as they had the heat on, yuck.

When I got to Saavi, the receptionist said hello and told me S was there! Yay! He’s my little blink brother who I met when I first started taking classes there, who was friends with me and Miss A. I haven’t seen him since Halloween. We’ve talked on the phone, but not in person. So it was sooo good to see him. He’s gonna try and start working out at the same time as me, if they can get it cleared. So he hung out in gym while I worked out and then we sat and chatted till my van came. We also got to get the things Miss A’s son wanted us to have, so that was nice. We both got talking alarm clocks and he took the magnifyers since he’s got got some vision.

So I got to fill him in on getting my dog next motnth. Several other people were there too, that I got to tell, so it was a fun day.

I’ve got so much to write about fake service dogs and silly sighties, but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

41 days!!!


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  1. Nooooo! I don’t like to wait. I’ve been waiting all day for you to post something, and now I get this? LOL. I am so disappointed. Haha. Oh well, I’ll just wait all day tomorrow, and maybe I’ll pester you along the way. In the meantime, I should really update my journal. I have been so slack in writing.

  2. Ahhh! I hate when you end your posts like that. Stupid cliff-hangers lol. Well here’s a cliff hanger for you Miss Ro, I get Alfie tomorrow, not Friday!! Ok, well you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to read about him ha haha haha ha.

  3. fake service dogs? Oh nooo! Silly sighties? Oh nooo!

    Hey, have you figured out where your class lectures are?

    Have fun with Georgie.

  4. This is SO exciting! I am a raiser for GDB and am raising my 3rd one at the moment, Ryder. You may have read my blog? My first dog graduated in Jan 2009, and my second dog was Career Changed In December 2009, and I placed him with a loving home nearby. I can`t wait to hear about all your adventures with your new “eyes”

  5. Ro

    I read your blog hehe! I get my puppy raisers confused, but I know I’ve read about Ryder 🙂

    Sorry for the cliffhanger; I actually didn’t mean to do that this time lol. I’ve been busy and I’m back to feeling the pressure I did when I was doing 30×30 lol. I’m hoping to be able to post more today, but I’m not even caught up on other blogs, not having time yesterday. Busy is good, right? Haha!

  6. The only one who decided you *must* post every day was you. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy it, at least I do, but if you can’t post sometimes, nobody will be hurt.

  7. Ro

    Yes, this is true. I would be hur tthough lol, since I want a day to day account of the waiting haha!!

    Is this Carin’s Barb?

  8. Apologies, the 30-pound food comment and the don’t worry about not posting every day were me. I was in the process of fixing Barb’s blog, and forgot which identity I was under when I went and splattered on your board.

  9. Ro

    Oh, whoops! LOL! So it’s not Carin’s Barb, it’s Carin lol!

  10. Yup. I think it was more like Barb’s Carin! Hahaha!

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