Doggy Countdown – Six words for Insert

Mimi explains where this came from in this post.

I commented, thinking of 6 words to describe Insert, and my words were:

Mystery. Future Eyes. Absolutely in love.

That’s all I’m posting today as my workout took all my spoons today. I think another storm front is moving in. Back to the couch I go, with coffee and lectures 😉

14 days! Leaving in 2 weeks from today!


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8 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Six words for Insert

  1. Yeeee! Two weeks man! Hehehehe! I wonder when Mr. Bad News or one of his colleagues will call.

  2. I loved your 6 words. I hope you’ll get the perfect dog for you. Took all your spoons–haha! I’ve never heard that saying before. Makes me imagine you with just a bunch of forks as you sit on your couch!

  3. Ro

    LOL! That’s twice you’ve made me laugh through fatigue today. Sitting around with forks haha! Ironically, my silverware drawer has lots more spoons than forks. I think I need to put a link to The Spoon Theory on my blog. I guess I’m still confusing people on the spoons thing lol!

  4. Somebody’s late to the party. Am I gonna have to go all omniscient and find the spoons post? Oh you’d do that way faster than me.

  5. Ro

    Here you go Mimi. I think the Spoon Theory is linked in this post.

  6. I love your six words — amazing words to describe Insert! Yes, can you please post your spoon theory — I told a friend about it and she so appreciated it but would much much enjoy your version better than my trying to tell it version 😀

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