Doggy Countdown – Raincoat, what else?

I was trying to think of what I wanted to write for today’s doggy countdown, and nothing specific is coming to mind, so I’m just gonna see what comes out.

I ordered a raincoat on Amazon. People on the list said GDB has them to borrow, but I’ll need one here for monsoons anyway, so decided to look. I found one called a rain parka, with 5 star reviews. I love good reviews. The product description on this one was actually good too, which shocked me. It’s past the hips with lots of pockets and a hood. It’s got those flap things for ventilation. It’s navy blue with reflective striping. Sounded pretty perfect. One of the reviewers said she walks her dog rain or shine, and it’s got plenty of pockets for poop bags. So I ordered it. Now I’m thinking, what should I take to sleep in? At home I wear a ratty old cotton sun dress. I’d rather have something new lol. I know I won’t have a roommate but, you know. Then I thought, do people get dressed right away in the mornings to relieve their dog, or do they through on sweats or something to come down, and then actually get ready after breakfast? This might be in the packet, but I haven’t looked through it yet. So, what became your habit at school? Did you dress for the day before the first relieving and feeding? Did you bring comfy clothes to lounge around in? At home I live in men’s pajama bottoms.

Not too much else has been on my mind. I checked out the leg on my couch this morning to make sure it’s suitable for tie down, and it is. And the wooden dresser in my bedroom will be good too. I’m not gonna get anything. Well, dog food bowls and a container, but that’s it.

B was enjoying all his teams today until they all started losing. Then he got annoyed. But it worked well; he was able to watch the WV basketball game on the computer and flip between football and hockey on the tv. I hear him pulling up now. He ran out for quarters for laundry. Usually he does laundry on Saturdays, but he’s taking me shopping and for fondu tomorrow, for my birthday. He said I can get whatever I want. I think I’ll look for water proof walking shoes. I had another idea, but decided against it.

I also need to stop by Best Buy and replace my headphones. The right ear died so I’ve been using my iPod ear buds and I hate them.

I go back and forth from uber excited to holy crap to wow and back again lol!

Oh! B is going to take 2 weeks off while I’m gone and he’s going to drive up the coast, visit me on a Sunday, and then drive back down through Nevada. So he’s having fun planning that, and I think it’s so sweet that he wants to stop in and see me. I like it too, that the dog will meet him before we get home. I think I might take a towel or something, get the dog smell on it, so B can bring it back for the cats to smell. That was sort of something I did when I was moving. It’d rub the cats’ smell on the walls in the new place, and move stuff over before bringing the cats over.

Not much else to write at the moment. Just starting to think about what I want to bring with me. I need to clear some space on my iPod to add a book or two to it. Yeah, need to remember to do that.

Doggy doggy doggy hahaha! 46 days!


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  1. Ok, I didn’t go but since Darrell never gets on I will tell you what he did. He sleeps in basketball shorts so when he had to go feed and relieve he would just slide on his tennis shoes and pull on a hoody and go. I wear men’s pajama bottoms and a t-shirt so thats what I would have gone in.. you’ll want a jacket though because it will be cold in February!

    It’s so cool that B wants to go visit you. I went up with Darrell’s mom dad and sister to the graduation. It was so much fun to meet his friends and instructors. They knew all about me which made it a little weird but also flattering haha. He made some really good friends I know you will too!

  2. That is so sweet he is going to visit you! I loved and looked forward to visitors. In the mornings, I threw on sweats for the early morning relieving and then went back and sometimes crawled back into bed and other times started getting ready. For both my classes, I had roommates.

  3. Whenever I use something wooden to attach a tie down to, I use an old collar to wrap around the wood, then attach the tie down to that. That prevents the wood from getting scratched up and gives the dog a little more room on the tie down.

    How fun that B is coming to visit you! It will be great for him to see where all the magic happens 🙂

  4. Ro

    This is good info. Sounds like I can definitely just throw on whatever to take the dog to relive. Excellent, as I am lazy before coffee lol!

    They don’t have roommates anymore. I’ll be in a double room, by myself, yay! I was really worried about the romm temp having a roomie, because I keep it chilly at night, and I need the tv on to sleep, so that is easing my mind a lot.

    I like the idea of using a collar with the tie down. I don’t have any old collars. Hmmm lol! I’ll have to see how many collars I might end up with.

  5. L^2

    I’m so glad B is going to drive up to visit you during class. I never had any visitors the first time around (but my roommate’s family visited her and kindly included me in all of their activities). I don’t really expect to have any visitors this time either since like me, most of my family and friends live pretty far away from my school.
    At LD we relieved the dogs first thing in the morning. My roommate had legitimate matching pajama tops and pants, but I just brought my running shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in so I could get up and head right out. Before taking the dogs out though we both usually slipped on a hoodie (because even though we were there July it was still chilly in the early mornings in Michigan). Some of my other classmates just wore their pajamas out or put on a robe for relieving time. So, I’d say you should just bring whatever you are comfortable wearing. Most of the people there aren’t going to be able to see you anyway. LOL

  6. Hey Ro! The transition in your sentence. It went from raincoat to what to wear when you get there. lol I’m thinking, “Is she gonna wear the raincoat to bed there?” LOL
    I can feel the vibes from here! You’ll be fine! I just know it and B visiting to take the sting off missing him! Wow! Maybe YOU should propose to HIM! 😉



  7. Yup I just threw myself out of bed and relieved the pooch and then later on got myself dressed proper. I don’t know if you remember from my silly entries, but we got sloppier and sloppier about our routines as training progressed because we were getting more and more tired.

    Hmmm there wasn’t a TV in the room, so maybe bring a little radio for noise?

    That is wicked that B is going to see you. I was so far from anyone who could have seen me, and Sundays when others had visitors, I really felt the ache of being way far from anyone. Add that to the timezone difference between California and up here, and…well…if I was down, that wasn’t going to help.

    that raincoat sounds super cool.

  8. Ro

    Hahaha raincoat and nothing else haha! The GDB flasher hahaha!!!

    True, lots of people won’t be able to see me, but the trainers are sighties lol.

    I thought for sure that I read something about tvs in the room. Hmmm. Well, maybe I’ll put a movie or two on the computer just in case. If I can take it. I’m terrified to check my laptop and if they aren’t allowing it in carry on, what am I gonna do? Ick.

  9. I wonder what would happen if you wore a cat-suit to GDB? Happy Birthday!

  10. Ro

    Hmm, they might think I wandered off from the clubs in San Fransisco 😉

  11. A stray cat wandering into GDB…how funny! And Ro in her raincoat and B in his cap… had just settled in for a joyous cat-nap! lol

    cute… lol

  12. Ro

    Meow meow meow bark bark meow meow

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