Doggy Countdown – Rain, rain and more rain

The title pretty much says it all. Lots of rain. Lots. We went to Gamma’s yesterday for my Uncle’s birthday, and I really thought I was gonna be feeling pretty good. I was feeling great in the morning and into the afternoon, and then I took a shower. Lately all my showers have been exausting me. I think I need to do baths this week. I wonder if the bathrooms at GDB have tubs, or just shower stalls? Prolly just stalls.

So joy. I was already getting fatigued just getting ready to go. It didn’t let up. We went to Gamma’s and I was pretty low energy. We came home and B said, oh it’s gonna rain all day tomorrow. Oh. Gotcha. That’s why. I was able to push through all that stuff on Friday because it was sunny. Then more rain is moving in, which leads to pressure change. No wonder. I woke up this morning to constant rain. I guess AZ is trying to prepare me for CA.

I e-mailed Lisa this morning because I think I’m skipping my workout again tomorrow. My shins hurt. My shins! I sure hope I didn’t get shin splints after Friday. Dave had mentioned that I was picking my feet up well, and the GDB nurse had said that people get shin splints at school because they pick their feet up more working a dog. They offer Yoga for that, I think every Tuesday. So I’ll finally get into Yoga, sweet! But, yeah I think I’ve got shin splints, or at least mild ones. It hurts when I walk. Also, I was going to do laundry today. But, it’s pouring. And my gym clothes are dirty, and I only have one set.

See in the old days, I would have ignored all these blatant signs telling me to stay home on Monday and do my preparing. I’m not gonna ignore all this now lol! I actually feel hungover. That is not a fun feeling when you’re sober awhile. I think I’m dehydrated, so I’m drinking lots of water.

So that’s my sob story lol. Yesterday I asked B if I’ve been acting depressed, because I know depression causes fatigue. I’ve experienced the depressed fatigue, and it’s different, but I wanted to make sure. I know I’m not always the best just of my own mental health. He said I’ve been fine. I told HIm I’m gonna get depressed if I don’t start feeling better hahaha!

Quite honestly though, I really think this all just means I’m supposed to take it easy this last week before I go. I’m listening to my body and my gut and I really think that’s what it means. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that I’ve been down. I think my body knows what’s coming and is now conserving. I couldn’t see that when the fatigue first hit, but I really think that’s what’s up. So I’m gonna listen and just do what I need to do this week.

By this time next Sunday I’ll be all packed and getting ready to go!!! Wow!!!

I’m hoping to upload a video later and then write about the iPod, and I really need to practice that so I can get plenty of video of Insert!

8 days!!!


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6 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Rain, rain and more rain

  1. Damn evil rain. What a jerkbag.

    Hope your shins feel better. Poor body, goin’ through hell.

    Have fun munching super bowl shrimp.

  2. Ro

    While B was in the shower, I recorded a quick video and then I just took notes on how I get to it, so that’ll make the epic post easier. It also took my mind away from my body lol. Hmmm, now for more geek stuff I can do to keep me occupied.

  3. Hey, here’s a thought for you because of something I remember hearing about on the list a long time ago. In the San Rafael dorm, there is one room with a bathtub instead of a shower. Instead of being a double room, it’s single though. If you really think you will want the tub, maybe contacting the nurse again would help.

  4. Ro

    Oh really??? I’ll call them this week. I wish the nurse had asked me, maybe someone already requested it.

  5. Let me know what you find out! 🙂 By the way, did you ever order any headphones? I looked on Amazon yesterday but did not see the pair I have. Funny… All the Audio Technicas they sell now are way cheaper than what I paid. *sniff*

  6. Ro

    I totally forgot about the tub hahaha! I’ll try and remember to call.

    I haven’t bought headphones, no. I had gotten a cheap pair from Best Buy that aren’t bad. I’m saving your email about those other ones, though.

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