Doggy Countdown – Quack, a guide duck and some randomness

First, I must say UPS amazes me. Remember all that stuff I ordered on Amazon for my bathroom and the home improvement stuff? Well, the holidays really slowed things down. I’ve been tracking every day. I have an obsession with tracking. Like Arthur Weasley’s obsession with everything muggle. I even “tracked” Cortney and her cross country road trips, asking her to have her friend and then mom sign upon arrival. I am the supreme dork of dorks haha! But anyway. So finally the other day my stuff was in Phoenix. Yay! Then it all sat in Phoenix. Still in Phoenix this morning. But, sometimes it’s like they forget some steps in the tracking process, like the arrival scan here. So I checked again and bam, all of it is out for delivery, all with the time of 8:50. All from different sellers, all from different states. I have to wonder if there is some kind of alert like, Ro is getting a ton of stuff so lets hold it all in Phoenix so it gets to her at the same time. I mean, I had to go back and double check the times and sure enough, they are all 8:50. One of the packages for some reason didn’t give tracking info to Amazon, so I’ve been tracking it at UPS, just leaving the window open and reloading. Wow. Ok, seriously. Why does this fascinate me? I worked for UPS years ago. I know how it all works. I don’t remember learning about some cool alert system to put different packages from different states into one truck. That’s just cool. Ok, what is wrong with me hahaha! I’ve got my door propped open a bit so I can hear the truck. But it’s a lil chilly out. The UPS drivers usually show up here between 11 and 2 or so. Holy cow I’m gonna get a bunch of stuff all at once! A bathroom trashcan with a lid, a new set of purple and green towels, from different sellers, purple shower curtain hooks, from a different seller, and my bed set, from a different seller. It’s like my birthday and Christmas all over again! Hehehe!! Ok, I’m serously done with the UPS stuff, promise. Unless the shipment gets here before I’ve posted haha!!

Yesterday Kevin picked me up for the meeting in a fit of oh my God you won’t believe this. He stopped at the corner store, where a woman works who found out Kevin is sober and she told him she’s sober so now when he goes there they chat. So yesterday he’s like, I can’t stay, I’m picking my friend Ro up, I gotta go. She’s like, Ro? Yeah. Is she blind? Yeah. Oh my God, Ro saved my life. She spoke at the treatment center I was at, and when she said she wouldn’t trade her sobriety for her eyesight, it changed my life. I’ve been sober ever since and I got my children back. Wow. Wow wow wow. That right there just made going blind totally worth it. Wow. So, we’re gonna try and go see her at work today. I remember when I met the woman who changed my life and it was the best thing I ever got to do. I was star struck by this sober woman, who’s story I heard on a cd, and then she spoke at a conference I was at, and I got to meet her and thank her. I’m in awe that I am that woman for this woman at the corner store. Wow. The meeting was good, and I found out who’s been talking, which I already knew deep down. If I get the chance, I’m going to mention it to her. Nicely of course. But I think it deserves mentioning.

At the meeting, the topic was the “magic magnifying mind” and I got called on to share. So I said how I’m really excited to be going away to get my guide dog, and someone said, what did she say, duck? Laughs all around hahaha. Guide duck! So I continued the story and mentioned how I’m so excited to get my guide dog but I keep focusing on the laptop, because my magic magnifying mind likes to focus on the negative. Lisa flew on New Year’s Day and brought her laptop carry on, so it should be fine. So I’ll be able to bring my laptop when I go get my guide duck.

I posted that on facebook and people started talking about how a duck could be a guide and someone said a whole flock of ducks and I said we’ll need to find some duckling raisers hahaha!!

Ok, that’s enough outta me. Gonna edit and wait for my packages and try not to talk the UPS driver’s ear off about my fascination hahaha!!

Um, 42 days? I’m losing count, suppose I should have checked yesterday’s blog. Quack!

Oh, ps, Carol is coming back today!!!!! Carol and Carin back and life is complete again.


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  1. *DING*
    Ro is probably still sitting at her door, and if she isn’t she’s opening packages and stuff, forgetting all about her blog and all the dings!

    Stormcrow used to work at UPS in the accounts department. I always thought they got preferential treatment with my products, but guess what, they don’t. Workers are just expendable people like the rest of us. (can you smell bitterness?) lol

    Enjoy all your new stuff! And Happy Returns(to your heart, not your products) for all you give. 🙂


  2. Cool all your stuff on the same day! I love getting packages. Heck I love getting the mail every day even though most of it is either junk or bills. It still gets me all giddy. Dorky I know.

    That’s really awesome about the lady at the corner. Changing one life at a time. It all comes around doesn’t it? Very awesome.

  3. Hope the UPS man doesn’t do a drop n run like he did last time. Sounds like you’ll need his help bringing the veritable mount mail into your house!
    That is just so damn cool that you got to talk to a woman who attributes getting her life back on track to you. Never forget that whenever someone tries
    to spit on your success. You can always think “Whatever they said doesn’t matter, remember the lady at the corner store!”
    Guide duck. hahahahaha. Maybe you’ll have a dream that GDB read your blog and trained a duck. Hey they’d be able to detect overhead obstacles better.

  4. Ro

    Well, I was talking to Carol when UPS came, so she hung out with me while in Dallas on her layover, which was good because I was getting confused by the duvey cover thingy lol. Just hung my shower curtain now that I got the hooks and it’s nice! Yay! Wish I had quarters. I’d try and get myself down to the laundry. Problem is, I don’t remember what buttons are what, so I’d probably ruin the sheets and the towels lol. Wishing I hadn’t slacked on having someone show me the laundry room…ah well 😉

    That woman doesn’t work today, so I can’t go track her down, but hopefully I can meet her before Kevin goes out of town again. I’ll definitely never forget her.

  5. You can always get them shown to you again, and now that you’re not trying to digest all other things blinky, it may stick.

  6. Ro

    Oh I am so going to do that. L^2 had said the types of machines I have are really easy, cuz they’re just buttons. Honestly, I’ve just been lazy. B does all the laundry on Saturdays and I just put it away. I never really have much to wash. But now I want to wash, so it’s prompting me to stop being lazy haha!

  7. And when you want something, you’re gonna have it! It’s like Trixie rooting a treat out of a kong! She’s gonna lick that kong clean if it kills her.

  8. L^2

    Hahaha… guide duck! That might be fun, if you like poultry. LOL

    I totally understand your fascination with tracking packages. I think it’s fun too. I’m always excited to get packages and even just regular mail – though I wish I got more good mail and less junk.
    I had one giant package waiting for me today when I got back from the grocery store – it was 60 pounds of dog food which made Willow and Stella very happy. 🙂

  9. Ro

    Wait, if I like poultry, wouldn’t that mean I’d eat my guide duck?

    I want to get dog food delivered. How do you do that?

  10. Some stores just do. I get one that delivers anything over 40 bones. My dog food is over 40 bones, so to the apartment it comes. I love that store. I had another store that just liked me and couldn’t imagine me and guide woofer halling home a 40-pound bag of dog food so they’d just do it. Other listers have mentioned ordering it online and having it shipped, but I think that’s expensive.

  11. That is such a touching story of how you impacted that lady. Thanks for sharing.

  12. L^2

    Currently I get Willow and Stella’s food from because they offer (or at least they did before they changed their site the other day) a coupon code for guide dog users to save 20% off every order. Shipping from where they are in Pennsylvania to where I am in Kansas is kind of expensive, so it probably would be even higher for you. But I almost think it’s worth it since I really like the convenience of having it brought right to my door.

    I’ve heard that some pet stores will deliver dog food too, but I haven’t found any that will do it around here.

  13. You can order dog food from, probably a lot of other places. Petco has Science Diet, if that’s what your guide-to-be is on. They have a feature called Bottomless Bowl, where they automatically send you food or other supplies at regular intervals.

    Have fun with your new packagies!!

  14. Ro

    Thanks for the info on dog food delivery! I hope I didn’t screw up with my Vittles Vault. The girl who recommended it said she uses the 30 pound one so that’s the one I got, but ya’ll are talking about 40 pounds. Can you get 30 pound bags of food?

  15. Now I get a different kind of food and it’s 30 pounds. I don’t know what sizes Science Diet has, but I’m sure there are different sizes.

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