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I am such a good dog. Know how I know? Cuz all the trainers tell me so, that’s how I know. I’m so good at everything they’ve taught me. I’ve learned how to guide my trainers all over the place when they have that thing over their eyes. We did that obstacle course and then we started doing stuff on sidewalks with those big cars I used to ride in all the time. They try to fool me with one that’s quiet, but I’m too good for that. Then we even did those road things with no sidewalks, and those funny moving stairs and inside places with shiny floors. It’s just like all the places I used to go with the raiser people but now I have to really work. Before, I wore that vest thing and got a lot of how cutes and tons of pets from people. I had to learn how to be a really good dog, and I had to learn obedience and commands and all kinds of things. I finally got all that down pat, and then I went away and started riding in big car things with other dogs and had to keep being good in places and practice obedience and then learn even more! Now I wear this harness thing. That took some getting used to. It feels different. And people hold it. I have to wear the harness thing and the leash. Sheesh, I guess now that I’m bigger they have to use 2 things to hang onto me. It’s cuz I’m so strong. And I’m allowed to pull people when I have that harness thing on. I was never allowed to pull with the leash. No pulling. They kept saying I had to make a J. Hmmm. Whatever. I get to pull with that harness and it’s sooo fun! And I get kibbles and good dogs all the time when I do something good. It’s not all a cake walk though. They are showing me some hard stuff. And it kinda freaks me out when they have their eyes covered. But, my person won’t have eyes. At least they won’t have eyes that work, so I’m practicing for my person. I think I’m getting my person soon. I can feel it. I just know it! My very own person! Wow! I hope I get to see my raisers again though. They were such great people and they showed me soooo much so when I got to school I could learn all this hard stuff. Yeah. Raisers rock! They loved me so much and gave me so much affection and I always knew when I was a good dog. They were sooo good! I’ll be sooo ready for my person. I wonder who my person is? I wonder if it’s a boy or a girl? Young or old? Short or tall? I wonder where I’ll go live. I wonder if there will be more dogs, or those weird cat things. I wonder I wonder I wonder. I’m gonna be so happy to be with my person. I can’t wait! Ok, gotta get back to showing off now, so I can get more good dogs and kibbles and pets!

(35 days until this dog’s person goes to school


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  1. Awe great post!! I hope your dog is everything you dream about.

  2. Aww. That’s so cute.

  3. So cute:)

    Can’t wait to “meet” him/her!

    Toby’s Trainer (Raiser)
    SEGDI Raiser

  4. L^2

    Awww… I agree with Katrin. I hope you’re dog is everything you dream it is and more.

  5. Sweet. Can’t wait to read that post when the two of you meet!

  6. You and Carin need to have a write like a dog off at some point.

  7. I’m so excited for your dog day. Next time I have to have a dog day, which I hope is in six zillion years, I’m going to record me meeting my dog. It was such a blur that I honestly don’t think I remember the whole thing as well asI possibly could. When that other guy recorded his dog day, I thought he was a freaking genius.

  8. If we ever meet, we’ll have to write about the meeting from each of our dogs’ perspectives hahahaha.

  9. Ro

    Hahaha I can just see it now. I met that Carin person that my person always talks to on the white thing that talks and she had a dog too! It was so much fuch sniffing Trixie and she has to wear that harness thing too. Man, I guess we’re both special dogs. That Carin is wee small, she is. Trixie has an easy job pulling her!

    I don’t think I’d want to record my dog day. I mean yeah, part of me would, but I don’t know what might come out of my mouth and I’m sure there will be plenty of tears. But now yu’ve got me wondering if I should take my archaic tape recorder or hhurry up and get a Victor haha!

  10. Wow, you type really well for a dog! My dog can’t spell worth a darn.

  11. Victors are awesome haha I use Darrell’s all the time

  12. Ruff, ruff…g’day mate! Luv ur post! You must be one of those lucky mates with an accessible keyboard, ’cause my paws r 2 big for mine now. Gotta check into one of those fancy thingys.
    Stay real and take good care of your new blessed person. Get ya lots of kibbles and kuddles! Cheers mate, good stuff! Ruff!

  13. Ro

    Hello there! Are you from down undah? 😉

    Thanks for stopping by!

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