Doggy Countdown – Packing! and happy!

I am just so happy today haha! Do you ever get in a really good mood, like so good you talk really gooffy to the cats or sing random songs, or even just skip in your own home? Haha! Yeah, that’s the kind of mood I’m in. I love those moods, as while I’m typically in a decent mood, it’s been awhile since I’ve just been giddy happy.

I’m packing today! I’ve been putting stuff on the table as I think of it so that I had all my stuff in one place. I had my tank tops in zip lock bags, but they didn’t really work being packed like that. I had all my toiletries and stuff in a travel bag and stuff was just kinda collecting. So I finally decided to test out Carol’s suitcase today.

I put my street pack in first because it’s pretty flat, then the rolled up duffel bag Georgie lent me in case I need an extra bag coming home. With just those 2 things I started thinking, there’s no way it’s all gonna fit. Well, my packing skills never cease to amaze me lol!

I managed to get everything in there. All my clothes, socks, graduation dresss, toiletry bag and other odds and ends like the instant coffee crammed into a travel mug and a spoon haha! I stuffed socks and rolled up tank tops in the crevices the bags made lol. Then I rolled all my other items. My Dad taught me years ago that the best way to pack is roll clothes. He learned that in boot camp. So all the necessities are packed and there’s still room for the last minute stuff like my little teddy bear. Yes, my teddy bear. I can’t sleep without Snuggles hehehe!

I also got out my backpack that I’ll be using for carry on. It’s a great backpack, with a laptop compartment with a padded sleeve. I rolled up my raincoat, a pair of jeans and a shirt, socks and undies, just in case. Mom taught me to always have a change of clothes in carry on. I love that backpack because I can cinch it up with the outer straps to keep it as small as possible.

The suitcase is one of those that extends up, so I wanted to make sure the stuff going doesn’t need that much space, so hopefully I can expand the suitcase coming back. It’s also got those straps inside to cinch everything down. Those are a pain to keep track of while you’re packing, but they work like a charm in making more room.

So whoo hoo! Got the majority of that done. Later on I’m gonna wash the Vittles Vault and the dog bowls. Then I’m done! Oh yeah, still gotta finish listening to the clicker lecture and the guest lectures. I’m having a hell of a time staying attentive to those cds. I’m a very hands on person, so stuff doesn’t make much sense and my mind wanders. Gotta finish them so I can pack. Got my plane tickets tucked away in my backpack. Yay!! Oh and I played with the little alarm clock I got from Miss A and it works like a charm. So very easy to set, so that’ll be great to take. I just gotta pop the batteries because it’s really easy to make it talk lol!

Man, I love happy days. They are just the best!!! I’m getting oh so so so excited. I wanna go now, now now now!!! Haha!!!

Happy happy joy joy!

4 days, count em, 4!!!!


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10 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Packing! and happy!

  1. Boing! Boing! Boing boing boing! Oh yes, I love those happy days. One day I don’t even know what possessed me, but I was putting away groceries, and I ended up singing to them in a Scottish accent because I was so silly happy.

    Awesome! Go you! Getting done packing early is great because you can truly enjoy those last few days pre-Insert and call anybody you have to call or whatever.

    Hehehhe I’m excited for you. Very very excited. Bounce boing de doyng doyng doyng.

  2. That’s funny my grandpa was a Marine and taught all his kids and grandkids to roll their clothes when packing, I still do it to this day and even though he passes away I can still hear his voice giving me a hard time for the way I incorrectly roll my clothes. Woo! You are so close, it’s getting so exciting. I have to admit I am a little dissapointed that you aren’t going to Oregon cuz now Fuller is class ready. Darn, there is some lucky pooch on campus waiting for you though! 😀

  3. L^2

    Yay for good, happy days!

    I always roll my clothes when packing too, even for just short trips. It’s such a space saver. Oh, and the extra bag for the trip home is an excellent idea too. I never seem to be able to get things to fit back into my suitcase as nicely for the trip home as they did for the trip out.

  4. Ro

    Hahahaha!!! Ode to ye groceries, oh the fancy groceries to feed the lad and lassie hahaha!!!!!! You crack me up!!!! Hmmm, I should have sung to my clothes while packing lol!!

    Man, I didn’t know Fuller was in Oregon. Ah well. I’m sure his perfect person is coming along soon!

    So cool to find others who roll. Yeah, we roll like that lol!!!!

    Oh and I can’t take credit for the extra bag. It was Georgie’s idea, since I’ll be coming home with more than I leave with. So I’m glad I can pass on her idea!

  5. I definitely have those days, but I try to limit the skipping through the house. Last time I did that I roled my wonky ankle and almost fell on my face. Wasn’t quite so happy after that.

  6. Ro

    Hahahaha! Ok so now I’m picturing you skipping while Carin sings in Scottish to the groceries and then you fall down and Trixie is laying there thinking, “who the hell do I live with?”

  7. Hahaha I’m sure Trix asks that to herself on a daily basis for a whole lot of reasons.

  8. Yeah for getting ready!! On the Sunday when B isn’t visiting, let me know if you need a break from the dorms! Dagan and I would be happy to come break you out and go grab a coffee or something! Sadly, Insert won’t be able to leave campus with you. And, I may not be able to come into the dorms if one of our club pups gets matched. But, let me know if ya wanna hang out 🙂

    As a random tangent, I’m totally curious about B’s name. I don’t call him B in my head when I read your blog – I have a name that I call him. It’s my nephew’s name, because it starts with a B and we call him B. So, every now and then, I wonder if I am calling him the wrong name. OK, tangent done 🙂

  9. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO man! I am so excited! This is Amazing! O man!
    Count down for shore! It sgoing to be so much fun!
    LOL yea!

  10. Ro

    I will most definitely let you know if I need a Starbucks run without Insert and other students and trainers lol! That might really be in order, we’ll see. Though I can’t imagine leaving Insert. I’m already thinking I’m going to hate to leave Insert when B comes to visit haha!

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