Doggy Countdown – Packet, supplies and shopping

I got my packet from GDB on Thursday and forgot about the cd until this morning. I’m a little confused, because the woman I spoke with on the phone said the cd would have class lectures on it. With the new training regime, they send the lectures ahead. Well, if what I listened to were the lectures, I don’t know how they filled an extra week lol. I think I must have misunderstood. I thought she had said it would be text files, and the cd is an audio cd of a man reading all the forms and such, code of conduct, brief discussion of dog care, suggested packing, that sort of thing. I’m expecting another package from GDB with my plane tickets and luggage tags and stuff, so maybe there will be more info in there. I’ll call them on Monday.

Looks like the only things I have to wrry about bringing are clothes and shampoo and deodorant. I hate packing that stuff lol. Oh well. I’m glad I ordered the rain parka I did, because the cd mentions reflective clothing for night walks, and the rain parka has reflective stuff on it. It’s gonna be cold there. Cold cold cold lol. I’ll bring my warm Cubs hoodie to wear under my parka. The cd also said to have 2 pair of broken in walking shoes, one preferably water proof. So I’ll be getting a pair today. B is taking me shopping for my birthday. He said I could get whatever I wanted, and my first thought was a promise ring, but shoes will be more productive haha! That will give me time to break them in if I get them today. He had also mentioned a suitcase, but I’m not sure we can do both, or rather he can do both. He needs to save for his trip. He mapped it out yesterday and is so excited.

He asked if I’d want to do anything on that Sunday and I can’t answer that. I might just totally crash on Sundays lol. We’ll play it by ear. I’m just glad he’ll meet my dog before we come home.

I’m also gonna get a few packages of Hanes t-shirts. I figure those will be nice and easy to throw in a suitcase and keep track of, to wear for training. They have them in black. No white in a rainy city lol! I think I’ll also get more socks. Best to have plenty of socks in rainy weather, even if I do get waterproof socks. A dry pair of socks will live in my street pack lol.

So yeah, shoes, socks, shirts, travel shampoo. I think that’s really all I need to buy, and maybe a suitcase, though I can borrow Carol’s. She said it’s big.

Another thing I’ll need to figure out is the laptop. First I’ll have to see if the airline will allow it in carry on. If not, I have a decision to make. I absolutely do not want to check it. Especially since on the way there, my suitcase will not be packed tightly, and I wouldn’t want the laptop floating around. So, if I can’t carry it on, I might not bring it. If I don’t bring it, I will have no internet access, because I do not know Jaws, and don’t really want to know Jaws lol. B said don’t worry about that right now. Easier said than done.

If I can take it, I need to figure out what these keys are that are on the cd. I’m assuming that means passwords to the network. I don’t think I have any configuring or anything to do. I’ll call Apple anyway, just to make sure. Please pray that I can bring my laptop. I want to document training, and would have no other way.

Yesterday I ordered 2 stainless steel non tip non skid food bowls. Yay! And a Vittles Vault 2 food storage container. Woot! Once I have those, I’ll feel more prepared.

This brought up a question. I think it would probably be best to feed the pooch in a room different from the cat food. There are 2 possible spots for this. One is right outside the bedroom, so it would be noisy. B said he doesn’t know if it would wake up. The other spot is by the spare room, which would be right in the path of the cats getting to their litter box. I asked my list, and several people agreed it would be good to feed them in different rooms. Again, people are telling me to put the catfood in a place non accessible to the dog. This will be an issue if it’s necessary. Obviously I will do it if I have to. Some people have told me they have successfully trained the dog not to touch the cat food. Others have said hide it. The best solution for this if it’s needed, will be on the kitchen table that we don’t use for human eating. Would the dog still try and get up on the table to get at the food? I’ll ask GDB and the raisers too, but I want to have plan A, B and C, if needed.

I think once I start feeling more prepared to go, it’ll help the excitment. I’m uber excited, don’t get me wrong, I just feel unprepared at the moment. I know that will change though.

So today we go shopping, and we have reservations for the Melting Pot tonight for my birthday dinner. It’s becoming our birthday tradition to go there, and I like that tradition. Yummmy yummm yummmmmm fondu hehe!

Oh yeah, another thing I need to get is something presentable for photos and graduation, as the cd said. So Carol and I might go look for a simple wrap dress I can just fluff in the dryer.

45 days!!


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  1. It’s so much fun getting to share in your daily thoughts and excitement!

    I did an internship at GDB a couple years ago and (being from Canada) found it so hot (granted it was in the summer). But there was another intern from southern California and she was always cold … funny how it’s all so relative.

    I will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out to take your laptop … both for your sake (I know I can’t live without my laptop) and because I want to hear about your time in training.

  2. Hhehe. Yeah there should have been more than the what to pack stuff. Definitely ask. I’m one of the old hags who went to GDB before they sent lectures prior to arrival, so I don’t know how they came. And yeah, those keys are the ones you need to get on the wireless. since they don’t want every non-school-attending Tom, Dick and Harry surfing using their wifi, they passworded it. I never used the wireless so I don’t know what’s involved.

    Sounds like the cat food odyssey may be a bit of an experiment that you’ll have to fiddle with when you get home and you can find out what kind of goofy antics your dog will get up to.

    Blech. I just heard the wind blow. That’s hellish wind. God I hate winter. But I digress.

    You know, the airline jerk bags will probably have their shorts out of the twist they were put in by that Nigerian terrorist. Stupid restrictions.

    Have fun at the melting pot. Mmm. And happy shopping.

  3. OO shopping lol. Darrell and I had fun shopping for all his stuff. We went out and bought him 10 pairs of the exact same socks so he wouldn’t mix them up. We also got him a large mesh bag for laundry hamper and a smaller sock/underwear mesh bag to throw all that in for washing. You know, so nothing would get lost in transport from bedroom to laundry room lol. Oh and you can carry on your lap top, you just have to take it out of your bag when it goes through that x-ray machine thing haha. I don’t know what its called, but you can do it no problem so you’ll be fine. Hope it helps 🙂

  4. Parka?!?! You are coming to CA, right?? Though it is chilly here at times, most of the time you are out, it should be fine. 50’s to 60’s. Generally, a sweatshirt or a jacket is fine, which is lucky, since I hate wearing jackets and love sweatshirts. Yes, we get rain, but it’s not Oregon! Hopefully, it won’t be too rainy for you!

    Cat food. Interesting topic! I always recommend that new raisers have cat food somewhere that is not accessible to the dogs. Cat food is full of protein, so it smells really tasty to the dogs. They WILL eat it! Same with litterboxes – again with more protein in food, they poop out more protein too. That makes “kitty rocha” tasty! It is also nice for the cats to have a “safe” place to get away from the dog.

    Putting the cat food in the spare room and baby gating it off is my favorite option. The cats can jump in and out, hide from the dog and dog cannot get to the food and poo. So, there’s my opinion 🙂

    Our dogs always eat in the kitchen. It has everything they need – food and a sink for water. So, we just put it down there for the dog.

    Try not to worry about being perfectly prepared in advance! You can’t be 100% prepared for this, so it’s not worth stressing over. Get the things the dog will need on day 1. Be prepared for B to get a bag of dog food before you come home. Then, do your best to go with the flow. It will all come together and work out!

  5. Hobbes Dogs, where in Canada were you from? Curious fellow canucs want to know.

  6. Steve thinks maybe you can have your laptop with you, just not open across your lap. Everything’s all confusing. Screw you, Nigerian with exploding crotch.

  7. Ro

    Exploding crotch, yikes. Do they have an ointment for that?

    The parka is a rain parka. It’s light weight, but water proof. I don’t know why they called it a parka lol. The reviews said it’s cool on it’s own, and warm with a sweatshirt. As long as it keeps me dry. Remember, I am a desert rat. 50 degree weather to an Arizonan is brrr lol. The cd said be prepared for rain, as the rainy season is from November to April. So I want to be prepared.

    I got the closest to waterproof shoes. And they are heaven lol! We went to Lady Footlocker and they didn’t have any waterproof shoes, but she had a black Nike cross trainer that is mostly leather with not much canvas. I got insoles for them and they are nearly as comfy as my Crocs, which I live in.

    What else was mentioned. Ok the laptop. If it comes to having to check it, I have a solution. I’ve got this big ginormous clam shell type suitcase that I use for storage, but I might bust it out. One side has a mesh thingy that you can lock everything down with. So I can pack stuff in tight around the laptop and anchor it down. The other side could be mostly free for the stuff I’ll take home. We looked at suitcases, but for the money, I didn’t like any of them. I don’t know what I’ll do with all the stuff in the suitcase, but I think I’ll take my old clunker. Even if the laptop isn’t an issue, I think that suitcase will work best.

    What else was mentioned. Cat food. Yes. Yes, I think for peace of mind, I will be working on the spare room for all their stuff, and I’ll get a baby gate. I really didn’t want to misplace the cats, but they are adaptable and I really think it’s the best solution for everything involved.

    Did I cover everything? This is hard only doing one doggy countdown post because I have to remember stuff to write for tomorrow lol!

  8. Yeah, you can carry your laptop on the plane. At least I did when I went flying… One thing I have heard about which may interest you is a laptop case from A friend recommended that site to me because I was looking for some secure, but light-weight cases. They’re a bit pricey, but you do not need to take your laptop out of it when you go through security because there are no metal thingies on it. I cannot remember what mine were called, but I am thinking they may be soft cells. They have custom-sized ones for most laptops, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one which fits your laptop perfectly.

  9. Ro

    The question about the laptop is due to the latest terrorist attempt. We’re not sure now if things have changed or not. As for a case, my backpack has a laptop case thingy in it so I’ll just put it in that, if I can take it on with me. Here’s hoping!

  10. hmmm. I can’t see them not letting you take your laptop on. There are too many business men and women who only take carry on bags you know… I would check just incase though because I don’t know if I can go that whole 3 weeks and not read your updates everyday lol. It’s good that you have a backup plan just incase though.

  11. Ro

    Yeah, I really can’t see them not allowing laptops in caryon bags. I’m probably getting all worked up for nothing. I will do everything in my power to make sure I can write nightly lol!

    Oh btw thanks for the hint about a laundry bag. I’ll definitely bring mine 🙂

  12. For socks my absolute favorite are SmartWool brand. I wear them constantly and when my feet get wet or even just hot and sweaty, the socks work great for not making my feet cold and wet (my mother raised me on the phrase “cotton kills” ie wet feet with cotton socks will give you hypothermia and plus just make your feel really uncomfortable) They are pricey but they last forever and I really do highly recommend for any heavy duty walking. They have great cushion. Investing in even just a few pairs for your time at guide dog school might make all the walking easier on your feet. You can get them at most hiking/outdoor types stores (LL Bean, EMS, Lands End, Coleman, etc)

    Good luck with taking your laptop on. I hope you are able too. I really look forward to reading your updates!

  13. Ro

    Wow! I never knew that! I’m gonna look these up on Amazon, thank you for the tip!! I would never have thought to look up socks. If I can order those too, that will help. I’m finding that anything I can buy on Amazon makes my life so much simpler. I will look these up now, thank you!

  14. L^2

    I think you can still take your laptop on the plane, you just can’t get it out of your stored carry-on bag yourself during the flight. I’m sure you can check out all the new regulations on the TSA’s website though to make sure. Also, once you know which airline you’re flying with it’s a good idea to check out their website for any additional rules they have, especially concerning baggage – like size, number and weight of bags.

  15. Ro

    Yes, as soon as I find out the airline, I will check it out. It’ll be a pretty short flight, so I don’t plan on getting out my laptop, just don’t want to check it.

    Ok, those socks. I’ve looked them up and holy cow they sound great! I found a place I’m gonna call to try and order though, because I want to make sure they’re the kind I like, and the descriptions aren’t clear.

  16. I know aren’t those socks Awesome?! LOL I wear the medium weight ones. I find the ‘heavy’ weight ones to be too thick. And the ‘light’ ones aren’t enough weight for me (then again I’m use to New England weather and colder temps than you desert folk) They also come in cool colors. Blue, grey, PURPLE, etc. hahaha.

  17. Ro

    They are horrendously expensive, but from the reviews, I’ve got to try them for GDB. What do you think about re-wearing them between washes? I can’t stand to do that with regular socks, but maybe these would be different? I can’t afford a pair for every day of the week. I can’t do the fun colors either. I can only do black and white because those I can tell apart of I hold them right up to my face. I need to get those little things that hold socks together in the wash so I can get fun colors.

  18. I’ll admit it, when I use to go on long camping trips I didn’t wash them between wears. And they did fine. And that was when I was hiking in them, so lots of use. I still only have a few pairs (because they are so expensive) and I only do laundry once a week and so I do end up wearing the same pair more than once a week and it is ok. They are made of a material that it is ok to do this with, your feet feel ok and don’t get all gross and smelly and slimy feeling. So I do think it would be ok. The other nice thing about these socks is they are form fitting, so they fit your feet in a wonderful way. Just very nice to wear they don’t slip around or slide off your feet in your shoe.

  19. haha we got Darrell some of those sock clipping things a couple weeks before he left for school. He never once used one while we were at home. He was just too lazy to find one when he took his socks off. Anyways, we knew he wasn’t going to use them once he got to school so thats why we went out and bought all the same. I had to tell him to make sure he put his socks and his underwear inside the washable garment bag whenever he was done so he wouldn’t loose any or drop any in the hall lol. He would have been so embarrassed if his panties were found somewhere else.

    Disclamer – Darrell doesn’t wear panties, I just like to mess with him.

    If I can find those sock things Ro I would be happy to send them your way. Let me know if I should look k 🙂

  20. Ro

    I’m convinced. I’m gonna order 2 pair. I’m gonna call this one place I found. All the reviews say the socks are great, and the company is great. I’ll order them by phone, since I can’t make out what is what lol.

    We’ve got those sock tie things at Saavi. I just need to pick some up. Maybe if I do that, I can get colored socks hehe! Didn’t think about one of those washable bags, but I think if I feel around the machine, I should be fine. It’s ok if Darrel wears your panties 😉

  21. haha well you’re better than Darrell at doing laundry lol. You can tell the exact path he takes whenever he takes laundry to or from the room. lol socks and underwear mark the way!

  22. Hahaha. I’m pretty good, but I’ve been known to have to go back for a stray sock. Never underwear, always damn socks!

  23. Jesus Carin, you and the socks! I appreciate that you want to find everything since you are the one who can see colours and therefore designated laundry guy 99% of the time, but I’ve never seen a person get so worked up about a missing sock. Maybe it’s because I’m used to throwing the things out when I put holes in 1 and leaving the spare to make a new pair later since that’s what guys do, but lordy loo, sometimes it seems like you go way overboard if I say I can’t find one. I look at it most times like just let it go, cause man, it’s gone.

  24. Ro

    Hahaha!! Well I’ll tell you what. Since B has been doing the laundry, not a sock has gone missing. So now that I’ll be doing my own, when I buy these crazy expensive socks, I will be neurotic about making sure one doesn’t go missing, believe you me.

  25. Ro, move the cats now. Start with their food. Then their litterboxes. Then add the gate just to make sure they know how it all works before new dog comes home. That way, you won’t be displacing them and adding the dog at the same time. Let them adapt to one thing at a time. That way, they will also know that they can get away to “their” bedroom to get away from the dog.

    They are going to be scared. Period. All cats are scared of new dogs at first. Don’t let new dog chase the cats, but encourage the cats to stand their ground. I’d much rather have a cat that will beat the living daylights out of my dogs, rather than just running. The runners get chased out of instinct. You can correct the dog for the bad behavior, but it works SO much faster if the cats will correct doggie themselves.

    Our runner cat gets followed at times – Poppy thinks she is playing with her. Poppy doesn’t understand that she doesn’t like it until runner cat turns around and smacks her. Then Poppy comes crying back to me. My non-runner doesn’t get chased ever. Poppy gets in his face and he tells her no with a paw to the nose. He doesn’t move (which could be because he’s a lazy butt. But, it works!)

    So there is more cat advice for ya! Ha!

  26. Ro

    Cassie, this is good info, thank you! I’m going to talk to B about it all. We’ll figure out what we’re gonna do before I go, definitely.

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