Doggy Countdown – Oops

Yeah. Oops. I’ve been frustrated this week because all my preparations came to a screeching halt with this fatigue. So this morning I was feeling better and the bedroom really needed vacuuming. So I attempted that. But the stupid thing isn’t working well, so it was a waste, and it wore me out. Oops. I did mange to move some stuff around though, to clear the space for the bedroom tie down. I just needed to move my hamper so I can use the dresser leg. It really is the perfect spot. So that’s done.

Then I needed to roll up and secure the duffel bag Georgie lent me to pack in case I need an extra bag on the way home. So I got that done, and that was making my arms ache. Before that, I had looked at my travel computer speakers, re-learning how to fold them up, and looking to see what size batteries it takes. Then I checked out the batteries in my talking alarm clock. I know the dorms have clocks, but I’ve heard horror stories about them. My clock is something that Miss A had, that her son gave me after she died. So I want to take it. Plus, it’s super easy to set.

Then I wanted to check out the text cd that has class lectures on it, to make sure they’re the same ones I already listened to and they are. But I’m really rusty at braille, so trying to read the labels made my brain mush lol!

So I’ve just got guest speakers and the clicker training cd to listen to, and I’m done with those. I like that they send the lectures ahead but, well, most of it doesn’t make much sense haha. I’m sure it will make more sense hands on.

So that’s all I’ll do today as far as any work goes. This is driving me nuts. Sometimes I can get right back to work when a fatigue is letting up and other times it just sets me right back. Tomorrow is planned as a fairly busy day, which I will cancel if I have to.

Ok, back to doing nothing 🙁

12 days!


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6 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Oops

  1. It will all come together. It doesn’t seem like long, but since you’ve been uber prepared, you’ve bought yourself some time for just this need. So I’m sure it will all work out.

    Yeah I can’t imagine reading this stuff before having a dog. That would be weird. Can you put the lectures on your iPod so you have access to them if you need a quick refresher? Not like you’d need that, but ya know.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I’d spoon feed you but I know you wouldn’t like that! lol
    You rest when you have to, do what you can, and read and enjoy life! OMG… did I read 12 days??? Wow, it’s really winding down now. *biting my nails* 🙂

    *hugs and prayers*


  3. Hey, at least you were able to get some stuff done. Some stuff is better than nothing 🙂 Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. Anonymous

    Ro, old girl, don’t over prepare. Save some surprises for the adventure. Second guessing every can make you tired, if not crazy. I know of what I speak, I am nuttier than a fruit cake. (grin)

    Still watching you go for it!!!


  5. I agree with Carin you are uber prepared! You will find that helpful in class and getting excited for you! Hope you have some days to rest and relax now — with the exhuastion hitting.

  6. Ro

    I left this window up to remind me I had comments haha!

    I’m gonna be putting the lectures on my iPod, yeah. I told the trainer that yesterday and I don’t think he had heard of any of us using an iPod before haha! He was like, oh ok, if that works. Well, I don’t have a Victor.

    I had a dream last night that I was getting a ride to the airport with people from Saavi and they picked me up in the house I grew up in and I was freaking out because I forgot my melatonin, so I opened another bottle of it to get my keys out of it, to go in the house and get my half full bottle. I think the dreams are starting haha!

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