Doggy Countdown – Laundry Lessons

I love how I don’t even have Insert yet and I’m already more independent hehehe! I decided to do a load of laundry today, because I didn’t get around to it Sunday like I had planned. I’m getting closer to starting to actually pack, so getting something done daily is helping.

Anyway, I went down, loaded the washer, checked the time when I started it so I’d know when to go back, and headed back to the apartment, pulling my cart. A woman stopped me and introduced herself and asked if I needed help. Nope, I’m good, thanks. I’m getting a guide dog, so I’m almost done with this thing. I waved my cane when I said that. She said she had never seen one in action and I told her she’s about to lol.

When it was time to go back, I went, transferred my clothes to the dryer, feeling around in the machine and on the floor around it in case I dropped something. It’s one of those front load washers. I put my clothes in the dryer, checked the time again, and headed for home.

I checked stuff online, then it was time to go back.

I pulled my cart behind me and entered the laundry room. The dryers are on the wall to the right as you walk in, so I was walking towards my dryer. Someone had been drying clothes earlier, but the room was quiet aside from my dryer. I walked towards it when I got the unpleasant surprise of running into the upper dryer door that someone had left open. Doh! I got mad at the person, but then remembered Dave telling me to put my hand at the level of my eyes when there are possible head height obstructions. So I waited for my clothes to finish, thinking about how I should hold my cane next time and then thought I should just trail the counters instead of the dryers next time lol!

Took my clothes home, hung everything up, folded my socks and I didn’t lose a one!

But then I was folding underwear and I was short two pair. Damn.

Back to the laundry room. I went to the washer but it was already in use. I felt around on the floor again, then on the counters. Then the dryer. Aaround the floor. No underwear.

I was leaving when I thought to check the top of the washer. Score! There were my wet underwear in a lump on the washer hahahaha! I crammed them in my pocket and went back home hahahah!!!!

So those were two very valuable lessons hehe!!

I just got done eating and just before that, B and I went through the packets finally so I could check to make sure my plane tickets match my ID and they do. I went through and signed all the releases. I had read the email again this morning, and I could have sent them in, or brought them to school, so that’s good, since I kept forgetting to do it. Out of sight out of mind. 😉

So now I can start packing slowly. I’ll do some more laundry this weekend and I’m good to go!!

6 days!!!!!


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5 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Laundry Lessons

  1. Nice job. I hate it when I leave undies behind. I get all ug thinking someone else touched them hahha! How are the sheets doing? Are they doing a good job?

    I’m so excited for you I could bounce. It’s all coming together!

  2. L^2

    Good job, Ro. Gotta love being more independent.

    I often end up missing a sock or undies too, but luckily my washer & dryer are in my apartment, so I don’t have to worry about somebody else touching/moving them. LOL I always worried about that when I lived in the dorms in college and had to share the laundry room with lots of other people.

  3. Ok, I have a silly question. How can you tell the whites from the darks? Can you tell just by touching them? Sweaters and such? And how about pairing socks? Or are you like me and have all white socks? (I think I know and already answered the question in my head, but I am still curious.) UGH! lol

    Way to go Ro! Can’t wait to hear about your dogs first visit to the laundry room! 🙂

    The countdown continues! WOOHOO!


  4. I am doing laundry now, and am always worried about that too. I safetypin my socks together so I don’t lose them and I know they match lol. Yeah how are those sheets working out? I’m using powder right now, and hate it.

  5. Ro

    Natalie had mentioned something about a laundry bag that goes right in the wash to hold small things. I used to have one that I washed delicates in. I want to get one of those for socks and undies.

    I have black and white socks. I have just enough contrast telling ability, that if it’s bright in the room and I hold them up to my face, I can tell the black from the white. I have to have something to compare them to though. My clothes I just know what they are from people telling me when I get them. If I have two of the same thing in different colors, I ask what color one is, and then cut a slit in the tag so I can tell them apart.

    I think the sheets are working pretty well. My clothes feel nice and soft. There isn’t a strong odor of detergent, but I think they’re working well. They are just so convenient!

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