Doggy Countdown – Last countdown post!

Oh man am I tired. I don’t even know what I’m gonna write. All that’s left to do now is eat, sleep and wait. Everything is packed. Everything is ready. Did a load of laundry today and filled the suitcase to brimming. It’s not extended, so maybe when it’s extended there will be room so I don’t have to leave with the second bag. We shall see.

This morning I took a bath and the water wasn’t quite hot. It was warm, but not hot. And then the water pressure was off for my shower. Yes, I take a bath and then shower. I’ve just finished sitting in my own filth haha! So got that out of the way so I could pack my face wash and stuff. Finished the last lecture cd this morning. Talk about last minute, right? Then when B got up I was getting laundry ready and he ran to the store so I called Gamma. I cried when I hung up with her. I’m gonna miss our morning talks! So I called Georgie to get centered again so I wasn’t going to the laundry in tears hehe. I was planning on calling her today anyway.

Went and got the laundry done and I had sent Carin an email because she wanted to call today so I told her I was finishing up laundry and then running to Walgreens so I’d be ready in an hour or two. So I finish the laundry and get it packed and then B and I went to Walgreens. We got home and walked in the door and the phone rang and B said the name on the caller ID and I said, it’s my Canadian! It was Carin! That was cool. We talked for like an hour. I’m really not a big phone person but sometimes it’s cool, like today. So we talked and then hung up and I called L and we talked and hung up and then Chupa was online and she called. So, I think I’m done with phone calls. Believe it or not, talking is quite the spoon zapper haha! But it’s good because now I’m nice and worn out and can just zone until it’s time for bed.

Everything should be fine with the internet, but in the event that it’s not, Carin will do a blog post for me here and let you all know. If I can’t access the internet, I’ll still journal and then post it all when I get home. So hopefully you will all find out who Insert is on Wednesday, unless there’s no internet, then you’ll have to wait until I get home. 😉

Oh yeah! I suppose I should link to the puppy pool results, so hopefully we’ll know who won on Wednesday. Heck, I won’t even know if there’s no internet. Oh wait, yes I will, I have the results saved in a text document, duh.

I’m changing the blog header tonight to reflect the trip. Lish gets credit for the idea. I went and typed it up and we refined it. I think it’s fitting.

So from now on the subjects will start with “Doggy School”. I think it’s fun to continue the “doggy” theme. 🙂

I’m so excited! I think I used all my energy on excitement and phone calls. I could sleep right now. *Yawn*.

Spinelli just jumped up on my lap and now she’s curled up bathing herself. I’m not looking forward to saying goodby in the morning. Ick.

Oh yeah, this smorning I was getting a glass out of the drainboard and touched Insert’s dog bowls and it made me smile. Dog bowls all ready, and Vittles Vault washed. All prepared!

Tomorrow I’ll get up and check emails and then Alex is getting packed up. So….I might reply to comments in the morning but if not, I’ll hopefully see ya’ll on the GDB network!!!

1 day!!! Countdown complete. Countdown Complete. Countdown Complete.


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15 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Last countdown post!

  1. Had to come in and give ya a big hug Ro!

    We’re anticipating your return to Blogville and coming home with your pup!
    Stay safe and try and think of us a little okay?
    xoxoxox jnoi and Stormcrow xoxoxoxox

  2. Best wishes for a safe trip and a wonderful time meeting and working with your guide dog!

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a female black lab whose name starts with “M” so I can win the puppy pool. Haha!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful night’s sleep tonight, because tomorrow, you start a new chapter in your life!!!!! Marin County, here comes Ro!!

  4. Good luck!! I hope everything goes well and smoothly and you have a terrific time at “Doggie School”!!!

  5. I thought I was going to die laughing when I read your new blog header! Lol, I am still laughing!

    Good luck with your trip tomorrow! Hopefully you get some good sleep tonight. I am crossing all my fingers that you do have internet access, and that you will have time/energy to blog about your adventures!

  6. Ro

    Thanks everyone! I’m heading to bed soon, even though I’m trying to milk every last minute of home hehe. My heart is racing and I just wish it was tomorrow already hehe!!

    Glad you like the header 😉

  7. YAY!! Safe travels to you and your new pupper! I can’t wait to hear all about your time at class. Have fun!

  8. L^2

    LOL nice new header.
    I hope you have a safe trip. *hugs* Can’t wait to hear all about everything! 🙂

  9. Be safe and have FUN!

    Can’t wait to hear about your doggy!

    Toby’s Raiser

  10. Nice job with the header. *smile*.

    It was good to talk to you on the phone. It was freaky. We’d talked about if there would be time to phone, and you said you’d email me when there was a chance. So I was merrily doing a blog post, and when I finished, I saw the email. “Call me in an hour or so.” That was sent, um, an hour from when I saw it. So I pick up the phone and call, and there she is!

    Safe trip tomorrow, and I hope Alex talks nice with the GDB network.

  11. Yea! I was talking about guidedogs today with some friends and was like O my gosh! RO is leaving for class tomorrow! lol

  12. Hey, I amrouting for ya starting tomorrow.

    Safe travels.

  13. Good luck! I’m sure it’ll be great. Hope you get some sleep tonight. I don’t think I slept well before I went to class so wishing you the best with that. (smile) Say hi to Insert from Pasta and me! Hopefully, it’ll be a yellow female lab starting with T so I can move ahead in the list pool. Hahaha!

  14. Header is cute! Maybe you should’ve changed the title too for a bit “In the center of the WOOF”

    Getting my last digs in!You are well on your way. 😉


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