Doggy Countdown – iPod craziness

I’m not even going to go into details but I wanted to get a countdown post in now before I get sucked back into trying to figure out the iPod videos. It’s a really, really long story that needs it’s own post. Like, really long. So I think I might just have gotten to a point where I might be able to post a video and I have to try a post to try it. If it comes out embedded please don’t hate me blinks. I will make sure I make it accessible at some point. I just need to test it now to see what I’m up against. I know this is cryptic, but I’m mentally spent, yet addicted to mastering this stuff. Technically this video stuff should not be accessible to Voiceover users, something Apple confirmed after our 2 hour conversation, which is something I can’t accept. So as the Apple guy put it, I found a way to do it that is a really backwards way to shoot a horse. His words. But, Apple will be working on this. Ok I wasn’t going to get into this lol! I’m gonna try uploading a video of Timmy. Insert, see how much I love you? I’m about ready to disown Apple just for you 😉 Not really hehe.

18 days!

K, testing.


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  1. JAWS users: hit the unlabeled 4 button and she will play. Do not know what System access or window eyes or supernova users have to push.

    Heheheh! Now I know what you sound like! Cool beans!

    So I guess Mr. iPod showed up. Super coool!

    Timmy, what do ya think about being a movie star?

  2. Ro

    Oooooh thank God. Ok, I don’t use expletives a lot on here, but I will say I used a lot when I emailed Carin and she replied that she could view it. Wow. Ok, I don’t know what that means that you have to do to view it, but I think I’m gonna make a youtube account and do it that way. It was a pain uploading it to Blogger after all the pain to even get the video accessible. You just wait for the post explaining it all.

  3. It worked! So cool. And you hav a very cute cat. And you sound just like a friend of mine who lives in FL. LOL.

    At the very end another cat came into the picture too, off to the left hand side behind Timmy. He or she looked kind of Manx or Abyssinian like except tiger colored I think. Was hard to tell for sure.

    Congrats! It worked!

  4. Ro

    Sweet!! It could have been either Spinelli or Fi. They look a lot alike. I’m not sure which one came in. Did Timmy get his face right up by the camera? That was how it felt hehe! The sound quality is really diminished. I think Blogger converted the video. On my iPod you can clear hear him purring. The little brat didn’t meow like he usually does.

  5. Yes about 3/4 way through Timmy stuck his whole face right in the center of the camera up close. Right after you said, “I think you’re all back lit” (or something like that) And at the beginning you can hear him purring a bit.

  6. Oh I know how that goes. You write the post and think gee, that doesn’t look as hard as it felt.

    I think you won’t have to deal with a captcha with YouTube. You can just sync your google account with your YouTube. Do it when you have spoons, I remember getting frustrated with the process.

  7. He sure is a cute guy! I could hear him purring at some parts.

    I enjoyed watching the video and look forward to more in the future. It’s always so funny to hear someone’s voice after reading their words for so long.

  8. L^2

    Excellent, Ro! Glad your iPod finally showed up and you got it all to work. Timmy is a cutie. 🙂

  9. Ro

    Haha I know! I’ve only heard a few of the people I read. But I’m so used to hearing all of you in alex’s voice, that it sure is a trip to hear the real thing.

    Everytime I watch that video I’m like, why did I say “you’re my first client”? I remember thinking that when I shot it, like why the heck did I say client? Anyway, lol.

    Carin, you can bet that when I write the instructions for other VO users on how to do this, it’s going to show how hard it was. Well, maybe not. I dunno. It’s funny that I spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple, ended up giving the supervisor a lesson in Voiceover, and figured it out while I was waiting for him to call me back, and he didn’t even have the answer. *sigh*

  10. Timmy, I wish you luck in the “star” bis!

    As for the movies, I would rather you post them straight to blogger – as my computer does not allow YouTube,

    Looking forward to seeing more movies!
    How easy is it for you to post one?

    Toby’s Raiser

  11. Ro

    Really? Why doesn’t your computer allow youtube? That’s just weird. I know for the screen reader users, youtube is better. At least in my opinion lol. The sound quality was also a lot better on youtube. Uploading was easier too. But I could do both, I suppose.

  12. It’s a setting our parents use:)
    You know, so we don’t spend “all” day on the computer!
    I don’t really mind if you use YouTube, but I will only be able to watch your videos occasionally (when I can get a parent to allow it), so blogger always is better for me.

    Toby’s Raiser

  13. Hmm well I saw this after I posted on your most recent one lol. I didn’t know you had another cat (Fi). The one that jumps in is kind of tiny and looks like a short haired tabby.

  14. It was a great video! I’m so excited for you!

    If it isn’t horribly rude to ask..and if it is please don’t publish my comment! do you make a video blind? I know you said that it was hard to do. If it was me I would probably be videoing the wrong thing the whole time! Anyways, I’m shutting up now. Glad to hear your ipod made it and I can’t wait to see more videos!

  15. Ro

    Ok, that probably was Spinelli then. I don’t think Fi would have jumped on the dresser.

    Toby’s trainer, if a youtube video is embedded in blogger, can you see it then? I could imbed and do a link, if so.

  16. Ro

    Maddie, where I am concerned, it is never, ever rude to ask me about blindness. I am happy to share how I do things, and I really open questions from sighties hehe. I don’t think all blind people are like me, but the ones I associate with are 🙂

    When I first went blind, people said I looked right at them. I said one day that I didn’t know how I did that. My friend pointed out that my eyes are right between my ears, so when I listen, I can pinpoint right where the noise is coming from. So I just did that with the iPod. I held it in front of me and could zero in on Timmy. That’s how I knew he had jumped on the bed, because I heard him do it. So I just pointed in the general direction of where I heard him hehe!

    I’ll never know if the videos are coming out ok, but that’s fine by me. I can’t wait to play some more, but I had to stop myself or I wouldn’t get anything done 😉

    Hope that gives some insight, and never be embarassed to ask me anything 🙂

  17. I didn’t figure you would have a problem with me asking, but I wasn’t to sure!
    That’s really cool that you can tell by hearing. I was told in school that when you loose one of your senses the other ones picked up the slack, but I never knew if it was true or not. That’s really cool!

  18. Ro

    Yes. It’s been explained to me that the other senses don’t get “better”, but you become more acutely aware of them. In going blind, I just became much more aware of things I hear, and how to use my hearing to help me. So I’m not sure it’s so much the other senses “taking up the slack” but more the brain’s ability to hone in more on those senses. My sense of smell has even gotten much more useful haha!!

  19. Wow that’s really interesting! If you run out of things to write for doggie diaries, you could write about the adjustment to being blind. I would love to hear it and I’m sure other sighties would too!

  20. “Toby’s trainer, if a YouTube video is embedded in blogger, can you see it then? I could imbed and do a link, if so.”

    Yes it still would be blocked, but don’t mind me, I will try to watch the videos on your blog when the computer is “unlocked” 🙂
    I have had some issues with other dog blogs that their photos can’t be seen, so I can get by with missing photos/videos, but if you were doing a “survey” I would vote for just posting them straight to the blog!

    Can’t wait to hear more about the dog!

  21. Ro

    I actually have a label called “adjustment to blindness”. I use that label on any post that talks about adjusting to stuff 🙂

    I want my blog to be accessible for all, so I’ll figure something out about the videos 🙂

  22. Maybe embed a blogger copy and post a YouTube copy? Then the non-youtubing folks can get the blogger video, and us blinks and other folks can click the YouTube link.

  23. Ro

    Carin, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. I figured that out as soon as Toby’s trainer said that youtubes were inaccessible to her. I would hate for anyone to be locked out of a feature on this blog. I know too much about how disappointing that is.

  24. Shweet. Everybody’s happy.

    If for some reason you can post to one but not the other at school, if you trust me, I can do the other if you give me the relevant info. I’d hate to see you battling just to get a video when you’re being kept busy with other things.

  25. Ro

    Yeah, I really need to practice some more before it’s time to go. Just to get an idea of how much time it will take. I have a feeling I won’t be doing a lot of uploading while I’m there. Rather I’ll probably post a lot of videos when I get home. But, maybe I should make you a guest blogger before I go, just in case haha!

  26. Sounds like a plan. And if you want, I can be your comment mod while you’re gone…unless you’d just prefer comments be off during that time and people direct email you.

  27. Ro

    I wonder how that would work. If I give you permission, would you get the comments in your email too? We’ll have to play around with it.

  28. Ok, being a sightie (hey, we all blink)I was quite impressed with how a blind girl knew what and where she was filming! I mean, suppose Timmy’s butt was the whole show?? Good thing you had a handle on his head, eh? LOL

    I’m very proud of you Ro!


  29. Ro

    Thanks JayNoi! I knew Timmy would be easy because he is not a quiet cat haha! I can’t wait to play around some more later on today. I want to do one with just audio of Alex 🙂

  30. Herm yeah we’d have to play with it. You’d probably have to put my email address in the comments will be sent to area. Would I have to be an admin to be a comment mod? Wooohooo experiments ahoy.

  31. Ro

    Yeah I’ll have to play with it and figure out how I want to handle the blog while I’m away.

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