Doggy Countdown – Insert’s the name

Most of the people on my e-mail list have signatures that say their name and their dog’s name. I have about 11 signatures that are chosen at random, and after I got my class date, I made one that says my name and then “and *insert doggy here*”. So today someone said everytime they see that they think of Insert as the dog’s name. So guess what? For the next 3 weeks and 2 days, my dog’s name is insert haha!! Actually 3 weeks and 4 days since I won’t find out Insert’s name until the 27th. =D

I don’t have much else to write today on the doggy front. There is a discussion on the list about poop bags, which I haven’t given a whole lot of thought about. I have a drawer full of grocery bags for when we get home and then I figured I’d decide on what to use after that. There have been several suggestions on the list about actual poop bags, or using produce bags, or whatever. So I’m sure it’ll be fine when we get home. Someone said don’t even worry about it till then, so I’m not hehe.

B took his car in today to have everything checked for his road trip. I have to say that his car has renewed faith in Ford for me. He bought that car brand new in 2002 and hasn’t done much in the way of up keep. He gets regular oil changes, but never had the spark plugs changed in all these years. There is a Break Masters down the road a piece and he got a coupon for the mother of all car checks. After calling around a few places, Break Masters was best. It’s somewhat within walking distance, so he dropped it off and then walked home. I had to laugh because he’s never walked to our place before and didn’t realize what a hike it is. Yup. And I’ll be doing that walk pretty much daily lol.

He had to start laundry when he got home, and when he arrived in the laundry room, someone had used all 4 machines and then never came back. He left and I washed some dishes and he still wasn’t back so I was grabbing my cane to make sure the hike hadn’t given him a heart attack, when he called me from the laundry room to tell me he was waiting for the person. I begged him not to get in a fight because I really don’t want enemies here lol. He assured me he would make them feel guilty in a nice way. I told him just take the clothes out of the washer, who knows how long they’ll be. So that’s what he did. I think it was actually two people who filled the machines and never returned, because when he went back to put his clothes in the dryer, only two dryers were in use. People can be so inconsiderate. I try to think that maybe they just got a phone call or something and aren’t just jerks. I used to always set a timer when I put my clothes in so I was back the second they were done.

I’m still not doing my own laundry. I’m gonna get those washer sheets on Monday and then I need to have B or someone show me what buttons are what. So maybe next weekend I will be doing it myself.

Aside from that, I don’t have anything else to write. It’s a nice relaxing day here today. It’s chilly out, but I think the rain has stopped for the most part, and it should be sunny tomorrow. Yay!

23 days!!! Wow!!!!!


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8 Responses to Doggy Countdown – Insert’s the name

  1. “Insert” I like that LOL

  2. Insert, forward. It could be! It will be fun for you to have a name … coming soon.

  3. Ugh, I hate laundromats! I had a quilt stolen out of a dryer once, it was handmade and given to us as a wedding gift!

    Insert…wouldn’t it be really really funny if you get matched with a dog named insert for real?!

  4. L^2

    “Insert.” LOL You should use that as a nickname to tell all the fifty billion strangers who will come up to you and ask your dog’s name. Willow’s nickname when we are asked tends to be Vanilla.

  5. Ro

    Haha it would indeed be hilarious if I’ve named my dog correctly already lol!!!!

    Luckily we have on site laundry, so I think the danger of theft is fairly low, we just have to contend with our inconsiderate neighbors. That’s terrible about your quilt 🙁

    Hmmm, stranger danger nickname hehehe, I like it!

  6. Insert – I love it! I am considering stealing that name because no one ever gets Hosta.

  7. haha I like Insert!

    And the poop bag thing, we have a little trash can outside on our patio for all our poopy bags. We live in an apartment so have to pick up every single one of them. If you’re going to do something similar make sure the trash can is pretty small, I think ours is 12 quarts and has a little lid that opens up when you press the pedal you know. Poop gets really heavy so anything over 12 quarts is a bad idea lol. Plus you don’t want it staying there too long.. gets pretty smelly haha.

  8. Ro

    I’ll actually be relieving Insert right by the dumpster so no need to get a trash recepticle hehe.

    Yeah Hosta is an odd name. Alex says “hoostah”.

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