Doggy Countdown – In happy tears

So I’ve mentioned before about how happy I am that the decision to get a guide dog has led me to meet so many amazing people. I’ve just grown to care about my “blogger family” so much, that I so look forward to reading about everyone’s lives. I was just getting around to catching up on blogs today and I came to a blog I follow about a woman with twin girls and a husband who is in the military. I’ve just really fallen for their family and I think that if I were ever a mom, I’d be a lot like her.

The military always pulls at my heart strings anyway, so to read about a mom left in the states while her husband goes off to protect our country, reading the emotions surrounding being separated, the daddy missing the girls grow up, though with the amazing technology we have he can tuck his daughters in at night over the internet, wow. Doesn’t that make your eyes mist up?

I’m not gonna link to the post I read today because I like to ask permission, especially with such big news type posts and I didn’t ask her because I had to come over here and blog right away. I was just so emotional haha!

I was reading her latest post and I was all confused because she’s talking about going to an airport. And then she tells the guy in line behind them at security that they’re picking up daddy. I was saying out loud, is he home? Is he home? I thought he wasn’t due back until closer to Valentine’s Day. Then there’s a picture (which she does great descriptions for) and it’s a picture of her husband getting off the plane with the girls running to greet him.

Oh tears! Oh happy tears! Military reunions always got me when they were on tv and I haven’t seen those images now for so long. I felt like I was there today, reading this post.

This is just another amazing family I now know, all because I decided to get a guide dog. I know this post doesn’t talk about how I’m feeling about my dog per se, but getting to be a part of these lives is a reward I never imagined when I decided to add a dog to my family.

19 days!

Oh PS – If I ask her and she says yes, I’ll do another post with the link.


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5 Responses to Doggy Countdown – In happy tears

  1. That was an awesome post! I saw it too. 🙂

  2. Oh so sweet. I have to say prior to getting my first guide I did not realize how many special relationships would be formed thanks to my guide and the many wonderful people you meet. Wow 19 days sounds close!

  3. I just love happy endings!

  4. I haven’t been on the computer much, since we’re busy spending time together, so I just got around to reading this post. Ro, you are just so so sweet. I’m honoured to be able to call you a friend.

    Of course you’re welcome to link my post. You never need to ask.

    Yeah, Lucas was due to come home around Valentine’s Day. There was a last minute snafu in his paperwork that meant he might be coming home earlier. I didn’t post anything about it, because I didn’t want to take everyone else on the up-and-down journey of military orders and how often they change! I didn’t even tell the girls until a couple of days beforehand.

    Lucas will be home until mid-February, and then he’s off to Virginia until May. We were at a friend’s house yesterday, who’s in the unit Lucas will be joining. It sounds like we’re looking at as early as July for a deployment to Afghanistan.

    I’m planning to post about how Mel and Jessie have reacted to having Daddy home, but the summary is this: they’re happy. There’s been very little clinginess to me like we’ve had in the past. Jessica’s been walking around with a smile on her face from waking until bedtime since Daddy got home. Melody’s been doing her thing (otherwise known as talking constantly), but she does little things like asking Daddy to take her potty that show she’s happy to have him home.

  5. Ro

    Ugh, Afghanistan. I wish he were going somewhere safer. I’m so glad the girls are so happy and not afraid or confused. Whew! That’s got to be a relief on both your parts. I’m glad you’re getting some good time with him before he has to go so far away. I wish they could leave him there rather then send him to Virginia before he has to leave the country. That makes much more sense to me. Leave him home while he’s in the country. Ah well, I’m sure they have their reasons.

    Thanks for keeping us off the roller coaster. I’m sure we’ll all be terribly sad when he leaves again, just like we were all so joyful when he came home. 🙁

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