Doggy Countdown – Hop up and search

I meant to post a lot earlier but got delayed by a second abdominal workout. I’ll explain in a minute.

First, not a whole lot to report on the doggy countdown. Went to Saavi today and did my workout, and put an incline on the treadmill. Figured it was time to see how I am with hills, since San Fran is hilly. I must say, adding an incline really makes you work that much harder, ouch. It was also really hot in there. The heat for the whole place is all the same, and everyone was freezing. So Lisa had to make sure a fan was on me. Do you lose weight when you sweat? Yeah, isn’t that how wrestlers train? run in hoodies? I remember a kid in my neighboarhood running in the summer with a hoodie on. Nuts.

Anyway, Lisa had me go up on the decline sit ups, so I went up from sets of 30 to sets of 33. 99 situps today ouch! Afterwards, I was sitting in the lobby chatting and I hear, “hop up”. I say, is that Christy? No, it was Saavi’s director. But, I did hear a guide dog command. I said, oh! I haven’t met your guide dog! She kep walking and said the dog’s name, not sure I should type it here. I told her I’m going next month and she said congrats. That woman is hella busy. She is always, always moving.

I waited for my van, and waited, and waited. It was late. Then the driver got lost. So I got home a lot later than usual. I ate lunch and hopped on the computer and was gonna get caught up on blogs and then post. Plenty of time before I need to get ready for the meeting. B is picking up his 12 year chip tonight. Go B!

But, I got sidetracked while reading the latest Vomit Comet creation. So, I had to click on the label assigned to this kind of post. They have some kind of tracker that lets them see what searches have led people to their blog. I laughed so hard at the post today that I got a second abdominal work out. It freakin hurts to laugh after 99 sit ups. But oh, I wasn’t done. I clicked on the “You are here?” label and continued reading. Warning, these searches are not for the faint of heart. I have to figure out how to put one of those on my blog. I wonder if people find me from searches? They are sooo hilarious! I especially like the search about fake guide dog covers, and the rant from Carin that ensued 😉

So, I’m running a little behind schedule now, and I have more of those posts to read. Gonna have to get to them later. Hopefully while B is home, because every time I’m laughing my arse off, and he asks why, it’s a Vomit Comet post.

Oh! Those dog bowls that were the wrong ones? The seller is just refunding me the money. He sent me the UPS label to send it back, and I wrote him telling him I’ll just keep them because I don’t have a printer and can’t get to the UPS store easily, and he wrote back saying just keep them, since it was their mistake. Wow! Still gotta get dog bowls though.

36 days!!


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  1. Glad we could make you laugh. Laughing after sit-ups hurts. Yeah, some ways people get to us, I really don’t understand. Like the first people who were searching for Randy Orton’s…um…male organ. Why, oh why would you search for that? And how would it get you to us? I guess we talked about Randy Orton and parts of that nature, but weird!

    I bet people do find you through funky searches. I’ll have to do some funky searches and see if I can make you come up.

    Putting in a stat counter is easy. You just have to find one you like, sign up, and they usually have a free version and a paid version. Then they give you a piece of code that you’re supposed to put on your site. Then you most likely have to add a text/javascript gadget somewhere on your template, and plunk the code in there and voila! Then you just watch the queeries come in and pick out the gems.

    That thing has been awesome. I was so sad when we got the new template, and I buggered the stat counter code up, and we lost a couple days’ worth of records of queeries and referrers until I could figure out just what I did. All because I didn’t put it in a text/javascript gadget!

    Yeah I loved those moments before I got my pooch and I heard hop up and stuff…I’d get all excited.

    It won’t be long it won’t be long!

  2. Glad you like those posts. they’re fun to do, but they’re really damn hard.

    and unless you have the let search engines find my blog option turned off in Blogger’s settings, people are definitely finding you that way…and you’d be amazed how lol.

  3. Wanna know something? If I type “in the center of the roof” into google, you’re result no. 3 right below a couple of roofing companies. Hahaha! Woo!

  4. And I forgot to say those smaller bowls might make fine travel bowls! One can never have too many dog bowls!

  5. Its getting closer and closer to dog day! I would like to recommend to you as a place to buy bowls and bones for your guide dog. Bowls are only $2 and nylabones are fairly cheap as well. That is where I shop for my guide dog puppies and just thought i`d share.

  6. So true re: travel bowls and also the fleece. I like to have one of those at my office, in the car, at home, etc! Cricket definitely hears ‘hop up’! Exciting — getting closer.

  7. Ro

    Oooh I didn’t think about those small bowls for travel. I just don’t know if the dog would be able to get her snout into them. But it’s definitely an idea I can look into. They would fit right into my pack. Hmmm, awesome! I’m gonna actually go to the pet store to feel the bowls I want, but in the future I’ll check out the website. I just wonder if it’s accessible. I’m always leary of branching away from Amazon, because setting up accounts can be a pain and not always accessible.

    We are definitely getting close! Once I see the fleece they give me, I’ll definitely order more. I’ve read too many blogs about puppies having to lay on cold surfaces, so I’ll definitely get a little fleece to strap to my pack. Fun stuff!

  8. You’d be amazed what they can get their little sniffy snouts into. I have a collapsible bowl, and Trix will never miss a kibble. Sometimes I have to hold it for her so it doesn’t flop around, but that’s about it. A labby will never be cheated out of food!

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